Sanjay Gupta Just Spoke About the Hrithik-Kangana Feud and Told the Actress to 'Shut Up'

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It was just a short while ago that a so called leaked intimate photo of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut created a stir amongst movie buffs. However, an exclusive report on Pinkvilla soon revealed that the image was a fake. Now, in a surprising turn of events, Sanjay Gupta has spoken out on the issue and criticized the actress’ antics.

“Look at these pictures. The TRUTH is out! Ms Ranaut's lawyer & PR need to shut up & stop their ridiculous games.” he added.

Moreover, he also stressed that it is now time for other members of the film industry to speak up and reveal the truth. This is the first time that someone from the film fraternity has spoken up on the Kangana-Hrithik controversy. And well the stand is very harsh and clear.

Interestingly, ‘Duggu’ and ‘Kangy’ have been embroiled in an ugly feud for well over three months. Their rivalry began when Kangana referred to a “silly ex” during an exclusive interaction with Pinkvilla. On a related note, Sanjay will be wielding the microphone for Hrithik’s eagerly-awaited Kaabil.

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Wasn't he linked to one Sameera Reddy?

I guess HR must have called everyone in the industry and only this guy spoke up. Now I know why thanks to the posts.

Has Shakuntela gone quiet?

How does this guy get big stars to star in his crappy movies? A mystery for the times.

And who are you Mr. Sanjay Gupta? LOL Just because his movie is at stake, tsk tsk tsk! Publicity ke liye kuch bhi karega!

I feel like punching this man whenever he opens his mouth.

Gupta support for HR has an agenda and The father Rakesh is the witness for gutta's case. See the reason now. So stop with woman trolling and slut shaming.

It's funny how everyone is trying to make a come up from this HR and KR situation HR and KR should stop all this and stay quiet and deal with it the legal way

I believe Kangana and Hrithik did have an affair, however brief. In this photo he is hugging kangana, despite hos wife being around? Not cool!

Dude, wtf are you talking about. He was NOT huging Kangana. He was huging Susanne and someone photoshoped Susanne out of the picture and added Kangana instead. The only thing that's true is that they were both at the same party, but appeared in difefrent photos.

Is Sanjay upset that he couldn't get Kangana for himself? Mind your own business sir, and work on making your movies better

I'd love to slap that smug pout off Karan Johar's face.

Kangana is at fault and she does need to be put in place. Kangana used several people and then throws them under the bus, not sparing her parents too. I feel so sorry and sad for her parents that they have a child who is so cheap and nasty. She might have won awards and appreciation for her work but she is a mean and unethical person. The men like Aditya, Adhyayan and Sanjay might be wrong in their personal lives but so is Kangana. Just because she is a woman she cant keep playing the sympathy card all the time.

He did not tell Kangana to shut up, he told her lawyers and PR to.

Well Sanjay needs to stay out of matters that don't concern him!! As for Kangana, I think she messed up with the wrong guy this time around! HR may have history of extramarital affairs but he is no Aditya Pancholi or a newbie like Adhyayan. I am glad he stood up for himself. All said & done rumors have wings of their own & can destroy relationships & reputations. Same holds for Kangana. If she thinks people are maligning her she needs to stand up for herself & provide some evidence. Otherwise her reputation is gone forever!

Hrithik is starring in his next, that's why he speaking out on this. That's how Sanjay is. This is how he was when people were attacking Aishwarya on her weight when she signed JAZBAA.

Sanjay Gupta speaking about integrity is laughable. This is the guy who cheated on his wife multiple times, has not produced an original piece of work since his career and basically lives off brown nosing the big guys in the industry. I hope karma catches up to him soon and we don't see any of this man soon. We don't talentless and moral-less people like him the public eye. He is a sorry excuse for a man

Where did he find women with such low self-esteem that they would have an affair with him?

why just kangana? why not hrithik as well?

Sanjay Gupta is currently a defendant in a criminal case related to fraud and intellectual property theft, and his co-defendant is Rakesh Roshan. Most of his films have been with Aditya Pancholi and Sanjay Dutt (KR is on bad terms with both). Google it. PV, you must post this: it is a matter of public record and can be verified.

Hahahahahahahaha, am super happy that he spoke about it and encouraging more ppl from industry to talk about her

Ah, the irony. There's a little more context here. Mr. Sanjay Gupta, self-appointed apostle of truth and keeper of the faith, is currently fighting a criminal case filed in 2015 for (what else) intellectual property theft. And his co-defendant named in the criminal complaint is...drumroll, please...Mr. Rakesh Roshan. Google it.

There is something wrong with her. she needs help.

This director wants to do a movie with hrithik. I think he s trying to cleam up his bad boy image

This director wants to do a movie with hrithik. I think he s trying to cleam up his bad boy image

Are Dekho Green director who only casts green eyes actors.

Come on people, don't humiliate the poor woman so much.. See yourself in her shoes.. so much public backlash breaks a person completely.. please be nice and kind to her people.. PV please post

the thing is, kangana IS a very disturbed person and all the signs are there that she is a sociopath. she used whoever she could to get to stardom. she maligns her very own parents in the media. she states that people who get married are mentally unstable (look whos talking) and is open about the fact that she has no respect for the institution of marriage (which explains her many affairs with married men and she is totally unapologetic about them). she had a very rough childhood i guess and i guess that makes her into what she is now. she needs help. she entered the industry young and and she hasnt gotten past her parents and her childhood and she hasnt really grown up. she is definitely an unstable person and i guess in a way i dont blame hritik for not wanting to be romantically associated with someone like her. pinkvilla please publish

Oh Shut up Sanjay! Let HR and his lawyers handle this. People like you end up creating more sympathizers for Kangana. Now she will play the victim card for being an industry outsider or gender card or whatever card suits the lunatic at the moment.

May Karma get them all - HR will pay for this - he is using all his power and money - Kangana stay strong. Just stay strong.
The truth will eventually be out.


what is the big deal here, sleeping around, shaking up, chasing married men etc,etc is a way of life in Bollywood. Why make a big issue.

Everyone of the actor and actress has slept with someone higher up to get roles. Have even witnessed the poor girls mothers waiting outside the building while the girl in the inside gets taken advantage of.

Kangana definitely isn't innocent. But I wouldn't even take this man's words seriously. He is a different kind of crazy. He had a problem with Kangana because she didn't promote Shootout At Wadala. He also lashed out at Asin in a mean way because she rejected Shootout At Wadala even though she told Faridoon that she has proof for being approached for it. He also cheats on his wife and his movies are not original. No one should take his words seriously, he is a crazy.

Sanjay don't forget your wife left you because you were sleeping with upcoming and junior actresses. So STFU and go back to where you came from.

so what? Sanjay's affairs has nothing to do with kangana's behavior. she should stop.

How him sleeping with other actress proves that Randanaut is innocent here ?

Sanjay Gupta who has tweeted that KR's PR should shut up, is currently a defendant in a criminal case related to fraud and intellectual property theft, and his co-defendant is Rakesh Roshan. Most of his films have been with Aditya Pancholi and Sanjay Dutt (KR is on bad terms with both). Google it. PV, you must post this: it is a matter of public record and can be verified.

Because of course he's gonna go against Kangana. He's the same type of person Hrithik is.

This piece of S*** is talking against KR as she did not pay attention yo his advances...PV post this

how about u STFU n STOP copying HOLLYWOOD MOVIES?? the truth is also out there for everyone to see!

slow claps for HR and team. Mission accomplished. PV released the original pic with the hand and then HR team released the doctored pic with hand removed and a bunch of more pics and turned the whole case again into something which it is not, see photoshop. Wow, I wish Karma catches up with them soon.

I know right the pic is still legit. What difference does it make if there is a person in the background or not. Maybe they photo shopped them out to protect his identity.

Exactly my point. ( I posted that comment without being logged in) I think now they just want to prove KR is not mentally stable SMH

My point is even if they photoshopped and removed the hand of third person dat doesn't change the fact dat HR was literally smelling KR n dat too in presence of his wife!!!

Sanjay Gupta Who???? Seriously who??

It's disgusting to see Doctored, morphed, tampered pictures like these splashed across the media. Kangana and her team have stooped to the lowest levels and made a public spectacle out of Sussane and Hrithik's lives while she demands her "space". Even Sanjay Gupta is able to see which side is playing dirty.

Well, Gupta's next is with Hrithik and he's already miffed with Kangana for refusing to promote 'shootout at wadala'. actually pinkvilla released that 'original' photo.

May Karma get them all - HR will pay for this - he is using all his power and money - Kangana stay strong. Just stay strong.
The truth will eventually be out.


Well that also explains why Hansal Mehta is tweeting in support of Kangana's rebellious ways because his next is with Kangana. But I am shocked to see the extent to which these pics have been tampered in the media. I don't stay in india so I haven't seen newspaper clippings like the one in SG's tweet.

Most likely. But unlike Gupta, Hansal Mehta isn't an attention seeker and has some credibility. ya, the whole thing is nasty and I think Kangana still has time to come clean. Today Kjo took Hrithik's side, and tomorrow whole industry will even though Hrithik also at fault here..

I agree Hansal is not an attention seeker like SG but championing the wrong person as a poster girl for a "rebel" who is an outsider is setting a dangerous example. He should be careful about the message he is sending and not get carried away because he has a movie to save.

u are such an obsessive moron.

Why is Sanjay Gupta poking nose in their personal matter? Is he trying to impress HR so dat he can get to cast him in one of his Headache inducing movie? BTW SG is a big MOTOR MOUTH. He needs to shutup first!!!!!!!!

Gups is hardly a saint but this silly ex issue is not a personal matter anymore. It's been played out in media longer than it should have. Cynical Kangna enjoyed the ride while it was fun now that her sinister side has bared open she is blaming others for poking nose? Ha

Truth is out? Really?

The photo of hrithik and Suzanne by stairs looks photoshopped. The guy in black shirt deno looks out of proportion too.

This Sunjay Gupta guy needs to shut up before anyone else.

He can be prosecuted for telling a lawyer to shutup!! How illiterate Bollywood people are!!

It'd be hilarious to actually see that happened. These big mouths go around flaunting their power and bullying outsiders. It'd be nice to see the opposite happen for a change.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta might be a mediocre director, but at least he knows how to get a good cast. He could have been a little less rude, but that's his way. I think its brave of actors to do his films because they know they really need to work so their strengths overcome his weaknesses.

Remember Vivek Oberoi - Salman Khan case. Salman Khan DID harrass Vivek but today , look who lost out. Money speaks. Bollywood supporting Hrithik should not cme as a surprise to nyone. PV -- I dare you to post this comment.

you mean to say that Salman spends his money so people don't go and watch Vivek movies? or do you want to say that Salman bought guns with his money and didn't let people enter the theatre to watch Vivek movies? Vivek lost out cuz his movies tanked !!! Got it?

Why am i wasting my time on you...but nevertheless let me try :-) Vivek Oberoi is a handsome, talented guy who was just a beginner at that time. Abhishek Bacchan, Ranbir Kapoor have given more dud movies as compared to him. It was Salman Khan welding his influence that caused Vivek to stop receiving movie offers. Got it??

Vivek lost out cuz the whole industry supported Salman and ousted him out!!! Got it?

Not discussing success ratio of movies. Good movies should be offered in the first place. Which means salman was supported

Exactly! Shame on you Sanjay Gupta. I hope rest of the industry does not follow him.


Why aren't Rangoon folks and Hirani speaking up for Kangu?

Hirani just shot another ad last night with her the other day. The world will see it in a couple of weeks. They also had a laugh over the "tiff" rumor.

They are wise enough to channel their energies to getting the post production on RANGOON so that Julia comes out as envisioned and doing last minute crosschecks with the script before filming SIMRAN in a couple of weeks. That's how they show the support!

Also not everyone show support verbally!! Gupta has his agenda.

So I'm guessing Hansal Mehta's tweet supporting Kangana's "rebellious" (read obnoxiously malicious and irresponsible) nature is because of Simran? I do see that SG's public support for HR might be because of Kabil but look at how dirtily KR's team is playing by feeding the media with these images that don't prove any affair...SG is not on the wrong side.

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