Kapoor & Sons Movie Review: A sweet film that warms the cockles of your heart

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Do you remember what a staple Karan Johar film is all about? Though it was a long time ago but the man has made the frames which has built the false hopes of our childhood. KJo is all about the razzmatazz of the crème de la crème, the glitz of the upper classes and their issues which cannot resonate with the rest of the world. His world is specifically restricted to the privileged classes and their unworthy problems. The only time the man and his banner has surprised us with its a typical thinking was in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. The movie was a romantic comedy where the hero and heroine meet, become friends, fall in love but don't want to define the relationship they share. It was a refreshing change to see a film that has all the makings of an epic romantic comedy attempt a quirky ending. It could've easily backfired. But it rather made the instance worth being an example. Whenever Karan Johar was asked what made him try a film that could have gone against popular sensibilities, he credited it to his director Shakun Batra. In this film, Shakun tries to further Karan's Student of the Year story but induces his intrinsic maturity to it. It is no longer about naive children battling it over relationships.

The concept of who gets the girl is passe. Perhaps the crux of the story is the same as the afore mentioned film but Kapoor and Sons is a fine work that explores an in-depth understanding of human relationships. Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't a love triangle. Rather it is an emotional story that delves into the myriad facets of human psyche. It unravels what broken relationships are made of, what broken hearts lead to and what a 2-hour film is capable of. No, we don't claim that Kapoor and Sons is a spectacular movie without flaws. But sometimes watching a heartfelt film does the trick. This one just manages that without many hiccups. It has its share of glitches but power packed performances purge the narrative. 

But unlike his first film, Shakun is far from his original innocent self, we were then introduced to a filmmaker who could lay himself bare sans any qualms. This time the filmmaker quivers, he worries. His casting is strictly driven from his needs to create a movie that makes it to the mark. A hot Fawad Khan who works as a crowd-pleaser and a rumored couple works wonders. Especially in a script that is tailored categorically to appease people.

But one cannot deny that the film has a charming impact. Derived partly from Fawad's good looks and the performances of actors like Ratna Pathak, Rajat Kapoor and mostly Rishi Kapor, the film scores. But the performances of Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt, which lie at the heart of the film disappoint. They are adequate but are never compelling like the rest of the prolific cast. 

Fawad plays a writer, who returns to meet their ailing grandfather after five years. In every scene, Khan is mind blowing. He proves he is more than just a pretty face and the actor brings out the nuances of his character beautifully. He almost matches up to the likes of Ratna and Rajat. 

Shakun handles the story with great sensitivity. Like he never subjected Kareena to any judgement in EMAET, even here he never looks at the flaws of his characters condescendingly. His imperfect characters come together to create a near perfect movie. He is kind enough to never let the dialogues get overdramatic. Fawad and Sidharth's altercation is real. They never indulge in the heavy duty dialogues like Saif and Akshaye from Race. They are loving and hence their animosity is always in check.

Mostly you'll love Shakun's gentle reminder of how vain the concept of perfection is. We harp so much in creating a perfect family, perfect people but perfection is highly overrated. It is lovely to be flawed. Like the naughty dadu played by Rishi, who is a knockout. Alia Bhatt adapts her naughty streak from him and is oh-so-lovable in the film. 

What doesn't work in the film is its coherence. The screenplay feels scattered. Letting out too much will be a spoiler but when you decide to watch you need to have some patience. The story simmers over a while and the drama packs a punch in parts, especially towards the end. 

Watch Kapoor and Sons to celebrate your imperfections. Here's a perfect ode to being imperfect...how definitions dampen life. Live in the moment and enjoy every bit of the carnival we call life. 

We rate this film a 68% on Pinkvilla Movie Meter.


#1 Post.

Fawad and Ratna stood out for me. Rishi Kapoor was commendable. Sid was better then any of his previous movies. He still has to work on emoting. Alia was the biggest lol in the whole movie.

Sadia says she feeling very hungry

No I didn't

I have it on good account that Sadia did not say that!

Katrina kaif and sidhart baar baar dekho excited watch cinema katrina super actres visual beautiful sexy sweet sidkat wonderful

I'm sure Kat wishes she did this film instead of FLOPTOOR...I mean FITOOR.

Sadia says Fawad Khan is hotter than the hottest sun among all the galaxies!

lol why was alia promoted as the lead actress of this movie? her role was similar to anushka's in ddd - a cameo in a film mainly revolving around a dysfunctional family

wow, i thought this was just going to be another dharma movie, i was blown away!

Damn good movie. Everyone was fantastic. Alia was wonderful. The story was perfect. All around really enjoyed it and appreciated it on a deeper level.

This movie belongs to Fawad, he was just amazing, I really hope he gets to work with some awesome directors in b town and some good actors, he was just superb along with ratna, Rajat and Rishi..

It's a beautiful film. There is no way You will not like it. The plumber scene was awesome. Still laughing at it. Funny first half and impressive emotional second half that might get tears in your eyes.

I loved the movie, everyone acted really well. Loved Sid and Fawad's chemistry. Just wish Rishi Kapoor's character could have been a bit less cheap, but he acted really amazing! I just couldn't stop crying towards the end. The show was sold out here in US, had to get tickets for a later show. Listening to some desis' reaction for Fawad's character was shameful, grow up ppl, you are mocking yourselves!!!

fawad khan looks like sunil grover ( guthi)

Fawad deserves to be a starring actor. He stole the thunder from Sid and Alia. He is just not a very good looking face, there is a lot of great acting skills to back it up. I would love to see him do a movie with Deepika , Kangna, Kareena. Somehow I feel he would work very well with Kareena. Yes I am Indian and I am saying just for the record.

Fawad stole the show! The film belongs to him and Rishi, Ratna and others were brilliant but when not onscreen, you miss him and wait for him to come back. He can act and God, does he look good!!!

This is the first Siddanth Malotra film I'll be watching. Don't disappoint me Siddy. Seems like a great film

To me Sidharth was playing himself. He acted good but he didn't wow me. In order to be exceptional, one needs to go beyond what the character is required. Alia was phenomenal despite her smaller role. I think we all know she can do these types of roles really well, she needs to experiment with more roles which she is in the future I believe. Fawad and and the senior actors stole the show for me. If you are into family dramas and are looking for good entertainment, watch the movie.

Knew it was going to be great. Batra directed the "Genius of the Year" Skit featuring Alia Bhatt.. amazing comedy. And when someone does comedy so well, you know they can do all human emotions well. Great, as expected. Finally a good Dharma movie.

Alia was very good in the film. She's a good actress those who are saying she's not or either jealous or not a fan of hers. She did seem to act more mature in the film than she actually comes across in real life which I found pretty interesting. She's played the character all though she can overact at times. She didn't come across as childish for the first time and I loved that

All these people loving the movie are the same people who said they'd boycott it because of Alia. Lmao. Congrats to the team, and I'll say to Alia, you're a great actress (just cause everyone hates her here and she could use a little positivity).

I'm not watching because of Fawad.

I said I'll not watch this movie because of Alia and I am not going to watch it though I wish the movie to do well because of Fawad.

RISHI KAPOOR! he is the best prformer. film is good but very lengthy.

I hope after the release Kapoor and Sons Taran Adarsh finally stop writing about Neerja. , I'm tired of his posts on Neerja. !!!! a feeling that someone paid him to, he wrote and wrote!

cry me a river Deepika Padukone ;)

deepika stop being so jealous!

Can anyone please tell me the name of white guy who played fawad boyfriend?? He was drool worthy HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Cockles? Seriously guys!?

Really, really enjoyed it!! Fawad Khan and Ratna Pathak Shah were SUPER. Kudos to the director for pushing the envelope. The movie felt so, so real. There were scenes in the movie that felt like it could've been my family. Please go watch it, everyone!!

This movie is a tight slap in face of everyone who said Sid can't act He shone like a diamond and stole the show! Don't know why pinkvilla review is so biased when all other critics praised him so much

The only person who should be slapped should be Shakun Batra for casting Sidharth...if that's called acting then the chair im sitting on can do a better job than Sid.

Sid..just Wow

IDBM rating 8.6, Boolywood life 4, Hungama 4.5, everywhere it is criticize a master peace. Congats all.

Malhotra is sensationally gorgeous.So proud of his performance.

Sidharth is surely one of the most strong candidate for superstar race in Bollywood.

No, he still needs to go a long way for that but yes he has potential to be there if he puts more work in his dialogue delivery (clarity of voice, tone,accent) and expressions. I always feel he underplays more than required so it makes his scenes little sloppy and lazy on his part. He just needs to bring in a little more energy in his body language and expressions not OTT but little more to reach correct level. Also his face emotes less and he uses head or hand movements instead of straight look face emotion for a long time which all fine actors do.
If he does that ,ya he can do great. I was left wanting more from many of his scenes with his mother. He was good in light scenes with Fawad and Alia but in very emotional scenes like when Fawad tells him about his reality and he had no dialogue but just express, i thought he fell short in expressions in last scenes with publisher and Alia. His face doesn't show emotions as well as other actors. May be he is less expressive guy in real and so it comes across like that onscreen as well.

Super movie. Go people go..watch it.Make it a super hit.definitely one of the best movie this yr

Great move. Thank you Shakun and Karan Johar. Sid, fwad, Rajt , RK, Ratna are faboulas. Specially Sid & Rishi jii

Will be catching it tomorrow in my Country Pakistan for our very own Superstar Fawad. Wait for my review:)

LOL Alia had a cameo why was she promoted so much when Ratna-Rajat-Rishi had much bigger roles?

Sid really improved.. his performance moved me! He portrayed all emotions amazingly especially in the end scenes. Superstar in the making

100 % agreed. I think there is some barking dogs here (Sid hater)..but who really cares...now onward Sid even will not give any chance BBD and bang bang2 rocks...

I loved sids performance.

I loved sids performance.

If anyone has seen Fawad Khan Paki dramas they know he is a brilliant actor! no one can beat him in acting skills. he is much senior then Sid and Alia who are fairly newcomers. Drama acting is much more harder then the film acting. both have their pros and cons. Fawad outshines in the movie whether his role was layered or not. watch him in funny dramas or serious ones. He truly gives the character a complete new look and feel.He did the same in this movie, compare his movie to Khuda kay liey and khoubsurat(his previous movies) with this new flick.. He is awesome!!! post pinkvilla!

OMG!! Fawad Khan looks not only hot but he acted with such passion! I see a new Salman Khan and Amir Khan in him! all the Khans rock!! Sid was okayish! he still need to learn alot and Alia is over hyped cuz of her family background. she is young/ cute and thats it! I wish they had casted deepika instead! Rest of the senior actors were awesome!! Great Movie!!

alia ruined the movie

it's Fawad film for sure, and the actress who played his mom was just amazing

Loved the movie! A lovely hindi film after a loooong time. And the main reason is the simplicity- yep, nothing overambitious, no grand twist, even the backstories are simple but significant. And that's what strikes a chord. Recently, there has been greater focus on directing movies with complicated story lines and such simple family oriented stories are ignored for the more commercial action and thriller type films. Of course there is nothing wrong with that; but it is refreshing to enjoy an uncomplicated film like Kapoor and Sons. Coming to the film itself, it is not perfect, but there is a lot of heart and emotion in it. The story though predictable, is told in such a fresh manner and there are a few good surprises as well. As i said there is no long drawn, dramatic backstory; it is simple but reason enough for the simmering emotions. And the performances- Fawad was excellent (and handsome), Ratna Pathak, Rajat Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor were amazing as per usual. they really made us invest in their characters. I really felt for every one of these characters. As for Alia, surprisingly she didn't annoy me as usual, she actually portrayed a mischievous but mature performance. her scenes with fawad were hilarious. her scenes with sid, though, were a snoozefest. I would say that Sid's performance was good, it fit his character and the reason it is not appreciated as much is because the character is not as layered as the others barring alia's. Overall his performance was really good especially with his family. Overall, a great performance by all. Even now i remember their respective characters, rather than the actors playing them. Lovely film.

This movie won't even make 30cr lifetime.

Eventhough if it make 30 cr then also it will be hit because it is very low budget movie.

Fawad should work with Deepika next. They will look great together.

without sid and alia this movie would have been something i would have watched in the cinema....going to wait for it to come on tv or you know

this movie is worth watching for the whole cast...Fawad is no doubt outstanding but so are others

why everybody is praising pakistan actor fawads looks...der r so many indians who r more handsome dan fawad...sid is handome nd better actor dan fawad

Talent does not have an ethnic identity. If useless hacks like Katrina Kaif who does not know the culture or speak the language can be a top actress, I don't see any problem. If you think Sidharth is a better actor than Fawad, you must have been deprived of oxygen at birth.
Looks wise , Fawad wins by miles. Sid has no depth to him at all.

Lol. Mate, it's 2016. Let it go. Woosa that hate.

Alia my sugar, my darling, I'm waiting for this film only for you, my angel!

Kapoor and Sons (since 1921)
If I call this movie a "MASTERPIECE" then I'm 100% sure that I'm not wrong , The story , the acting , the cinematography , the direction - everything shines in this movie. It is not like another typical Dharma movies and frankly speaking , it is like a well written piece of modern- literature which you watch....
The movie is just OK in first half but it is the second half in which it sparks brilliantly when the deepest secrets of this "Hauch-Pauch" family are revealed out....
Fawad Khan , Ratnaa Pathak Shah and Rishi Kapoor are show-stealer here , the scenes between Sidharth and Fawad , Ratnaa jee and Fawad are a delight to watch.....
I cried and laughed with this family.....Just want to ignore some bullshit girls in the cinema-hall which were giggling like stupids when the secret of Fawad's character comes out (Com'n girls , wearing jeans and tops doesn't make you modern , if your mentality is like Dehaatis , then they are just useless)

Its a good attempt bt no way is it a masterpiece bt its very different from a typical dharma movie and the performances are BRILLIANT

Just Fawad. Ratna and then a close Rajat. The rest could have been anyone.

Sid is better than Fawad.

you must be a kid

10000 time better than NIRAJA..kapoor and sons rocks

FK & SM are brilliant. Just an outstanding move.

I saw and again going to watch. such a MASTERPIECE.

Akshay Kumar said that he saw his image inside to Sid and lots of critics and other agreed that SID is new generation bacchan. I saw and it reminds me...way to go sid baby

Sid rocks...

Sidharth is superb. Just saw .Not at all agreed with critics as we always know that pinkvilla has a great negativity against Sid.

another feather on Siddhartha's head..This movie will be super HIT.

LMAO at feather on his head, is he a bird??

I think Im gonna LOL for hours. Jeezus. That was hysterical. Also, your acc name....best on PV

The phrase is "Feather in his cap". not feather on his head.

Superb movie. Sid was really good and so as Fwad.

I just saw. o my god .Sidharth malhotra is a super star. Fwad is rocking.This is one of the best family move last 10 yr

Can we have a better review on a movie next time

so apparently Sid and Alia are the weakest links in the film as expected.. ironic, since they were the ones getting maximum limelight in the promotions with Fawad quietly putting up with their irritating behavior.. just goes on to prove how overrated and undeserving they are, especially that annoying kid Alia.. PV please post..

Fawad is a beauty..an absolute hottie with brains and talent.

love you fawad hope it becomes super duper hit. 68% is a lot coz pinkvilla is very stingy i know they gave bm 70%

I'm actually surprised by pink villa being so negative about Sid and alias performance. Yes, fawad khan steals the show, in addition to his talent, his role is more layered and author backed. Majority of reviews have praised all performances, and how Sid and Alia manage to hold their own, among a far more experienced and talented cast. I'd say Sid is still a bit raw, but he has definitely improved. Let's Ag least give credit where it's due

Wow can't wait.

This will always happen to Sid if he works with more accomplished actors..they will always overshadow him and his average acting skills will surface more.At least Sid may overshadow Katrina in Baar Baar Dekho...lol..lets see

Not really. He better than Fwad. by the way regarding overshadow Ranveer Sing also overshadowed by Deepika in BJM and so in other movie.

fawad was good in this movie. alia's role down.

Fawad is Rocking.

It is Sidharth

Fawad Khan was AWESOME !!! His acting was SUPERB!

Fawad is best

Kjo kids sid and alia trolled.

Fawad stole the show. Sid and Alia got wasted.

Fawad just blew me away. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He is a magician !

Fawad ate Sid alive in this movie.This was the first film after HSKD that was heartwarming and real.The performances of others were spectacular(Alia not included ).

Hello..Sid is not a cup cake. Both are outstanding in this movie.

Agreed ..even though audiences are agreed that Sid & Fwad is just mind blowing.

Saw the movie.it was really heartfelt.Fawad,Rishi,Ratna,Rajat were outstanding.Sid and Alia dissapointed.Overall it way better than the glamourous Dharma movie.

I also saw. Sid is terrific. far better than other cast.

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