Awwww! 1st Picture of Salman Khan's Nephew Ahil is too Cute to Miss!

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Arpita Khan Sharma and husband Aayush Sharma welcomed their baby boy Ahil earlier in the day today and people cannot stop awwing over the good news. And while Khan-daan is busy celebrating the arrival of their little prince, we have got our hands on the first picture of Ahil and it is definitely too cute to miss.
In this adorable picture shared by a close family member of the Khans, grandfather Salim Khan, grandmothers Salma Khan and Helen and doting daddy Aayush Sharma are candidly caught staring and smiling at the baby.
We find this picture super cute and wish to see more such photos. And what about a candid photo of Mama Salman Khan posing with his bhanja dearest Ahil?! Now that is something we are eagerly waiting for.
And you?


Deepika was better looking when she was newborn.

Aayush mom is proud that she will get gifts from Salman's family now..Bloody loosers!! all of come she allowed him to marry her!!

It is clear that some Deepika hater brought her name in this article so that people will bash her. This hater needs to stop acting like a DP fan since he she is not and this is getting annoying

Deepika had better hair when was born, khandan Deepika was born better than ahil

Deepika and kangana comments r funny

Baby looks like his Dad Ayush Sharma

Baby looks like father

I know Ahil in Arabic means "Prince". I don't know if it means anything else in any other languages.

lol this kid was just born and dp's fans and pr are already comparing him to dp, just like they compared kangana, priyanka, katrina, kareena, the khans, and every person in the world to her. pinkvilla truly is dpvilla.

Our Deepu has a more cute name. Ahil is a cute name too.

I really think Kangana is a beautiful meaningful....and she is a rockstar...just like this baby!!

are deepika's fans have problem with their mind?? why to bring her name here and compare her with the newborn

Our Deepika is more cute than Ahil

nope...the baby is fair like our badass Kangana.....Kangana is the new queen......

Ahil? what does it mean?

Awwww masha-allah cute baby

Baby is cute but our Deepika was more cute when she was born.

Kangana was fair and beautiful when she was born.....Love Kangana our queen...

Sweet. What does the name mean ?


daddy is looking like - Yes I did it!

Ahil opens the possibility of the baby being called Kahil as some point in life.

Congrats but technically why do these two get media coverage? They're not celebrities just related to celebrities

Congratulations x

Congratulations may GOD bless you and your baby.

Boy is having fair complexion like Dad :) Congratulations

Awww she is cute but our Deepu was more cute than Ahil

The baby has his dad's colour complexion, anyways congrats



Kids are always Joy .. Touch wood..

Awwww, so cute

Cute and best wishes but can't help but think the parents are still so young, what was the rush into parenthood

the biological parents are young. salman will financially be more or less parent to this kid and his 'kid parents'

coz they can afford it!

Having a kid isn't just about being able to afford it.

Congratulations to Arpita and the family! God bless the little one.

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