Confirmed! Shahid Kapoor's Wife Mira Rajput is Pregnant!

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Speculations around Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput being pregnant have been going around for quite sometime now. While there was no confirmation on the same, a post by designer Masaba Gupta recently on her instagram page, sparked the debate further.
Masaba had posted a picture with Mira and the caption read, "Two M's and a Bum #sayheytobey ­ little M (sic)."
A source close to the couple confirmed to a popular tabloid that Mira is indeed pregnant. The source informed, "She is in her second trimester, halfway through her pregnancy."
Another source confirmed to us the same. The source said, "Mira is expecting a baby soon."
Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, here's wishing hearty congratulations to Shahid and Mira both! Exciting times ahead for the lovely couple! Isn't it?
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Shahid has a broken family he always struggled n don't have a happy family or relations of his own! What's wrong of him to think to have family of his own now! He deserves to have a happy family of his own!

My biggest issue is with the age gap between these two. Ppl have kids young but the age gap is a bit much for me.

in super rich families dats der wish wheather dey want to work or not usually dey take care of their family/husband business n properties! N Mira also will take care of her husband financial things in future. She has soo much time ahead to make her career!

I have no words to say to these insensitive people over here! How can u ppl say shahid is selling n making money thru his wife! How disgusting of ppl to say that! She rarely make appearances! N wherever she go media follow n click pics n dey go viral because ppl are interested in her n shahid fans n others love her so much! N dats y all d media,press, blogs will not even think to write anything related to Mira n shahid because ppl are soo desparate to know every move of the couple! N who is that brainless who is talking about bathroom pic? Is she nude in that! He posted dat pic which looks like painting to showcase his photography skills! Late Rajiv Gandhi also clicked a pic of his wife Sonia Gandhi from frosted glass same as how shahid clicked miras! N if u ppl don't like this couple den y even opening this article n spreading all negativity! Clearly u ppl also desperate to know about this couple!

She reminds me of Dhoni's wife. Young,pretty and pregnant while their husbands are experienced older celebs .

Nobody is worried but expressing opinions only because they are celebs n are role models to at least few..and also why do people think age diff of sainaa is same as shamira?? There can be the same age diff b/w 10 and 20 years couple and 50 and 60 years.Its not about 10+ number, but at what time it happened. Bebo (just under 30) was well experienced and knew what she wanted , but not Mira(20+).

Having said that, couple can workout things and can be happy even in those odd jodies, but people point out based on current generation and society changes..

Nothing wrong in marrying at 20+ and having baby at 21+ and that too with a man who is 13+ years old.., Our mothers did it and are successful too, but the difference is change in generations, education and thought process.Our parents did it because they were kind of forced , had no choice or the best choice..They were surrounded by same situation people and were majority , but here people like Mira are minority.What is difference to them and us?? I'm sure people who are supporting / defending this couple, won't allow their kids to same situation.Mira's dad is an engineer , runs an industry and sent Mira to reputed institutions, but still allowing her to take these kind of decisions like an uneducated person???? And coming to Shahid, he dated all the independent women and once also stated how he wants his wife to be financially independent and has her own career and now this?? So foolish to change opinions according to convenience. Even she was ready, he should have convinced her to be easy and explore life for 2 years.

Mira's kid will have care takers in the form of her mom, shahid's 2 moms other than nanies, and she can concentrate on he career later, but setting a wrong example to others.
Just imagine when she is 30, she will have 8 year kid and 44 years husband, where most of her friends will be still exploring life..

I know its about priorities, but those priorities should sound valid according to the generation change..

Well you "I love judging and passing snide remarks on everything" kind of people, let me spell it for you...the word is CONGRATS...its not that hard!!

People are so worried about Meera's independence (sarcasm). Meera's parents are rich, so I'm sure she has a big fat bank account of her own. No one has to "worry" about her, ok ? And if she wants to have a baby at 23, why is that a problem for people ? Some want to have a child at 40, others want them at 25.

Mira is only 21 and will complete 22 in few months

Here is why people are judgmental about this couple. Mira is a housewife nothing and wrong with that. There are actors who married normal girls like her. But unlike other actors Shahid does not want his wife to be just a housewife. He wants her to make headlines without doing anything. Check all the news regarding Mira, most of them were leaked when Kareena and Priyanka were making news everywhere. it is clear what Sahhid wants. Shahid posted a pic of his wife in bath, which husband who respects his wife does that? There is something very wrong with this couple.

so what ??? he clearly didnt post a naked pic of her . it is just a normal pic .so shahid needs her to make headlines lol . he has 8 million followers on twitter and 17 million fans on facebook .an actor like that needs a normal wife to make him popular . he is just a guy who loves to make fun pics and fun posts on instagram or twitter . dont take it as he is a normal person . he is a star who loves share his life with his fans

Congrats to her. She is living life like a bullet train - on full speed - college katam, Shaadi jaldi kiya, aur aab pregnancy news. Isn't she like 22?

So happy for shahid.congrats in advance

I think it's creepy to have a baby under 25, but maybe that's because I don't know anyone who does/has had one under 25. It's totally her choice since she's an adult, it's just, given the nature of this marriage.. They just married because Shahid wanted to settle down and establish a family image, not because he's interested in having a wife or taking care of a kid. Just a year and a half ago he was talking about flings and how much fun being single is. I think that's why people are being judgmental.. The whole premise of this marriage is regressive.

EXACTLY! Well I am glad to hear this news. At least it means she won't be coming into movies. Phew! For now lol. But they will be selling her "pregnancy style" to the max. (Lol. One look at earlier pictures before hiring a stylist show exactly how "stylish" she really is.) Not to mention why does she have a stylist and a personal PR team exclusive from Shahid's? She's gonna be a socialite. Someone forgot to tell her that "socialite" is not a real job title. They'll also be out to get the max possible publicity and money off of the baby. Well, good luck to them :)
Being gossiping industry aunties, forming industry camps, getting jealous of other socialite ladies, producing babies, partying lots, doing drugs, having mid-life crisis, having affairs, getting divorced, securing alimonies and becoming socialite/designers is the life of these industry wives. So let them live it, ok? They're not so concerned with making their own identities or they wouldn't become star wives. Their choice. :P

it is important for girls to be financially independent as there can be unfortunate situations like death of the husband.

perfect age to have a baby . Im 30 and struggling to have a baby , its always better to have a baby early and enjoy motherhood and life . though I must say im a bit jealous . But Congats !!

Actually 30 is also a great time to have a child and most can easily have a child if they want to. There may be some underlying issue which needs an intervention by a professional, and has nothing to do with age. However, Goodluck!

You can foster or adopt if you really wanted to have a kid!! If you are narrow minded then you most likely looking for biological kids, but hopefully, you focus more on bigger issues than just adding more humans to ever growing population!

People always preach what they themselves don't practice.

All the best to Shahid and lovely mira

All of us make choices based on what's good for us. It's wrong to generalise and give sermons. Celebrities and their families don't have the same priorities that the common man does so it's best not to judge their lives based on our own middle class values and struggles. Congratulations, Shahid and Mira. It's a happy time for the couple so best to keep the negativity out.

Why is everyone so grumpy here ? Nothing wrong with marrying young and having a baby soon ! And if not having a career works for some, so be it . Nothing wrong in being a housewife ! Who are we to judge ?

Congratulations ! Sasha papa ban Gaya !

Baby-wife having a baby-baby.

Well good for them if that's what she wants, congratulations. If my daughter grew up and had a child at 21 I would not be happy about it. Only because I am a firm believer that when you have a child you should be financially independent enough that if the marriage doesn't work you are able to provide equally well for that child on your own. Meaning you are not financially dependant on anyone to give your child the lifestyle they are used to, never let anyone have the upper hand in a relationship. It always needs to be a partnership. Obviously her parents and her don't feel the same way, so who are we to judge.

Shahid will do anything to stay in news.
When he was not married he used to create fake link ups stories with actresses to be in news now that he can't do that he is using his own wife for publicity. I feel sorry for mira.

Congrats to them but I don't want young girls to idealize her or Alia as role model. Study well as only knowledge is irreplaceable. Have good career. It is not about feminism but it is about being self sufficient.

see everyone have their own life choices. if her choice is to be a mother then why not not everyone wants to be a ceo or anything like that

The title is misleading. in order for a rumor to be confirmed it can't come from an anonymous "source".

I can not believe that most of the people reacting on here are being so judgmental!
I know many girls who got married & children at a young age, and they are very happy with their life. They are also great mothers to their children. People change once they get children, most become more mature and patient.
Besides Mira seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. She looks very mature and calm. I am sure she will be a terrific mother. Shahid seems to love her dearly, so I don't see the problem there either.
Just because she is youg and has time to make a career does not mean that she has to. Not all women are careeroriented, for some career is more important and others value familly more which is ok. Mira got her college degree and it is up to her what she wants to do with her life.
And the person saying that Mira is showing a bad example. My mother also married early and got pregnant soon after. She has always been a housewife and taken care of me and my siblings without working a day in her life. But neither me, nor my siblings or anyone else thinks that she has been a bad example. Infact I myself am working 40 hours a week, getting my bachelor by going to school on saturdays and studying at night. And for your information I am also married and do all the chores at home. Just because my mother did not work doesn't make her a bad rolemodel.
And regarding her money, a husband and wife share everything, be it physical, metal or materialistic. Whatever money shahid is making is mira's and the other way around. She has every right to do whatever she wants with his money, because she is his wife. Just because my father has always worked and my mother did not, does not mean that my mother has no right to his money and should go and work for her own money. That is not how marriages work.

Please do not bring this woman down just because she is doing what makes her happy. There is nothing wrong with having a child soon after marriage.

May they be blessed with a healthy and happy child.

people should stop blabbering about what is right and what is not. it is personal choice to lead your life the way you want.
Freedom is not what society thinks but be yourself and do what you want. there was time if women use to marry late or have child late people used to talk about that and there was lot pressure on woman to lead the life in certain way and here we are trend is to have your career and marry late and have child at 35 or 40 may be!!! and now this whole generation of big city women are pressurizing woman like Mira who wants to have it all early. what is use of your education if you don;t understand real meaning of freedom. u might think you are free by having your career but then most of us are slaves of our career too!!. so be happy for Mira and Shahid and give your best wishes and allow them to lead their life the way they want.

people should stop blabbering about what is right and what is not. it is personal choice to lead your life the way you want.
Freedom is not what society thinks but be yourself and do what you want. there was time if women use to marry late or have child late people used to talk about that and there was lot pressure on woman to lead the life in certain way and here we are trend is to have your career and marry late and have child at 35 or 40 may be!!! and now this whole generation of big city women are pressurizing woman like Mira who wants to have it all early. what is use of your education if you don;t understand real meaning of freedom. u might think you are free by having your career but then most of us are slaves of our career too!!. so be happy for Mira and Shahid and give your best wishes and allow them to lead their life the way they want.

Its the man duty (NOT burden) to financially provide for his wife if she's not working. Wife takes care of food,his kids etc , that's the least he can do. Why should women feel any less if they decide not to work outside ?

A man's duty to financially provide and women look after the kids and food? Wow what century are from? There is nothing wrong if one decides to stay at home while the other works, that is one's choice but it is no one's 'duty' to do any of these things. If Shahid in five years has an affair and she wants to leave him, is she going to be able to provide for that child when she leaves if Shahid (like most people going through divorce) will cut her off from all his finances. Everything's all good while everyone's happy but when/if things go south that is when the women realize these things are important. Her parents have enough money to financially support her but look at Karishma, who has money from before when she worked, is fighting to get her kids the same lifestyle (private school fees and later Ivy league college fees) they would have if she was still with her husband. It matters more when you are rich cause money is used as a leverage in these situations.

The thing about getting married and having kids is that some people are ready at (as young as) 18, and some are just never ready. I'm almost 30, and the idea of getting married and having kids is so terrifying to me. I work full time, and I'm trying to put myself through graduate school, and can barely take care of myself, forget looking after a child. Funnily, my friends all feel the same. And on the other hand there are some women who are doing all of these things and managing things greatly and I'm sure are happy doing so! I have SO much respect for these women.

So yes, it's easier for us to speculate that all of this has happened so quickly in Mira's life, but I'm sure she knows what she's doing and she feels prepared to bring a child into this world! Congrats to the happy couple!

No one is ready for kids at 18? What century are you from? For someone who is in graduate school, your surely are so ignorant!!!

Please reread it before calling someone ignorant. She said some people are ready as young as 18, and some are never ready.. it depends from person to person. As long as no one is forcing you, I think its okay.

Exactly who is ready to have a kid at 18? Are you OK? No one is ready to get married at 18 at least not in a way it counts, let alone having a kid at 18!!! Come on, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out!!!

why is having a child at the age of 18 so tabboo if the girl and her husband can take responsibility of it? Scientifically, there is nothing wrong with having a baby at 18. If she is ready, then why should you have a problem? Pregnancy before 18 might be risky but if a girl is healthy and medically okay, I don't understand why should anyone judge.

Exactly. In my high school there were girls as young as 16 that were married and then got pregnant while still in high school. So I don't know why getting married at 18 is something people have never heard of!

Really, are you getting that from your religion, where women are so married to older guys at such young age? Just because someone is physically developed at 18 doesnt mean they are developed mentally and emotionally to have a kid!!! Women's job isn't to pump out kids, it's more than that!!!

Leave them alone. You now age has nothing to do, the most important is to be ready and happy to have kids

shahid will now have the responsibility of 2 babies

It is couples personal choice, we don't have to give an opinion here.. When they want to have kids is their personal choice... So people you can't wish them luck then atleast don't give negative comments... God bless the couple

Mira is a lucky girl :) .

So quick! congratulations. There is nothing wrong with being a housewife, households' works are very tough (lets not demean housewives here)... but the sad bit is Mira probably doesn't need to do any work at home too because I am sure they have maids for every single thing.

Do as you both please but....

Yeah good for her to lock that down. Having a child with a celebrity means alimony for sure no matter what happens to their marriage. She can stay and reap the benefits of being in the industry - better to do this than to be an Evelyn Sharma, or she can eventually divorce and still be a pseudo celebrity with Shahid as the baby daddy and become an interior designer! #celebwives

Sahid is living a normal life.

To each his own. Who are we to judge? I guess that's her priority in life right now ,looking after her husband and raising kids. Yes she is young but Shahid is 35 already. And what career are we talking about? She is a millionaire. She doesn't need to do a 9-5 job to show a society that she is a working woman. May be few years down the road when the kids are grown up she can do something that interest her. Its a blessing to have a child. Congratulations : )

You mean her family has millions, right? Let's hope she is an only child cause otherwise......

cant u people just say congrats to her and her husband . u are just too judgemental

Listen up you negative people, the word is 'CONGRATS'!!!

Woah that was quick since it hasn't even been an year for their marriage

Why is everyone commenting on how young she is? She is in her early 20s and if she is pregnant she is willing to take up that responsibility and it's none of your business how she does it. Very happy for them. Having a baby is such a blessing so people need to stop complaining. Hate it when something good happens and people start talking negative, just keep quiet if you have got nothing nice to say. Congrats to the couple :)

Wow, that was quick. That's super young to be taking on a kid's responsibility. She's a kid herself!

In an era when everyone is complaining of infertility and other health issues,you should be happy for her. She's healthy and that matters. Id rather be a young mom and avoid all complications and bounce back quickly than have a baby after 30 and take forever to get back into shape.

I got married when I was 18 years old had my first baby when I was 19 second one when I was 21 then I went to finish my uni and now a I have a career and 20 and 18 year old they more like my friends than my kids never felt the pregnancy pains and problems or missed out on anything in life it best to have kids while you are young. meera don't need money so she can start her family now. And nothing is wrong with your husband being older 10 than you. Men older understan younger women pamper and take a lot of the responsibility. All the best to them and congrats.

Hey negative people out here, the word is "CONGRATS"!

Congrats to both! Their a happy loved up couple and now having a baby only natural. Just because age wise she's young she might actually be quite mature for her age and wants to start a family early. Nothing odd about that. There's Kareena Kapoor still chasing her career. In your face Kareena! Shahid did well not to stick with her.

WTH, why are people so concerned about Mira's career. She has enough money to blow and a baby will definitely bring happiness in their lives and will make their bond more strong

See! this is the problem. "She has enough money to blow"...It's not her money. It's money she inherited from her family or got from her husband. We need more women to be financially independent, make their own money. Depending on someone else for money doesn't make you rich. Besides, what example are you passing on to your kid about financial independence?

Most people here are trying to voice that concern.

She's financially independent thanks to the money she inherited from her family. So it's not like she has to hold up her hands for Shahid. And your comment sounds extremely demeaning towards women who chose to be stay at home-mothers. You're basically saying we shouldn't respect them. But it's ok, that's your opinion. I just wanted you to know how you come across to others.

Let's be real. Most people are only saying that because they are bitter. If they were given the opportunity to marry a rich celebrity, I'm sure a majority of them would jump at the chance. What we see is only a sliver of what these people's lives are and we make judgements based off of that. Is she privileged? Hell yes she is. But it is her life. What will our judgement change? More importantly, who are we to judge? And times definitely are changing. More and more independent women are accomplishing their goals and are making a life for themselves. Mira isn't an accurate representation of how most women live their lives.

There are people who want to be stay at home moms that wrong? My mom was a housewife all her life but I still turned out to be an independent woman!!

Not that I care abt her career cuz clearly she doesnt otherwise she wouldnt even marry so young. But ppl dont have a career bcuz u just NEED money its abt creating your own identity of who you are and being independant and having your own bank balance and nobody be able to tell you what to do. You having power over yourself. If it was only abt being having money then SRK, salman, priyanka, deepika should all just stop working bcuz they are already rich.. and Atthiya shetty tiger shroff shradda kapoor & alia bhatt should not even work and have career bcuz they were born into rich family to start with.And she does not have money at all, her husband does and before marriage her father had money. Today ppl only know her by "Shahids wife" . When she wants to shop she would buy with shahids credit card even buying shahids birthday gift would be actually with shahids money. So Shahid is/will be financially support 2 members of his family.. his baby wife and the upcoming one.

It's like a child having a child.

Since when is 23 a child?


Shamira can't keep anything private, it has been two months of speculation.

Couldnt see the whole headline in my phone and thought she was coming in a movie. ThANK GOD thats not true!!

Congrats to the happy couple for the new addition to their family. May God bless them with a healthy child and shower them with happiness.

Mira can make career after having baby also! Shahid is 35 it's high time he shuld hav kids! This gauri Khan, sakshi dhoni, gautam gambhir wife etc etc stars wife don't hav any career after der marriage just dey enjoy time with their husbands, n gauri Khan hav career nly after having 2 kids n wen dey grew up big

I don't believe some ppl y every1 is soo concerned abt her career! Does she even need! Poor ppl like u shuld hav to hurry n make a career! Shez super rich n don't need ny!

Which poor people? And why are you concerned? You're probably another Mira who's guilty... Get a life too!

And who cares ?

In these days.... getting saddled with a baby at 21 sounds so strange. But maybe they think differently; and for some it works out really well too. I wish them the best...I hope they are not overwhelmed by it.

After so much of speculation from media, where they were dying to Make her pregnant , here it is...
I hope the media is happy now

wonder how Sonakshi will react!

Wow congrats so happy for them big year ahead for shahid all the best.

Cool..finally Shahid is becoming a father!

Wow she is so young age should have taken some time to settle into marriage and try for her own career too, everything about this relationship is so weird

One hell of a role model for young girls . Get engaged when you're yet an under grad To someone 14 years elder just coz he's a celebrity though you hardly know him

Most girls break up with their bfs to get arranged married.What about that?

Atleast she got a rich stud like Shahid.

Still a better role model than half of the film industry unfortunately.

How do you know she "hardly" knew him? Is she your best friend?!?! PV post plz.

wow how old is she

Ofcourse, what did you expect guys from jobless and bored housewife.. It's common sense

wonder how sonakshi will react?!!

Awwwww will be such a cute kid :) Congrats guys!!!

His marriage is like Tom Cruises. Met his wife from his religious following much younger and pregnant right away. These strange celebrities.

Katie holms is an actress and been working since her early 20's and was in her early 30's when she married Tom.. she wasn't any new-adult-just-left-teen-years nor was it some arranged marriage between her and Tom.. plus she was a full grown up.. the big age difference is also between kareena and saif.. jason statham and his wife etc. The little yucky thing abt shahid mira is that she's not so old from leaving her under-age years and is a new legalize citizen.. it wasnt so long ago that she was a teen. I can think of their future kid reacting in awe when he/she finds out abt parents age gap and how they got married. I expected more of shahid when he said he would like marrying a non-actress.. didnt expect him going all for a undergrad 21 year old.. #perv

So quick ! Geeta basra is also pregnant

So what? Who cares. We don't want any articles on her pregnancy. What has she accomplished to be in the news

Sooo very happy for this cute couple! Hope the baby brings lots of happiness to shahid n Mira! :-))))

everything is so much in hurry... anways congrats

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