All You Need to Know About Preity-Gene's Dreamy Wedding!

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Preity Zinta tied the knot with LA based Gene Goodenough in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday. While the bubby actress did not release any official statement, details of the oh-so-lovely wedding are making the rounds. Here are some tidbits as to how the D Day unfolded for Preity and Gene:

The Bridegroom

Gene Goodenough is a management graduate from Marshall School of Business. He is working as Senior Vice President of Finance in a US-based hydroelectric power company called Nline Energy.

Cupid Strikes

Preity met Gene during one of her trips to the US. Preity often visits the States to spend time with her sister's family and thatis when cupid struck. Preity and Gene became good friends at first. Apparently, Gene stood by Preity when she was going through a rough patch with ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia. The two got close and love blossomed, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The Dreamy Wedding

Preity Zinta's mom Nilprabha Zinta was apparently the wedding planner and went to great lenghts to ensure everything was upto the satisfaction of the much-in-love couple. The wedding took place as per Hindu rituals with a beautiful mandap built near Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills. 

The Bridesmaids

Preity's close friends Sussanne Khan and her sister Farah Khan Ali were with the bride all along, partying with her and giving her moral support. While Farah flew back before the wedding, Sussanne went ahead and attended it along with their other friend Surily Goel. 

The Charity

Preity and Gene will auction their wedding pictures, the proceed of which will go towards charity. 

The Grand Reception

The newly-wed couple are planning to host a grand reception in Mumbai where Preity will introduce her hubby to close friends. The guest list includes the likes of the Bachchans, Hrithik Roshan, and Salman Khan among others. 


Preity kind of looks like Adele in this picture


That's sweet. But where will they live ? Is she planning to move to the US permanently. She will be bored here like Madhuri. Idk, but all the best to them.

Happy for her. Girls shouldn't worry about their age just wait for the right partner to come along.

lol ok. Thanks for this article. I was waiting for this forever. lol

When she finally got to know there is nothing happening in her bollywood career....
She got married...

"moral support"? this is a wedding not some sad event!

there is no smoke without fire. if any news in media comes that means there is some truth to it. few days back media said she is getting married in feb but preity rubbish the rumors and blame media but see it was true. shame on you dont lie t fans and media

She didn't say she wasn't getting married. She said she wanted the media to stop announcing her wedding details because she wanted to announce it herself. She also mentioned she wanted them to stop talking about her personal life because it was "ruining things". Maybe it's because it was supposed to be a surprise or something.

Beautiful Preity. Good going ,all the best. So happy to see you married and settled.

Be human people. Love has no age limits

Pretty does not have a sister. Her brother and his family live in the US.

Exactly, Preity doesn't have sister....

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