Fan Director Maneesh Sharma Feels There are Similarities with Robert's FAN, SRK Begs to Differ!


Since the trailer of SRK starrer Fan is out, many have been comparing the film with Hollywood veteran's actor Robert Di Niro's Fan. 

As per the trailer goes, we will see SRK see two roles, one of the psychopath yet an innocent fan, Gaurav and other of the superstar Aryan Khanna. But for many, the uncanny resemblance with De Niro's flick couldn't be ruled out as based on the trailer, SRK’s Fan seems to have a lot of plot similarities. The movie starred De Niro as a mentally unstable baseball fan and Wesley Snipes as a superstar ballplayer for the San Francisco Giants. In the movie, De Niro’s entire existence is based on his support for Snipes and his team and he loses his son and job to his obsession. De Niro goes as far as to kill off Snipes’ rival and acts like a spurned lover when his affection isn’t returned by his hero.

In a recent interaction with the media today, at New Delhi, SRK and the film's director Maneesh Sharma had to say something about the ongoing comparison. Maneesh quoted, "There are similarities with Robert's FAN but the movie will speak for itself." However, SRK didn't agree with Maneesh's statement and interjected, "No-No, I have seen that 'Fan' (Robert Di Niro's) Maneesh. It is different yaar."

Well, we hope so that the similarities just end on the paper. Coz as far as De Niro's Fan goes, it got 38% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes views. Says it all!

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Looks as if SRK scolded Maneesh.LOL. Anyways good luck with the movie.

Aww, Maneesh is cute. I read an interview of Maneesh Sharma on Box Office India and his story is pretty incredible. Like, he went from being a random outsider to working with the largest production house. It's amazing how persistent he's been on this project-- he initially bounced off the Fan idea in 2004. The title of the article is, “Hoping for.. a lot of appreciation, a lot of feedback, love, accolades and a lot of numbers" Do read!

Maneesh looks sad and SRK angry. The blind item is correct. FAN is crap!

Majority of the population who watched it doesn't seem to think so...

How is it different? A fan obsessing over his idol

When you generalize it like that, every movie is the same. Guy and girl fall in love. Happens in every movie, but is every movie exactly the same? No. Give the movie a chance. "Fan obsessing over his idol" in FAN can have many different specific plot twists that Robert De Niro's version didn't have.

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