Watch! Rahul should be hanged or face life imprisonment- Pratyusha's Parents Open Up In a Presscon

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Pratyusha's suicide case has been seeing new updates everydayAfter her friends and Rakhi Sawant held a press conference for the late young actress, her parents who now slowly are trying to come out of their agony too spoke to the media.

Pratyusha's father Shankar Banerjee said that his daughter's boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh should be punished severely. "Rahul should be either hanged or kept in prison for the rest of his life. He has ruined my daughter's life, she should get justice," said the father. "We didn't come in front of the media all this while because we wanted all the rituals to be done. We have lost our daughter and we have filed an FIR. Whatever problem she had, we have recorded our statement at the police station." Pratyusha's mother, who was inconsolable also said that Rahul Raj Singh should be punished. 

Pratyusha's mom added, "There were moments when Pratyusha did realize that he was not the right guy for her. But then, like all girls, she forgave him when he spoke sweetly. 

Pratyusha had committed suicide on Friday following issues in her relationship with Rahul. Her prayer meet was held on Tuesday at a gurdwara in Mumbai which was attended by her family and her friends. 

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i am not a mother i'm not even married yet and i feel that no parent should loose their child. It is the most sad thing ever. RIP Pratyusha Bannerje.

Rich and influential Bollywood personalities should really cut down on their parties and bashes, and get together to implement a program where Bollywood personalities who are in harmful relationships and aren't stable mentally, financially, physically, politically, and socially can seek for help. The number of suicide rates within this industry and other professions are damn too high. Considering that Bollywood suicide cases are the ones that gets the most media coverage, they should be the first to take a step to prevent such cases so that other professions will be aware of it and take up similar initiatives to prevent such deaths from happening any further. It is easy for all these people like the Bhatts and Hema Malinis to preach about the importance/value of life and empowerment, and criticize women and people with suicidal thoughts, yet they all haven't taken any action to prevent such things from happening any further after numerous suicide cases that have occurred in the industry. It's really difficult to watch what the affected ones (dead and related alive ones) go through the agony while the culprits gets to escape from any further punishments.

they are declaring the judgement without even saying what he did wrong. its like we like in the medieval times noone has reasonable understanding of the law. immediately ppl resort to violence and murder.

the parents were asked what punishment as her parents would they be happy with in reply they said .....................

Indian media hits rock bottom with this coverage. Time we had laws where the media doesn't become the judge, jury and executioner of a perceived offence. This whole media drama will not let police do their job or the judiciary to work without bias. Sad state of affairs.

her parents are so normal calm and composed and able to field a press conference so soon after the loss of their daughter. they seem really strong people, thats good

her bf crying was the most fakest cry I've ever seen. Just saying.

Why do girls fall for bad guys? RIP.

She's the only one who is responsible for her own death. But these people (her parents and BF) are huge A-holes. Even after her death they are not accepting they didn't treat her well.

Kamya Punjabi just ended it on the perfectly right note. she shut the mouths of all those journalists who seemed to be more interested in gossip than in what really happened.I hope that idiot goes through the same hell as her parents.

i think we should teach our girls to be strong enough to get out of an abusive relationship. if the girl knew , the guy was mishandling her finances and not treating her well, she should have been strong enough to break the relation. i was in a abusive relation where the guy always told me i was not good enough for him and he was marrying me as a charity case and this was an arranged marriage. i kept quiet since i had the soceity norm. thankfully i have great parents, the day they realized i was not being the regular girl that i was, wasn't smiling enough, used to stay in the room alone for long hours, they stood by me and broke the relation. i was in a vulnerable situation, so i couldn't speak but my parents did on my behalf. i just hope friends and family of the mentally ill take clues from such small stuff and become their voice instead of thinking its their life, let them realize it.

she was only 24-25 year old. How smart/intelligent and mature were we at that age? Also she must be busy with career. I too am "bad" with handling money. People are vulnerable at all ages, so we should NEVER blame the victim.

Hats off to your amazing parents!

what a mess this situation was for this girl...sounds like it was awful on both sides...poor thing...

There obviously is a need for mental health support for young individuals working in entertainment industry, the fact that it is deeply stigmatized in India is sad. Parents too really do not have education, services, or resources to help their kids. Media is the worst vigilante ever. Accusing anyone on popular media is equivalent to passing a verdict, which is very irresponsible. Catch 22 is whether we respect Justice system or whether Justice system steps up and acts respectfully

she was murdered. By her boyfriend. This is not jiah khan like suicide case. She was doing very well in TV. Earning well. She found out about her BF's true nature and was going to take legal action, so he uda-oed her. Anyway the post mortem report will show this. Even the kerela politician's pretty wife from kashmir was killed but that was high-profile case.

Now all can blame each other all they want but I want to know if any useful actions were taken when they learnt she tried killing self on 2 other occasions, when she was saying life is extremely difficult, when she was cut off from her friends/family, when she was paying bills for him. Parents do not have remote control of their children neither should they control them however I want this to be a wake up call for all parents. Once you have figured out that your child is depressed, just stay by their side no matter what, leaving behind everything else for a while. Do not leave them to their "friends" and give your love and support to have them overcome the difficulties. I have seen this closely and there is nothing which the love and support of your own family cannot heal and also nothing which can take place of the same.

could not have said it any better. You are right

This is India. Even an accused rapist/murderer gets away with crime easily, let alone a person who has abetted a suicide.
RIP Pratyusha, but you have definitely not set a good example for your well wishers and future generations. No one ever is worth sacrificing your life for. See how this man gets away too. Sad but true.

Shakal se hi Gunda lagta hai Rahul

and how about you? what punishment you should get for not raising your daughter right?

what example you are setting for people in bad relationship ? - fight and keep fighting and one day hang yourself? after that the other person would get justice for not treating you right? NO. its wrong. YOU should have known your daughter's life problem better and should have helped her to make right decision - that is to move on.

she was spoiled girl as we have seen in BB7. Her mother left for hometown in jan this year after pratush decided to live with bf rahul. parents can't do anything if adult and independent child doesn't like their advice and consider it as interference. I think pratush took Janardan baba's predictions too seriously that he made in BB7 episode 40 to her, hence this relationship was do or die for her

I agree with you about how parents should try to pull out their children of abusive relationships, they should try to leave aside everything for a while and just be there with their child in such difficult times however I think being parents is also not an easy task.

It's so easy to judge people and blame them that everything wrong that happens in your life is your fault....isn't it?! You have to actually experience things like domestic violence, cheating, fraud, to really understand how clever people can manipulate their victims, circumstances, situations in their favour. No, it's not Pratyusha's family or friends who are at fault, and Pratyusha is also not at fault. How easily people are blaming Pratyusha for taking her life. She didn't do it while she was living in isolation. She was living with Rahul. If he is not at fault, let's question him why he didn't see this coming. Let's ask this question to Rahul, and not to Pratyusha's parents or friends who were away from her and didn't see her daily. Why was Pratyusha not happy with Rahul? Why did she take this extreme step? We all have seen her in Bigg Boss and in her interviews (friends have seen her more closely). We all know she didn't look like someone who could give in without fighting (like Hema Malini says..).
Let's use the facts that we already know, and come up with theories, then let's try and prove the theories with more facts. If we can't prove it, we move on to another theory. This is called scientific reasoning. If Rahul is not guilty, he should tell his theory, show the facts, and prove that he isn't wrong. Right now many facts go against him.

Theory 1: Based on the fact that he showed Pratyusha an intimate video of his with Saloni...
Maybe Rahul was intimidating Pratyusha and blackmailing her with an initimate video he made with her. Threatening to circulate it, and she committed suicide to avoid embarrassment for her family.

Theory 2: Based on the fact that Rahul was using money from Pratyusha's account, and because the back door was open, so the next-door cook entered the house through an open back door. Rahul came back with a key maker. he didn't come and knock and found no answer and went back to get a key maker...did he? If he had come and knocked and got no answer, he should have called neighbours, police, Pratyusha's friends for help. But, he didn't do all that. So, the theory is:
Rahul was swindling money from Pratyusha, she found out, they got into a physical struggle and in the struggle he strangled her with her dupatta then hung her while she was unconscious, to show that she committed suicide, that is why post mortem says she died by hanging. Then, he escaped from the back door, and came back to prove that he was outside. Why else would he come with a key maker? Did he first come and knock and got no answer?

I'm sure all of us can come up with theories based on facts. If you really want to help Pratyusha or Rahul (whichever side you are on). Come up with theories based on facts, and let's help the investigation. Don't just sit there and try to judge people.

U r Right...
But i Hope a cctv can prove that
I Hope she gets Justice !

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