Oh Damn! Are Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Heading for Divorce?

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are undoubtedly one of the most-loved couples in Hollywood. Fondly addressed as ‘Brangelina’ by their fans, the couple has been limelight off-late, for all the wrong reasons. The rumour mill is incessantly buzzing with the reports of their separation.

According to International Business Times, amid rumours that Brad-Angelina is on the verge of ending their marriage, a new report claimed that the actor is desperately courting actress Cara Delevingne for a new role in one of the movies for his film company Plan B, Radar Online reported. The news comes in the middle of reports that Jolie is facing "physical and emotional breakdown" following tensions in her relationship with Pitt.

As per Radar Online, Pitt is busy wooing Delevingne for a role in one of his movies as the 23-year-old actress moved from fashion work to acting. “Brad thinks Cara’s talents haven’t been explored properly and he wants to take her under his wing,” a source told Radar Online. “He’s hoping she might sign an ongoing deal with his company.”

The source also reportedly said that Pitt offered Delevingne the lead in his World War Z sequel, but, the model-actress “can’t do it because of schedule conflicts.” Despite that, “Brad won’t give up” on making Delevingne as his “next big thing.” The insider further added to Radar Online, “He’s opened his contacts book to her and given her numbers of the best acting teachers in Hollywood. He really thinks she’s got what it takes to win an Oscar one day.”

Jolie and Pitt have been surrounded by several divorce rumors, and InTouch magazine reported last week that the 40-year-old actress has become “pale, gaunt, and exhausted” as her health “has only gotten worse as her relationship with (Pitt) deteriorates.”

Concerns over Jolie’s health surfaced after she was pictured in a “skeletal appearance” when she stepped out to spend some family time with Pitt and their children - Maddox, 14, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 9, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 7 - in London.

Several rumours surfaced that Jolie and Pitt are on the verge of a divorce over the actress’ alleged sex and drugs “diary confessions. Recently, reports also claimed that Jolie fired one of their children's nannies after she spotted Pitt developing a close friendship with her. However, Pitt is not the only one who was surrounded by rumours of flirting, as a report claimed earlier this month that Jolie was “flirting nonstop” with her husband’s young look-alike cameraman.

The couple has not responded to any of the rumours so far, and Gossip Cop has debunked all reports linked to Jolie and Pitt’s divorce. 

Oh My!

This is definitely one of the heart-breaking news in 2016. Just like all the Brangelina fans out there, we hope these reports turn out to be baseless.



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Marriages are difficult plus esp with age women tend to have lot of health issues and kudos to guys who stick around! "In sickness or health, till death do us part"!

Post no. 3 on PV where SRK, his wife, and their marriage are attacked, and this post is totally unrelated to them too!

Never judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes. Life is about karma and yes it slaps you in the heart when you least expect it. As the saying goes all us fair in love and war. Good luck to Bradjelina.

This kind of news gets published everyday....not true!

Jeez. Now I don't wish that Leo-Kate got married or else they would've gotten separated too. True friendship is much better than so-called "love".

As far as men suffering ---
First of all the woman knew that he was cheating on his wife/girl friend and hence lack humanity, humility and is a deceiver.
2nd -- some men are like animals, they don't care who what and where --- as long as they have pleasure, feel powerful, feel still wanted, simply feeding their ego.
No, God will have special place for them -- when they are old , toothless and needy.
Believe me, they too will suffer and pay handsomely one day .

Relationships are tough, being in the limelight constantly is even tougher. Wish them the very best in trying to get to their respective happy places.

Plus stop saying things about priyanka she was never srk mistress that was just a rumour as a fan I believe she is a good girl

They were friends with benefits at first, started their marriage with adultery and now they do have an open marriage.

They are wonderful humanitarians and do amazing work for children and the needy.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Their marriage is an open marriage. Both of them are bi. They are perfect couple.

It would give a great pleasure and lighten my heart when I see him leaving for a younger, more beautiful woman .
She should get the taste of her own medicine .
And pretty soon , I will see the same thing happening to Rani
As far as PC is concerned , whether SRK will marry her not -- the time will tell -- but PC sure love the Other Woman tag, her name associated with SRK romantically ((she thinks that's a big accomplishment for her , like to tell the world he is leaving the wife and family for her )))
Hollywood/ Bolywood contracts , new homes and bungalows, Rolls Royce and Diamonds, stint in sinking singing career....
But I can't wait for the day when all her dirty tricks, greed and her modeled career fall flat on her face

But what about the men suffering for cheating in the first place? SRK and Brad cant just move on to younger women and destroy all the women they touch.

I doubt it. They look happy to me and always seen together with their kids.

PV's a bit late to the party..Brad and Angie have been rumored to be breaking up every year since they got together after Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

PC should now try to catch him now instead of running behind srk..srk will never marry her and that will leave her like rekha..it's better she catch a Hollywood superstar and that will give her more fame.

LOL! Everyone is/was cheating...Brad, Farhan, SRK, Akshay,Sohail..etc. Men are men.

lol Hrithik too.

any relation if its news for long time, it will end, been seeing it from long. the couple tend to be in good books with media fans all the time and loose their personnel space and this is wht happens if stayed in new for longer than required.

I want to say NO.it us not true.
But I am afraid,PV will have the last laugh.
In their case,it is not just them and 1 or 2 kids.it is seven kids,the entire Von Trapp family.

2016 is really proving to be the disaster year for the couples.I thought Brad was linked with Marion Cotillard but this is a new angle it seems.

I bet DP had a hand in this. ;)

Well you will lose the bet. Keep dreaming.

What's happening with this world

Well they've looked miserable forever...and Jolie looks like she's vanishing in front of our eyes. Won't be too surprised with this split... there used to be an amazing spark between them but that's been gone too long...

Once a cheater, always a cheater..!! She stole him from Jennifer and he cheated. She can never trust him

Now DP PR is gonna say Angelina was not happy with Brad working with deepika LOL

Your world revolves around DP lol

Aww!!! See, can't complete your day without talking about DP. And how does the so-called strategy you have suggested do any good to Deepika?? LOL

cara is into girls so it is defo not about her peeps!

Care is into guys and girls.

Thats realy sad , its a year of beakups

a woman who makes her happiness with another woman's tears will never be happy.
jolie did that to jennifer and look at it now.

But what about men? They are never punished.

Jennifer did that to the girlfriend of her current husband. Life is complicated. All of these people are good people...no of knows their internal lives. Best to mind your business.

Kat did that with DP too and same thing happened

oh dear...

Oh dear! If this can happen to Angelina Jolie, then what chance we mere mortals have?? And I am not blamimg Cara here. If there is any truth to this news then Brad is the one who should be blamed.

Oh dear! If this can happen to Angelina Jolie, then what chance we mere mortals have?? And I am not blamimg Cara here. If there is any truth to this news then Brad is the one who should be blamed.

I'm pretty sure this news is true also ! Pinkvilla comes out with the news and it ends up being true regarding the celebrity breakups.

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