Winners of Ghanta Awards 2016: SRK Worst Actor, Sonam Worst Actress, Salman’s PRDP Voted the Worst Film!

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Beyond the realms of paid awards, we have a few awards which are unabashedly brutal and honest – not to everyone’s liking in Bollywood. After Golden Kela Awards, much to fans delight (pun intended), the winners of Ghanta Awards 2016 are also declared.

These awards are awarded to the worst possible films and performances from B-Town folks, in that year.

So who bagged the top honours? Voila! It’s Khan- daan !!

Superstar Salman Khan's Prem Ratan Dhan Payo bagged the worst film award while SRK was announced as the worst actor at the 2016 Ghanta Awards. The Sooraj Barjatya-directed film earned Sonam Kapoor the worst actress award for her role, while it also bagged the worst song award for its title track, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. The family drama, which set the box office ringing, gave Neil Nitin Mukesh, who played Salman's brother, the worst supporting actor award.

SRK was given the worst actor award for his role in Rohit Shetty's much-forgettable Dilwale. Filmmaker Vikas Bahl bagged the worst director award for his Shahid Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer Shaandaar. The worst debut actor award went to Sooraj Pancholi for his stint in Hero.

The worst couple award went to Bipasha Basu for her dual role in the horror film Alone and filmmaker Karan Johar was given the worst miscasting award for his role as a gangster in Bombay Velvet.

Congratulations to the winners.. ehhh or… !!


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Congratulations the winners!

SRK is one of Bollywood's greatest actors ever; however IMO, Diwale was the worst film in his current filmography. He is so much better than the role he essayed in that film. Maybe this Ghanta award will serve as a wake up call to him. I believe that he and Rohit Shetty are good friends and professional colleagues, but I pray that SRK will think twice before doing another film with him. That being said, I will remain his fan forever. Go Shahrukh! Your fans still love you!

Sonam doesn't deserve all the freebies she keeps getting

Funny!! Yet truly d deserving for Sonam!!

And Sonam has the nerve to say that she doesn't get criticism for her work. She thinks she is Meryl Streep in her head. She should have enrolled herself in a good acting school instead of spending all her time and money on clothes and makeup.

Name any award, it just can't survive without SRK's name. That is why he is the true legendary superstar. The only minus point is that he is also a great actor. So many virtues all together in a man, some people just can't tolerate it.

That is y he is the most loved superstar in overseas and an american critic called his performance in fan Oscar deserving.Its only in India that people devalue him but in overseas people love him lyk hell.

That is y he is the most loved superstar in overseas and an american critic called his performance in fan Oscar deserving.Its only in India that people devalue him but in overseas people love him lyk hell

All Sonam can do is play dress up, like it is a great achievement to wear expensive designer clothes with dads money. She can now dress up again and go collect the Ghanta award. What an embarrassment to not learn to act after her dad bought her film offers for a decade now. Neerja was not Sonam's show but the director and writer did the magic along with the real Neerja. Sonam spends all her time planning what to wear next or which co actress to talk negative about. Shallow woman.

Congratulations to all the winners..Keep working hard..But where is the Ghanta Awards legends Sonakshi and Arjun Kapoor?

I don't think Neil Nitin was that bad in negative role... Sonam and SRK truly deserve it..

"much to fans delight (pun intended)"

What's the pun? ?:-/

Yes, I was wondering too! Thanks for asking, you saved me the effort :)

Lol... Thought DP deserved miscasting and worst actress for bajirao

9 back to back hits and six 100 crore club movies (without cameos)..haters sure are burning!! Ready to tear her down for the slightest imperfection keep at it :PP

9 hits? are you joking? it hits a merit SLB Ranbir SRK and nothing more. Yes, she gave a hit with Bachchan and Irfan, but he collected only! 70 crore. This is a very small sum for "queen" When Deepika give a blockbuster with the movie, fully oriented on the the heroine, without the big names of top actors and top directors, I'll take my words it back.

Sridevi, Madhuri, Juhi all loved the movie and commended her on her performance on Twitter. They truly realize how difficult the role was. Indian audience only appreciates jumping around, loud boisterous OTT performances. She was amazing and n one else could have played it. It included swordsmanship, fight scenes, dancing, elegance, grace, beauty and she was phenomenal! Her grace and restrained performance in Deewani Mastani has made it one of the most memorable performances and was critically acclaimed selling point of the movie, praised by even Anurag Kashyap! Haters looking to pounce on the slightest chance..must be a terribly insecure place ;)

aww hatred is such a weak jealous emotion. Data shows otherwise darling. Deepika came 2nd in the most loved performances in 2015 for Mastani with 77% votes. Your comment does not represent the majority. She has 6 films in 100 cr club all with solo female lead all due to her performances. Good day :)

The only ones who deserve this award - SRK and Pancholli it was horrible movies and terrible game. SRK is very overrated, it is impossible, "according to Indian" replays, оn the West it is considered a terrible acting

and prdp is the titanic of the year , hhhhhhhh it is the worst film ever even ram gopal varma ki aag is better,when i remember that football scene yyyaaaak it so awful

SRK is one of the greatest actors ever and he gets more appreciation overseas. Are you a Lallu fan?..Saying things like SRK and Pancholi were the only ones deserving this? You mean to say PRDP shouldn't have gotten so many awards?

Listen. If you think SRK "the greatest actor" that's your opinion. But I do not think so. His play is not natural. and this is my opinion. Why argue? Pancholi generally talentless, but Salman is actively promoting it and I understand why)

Sonam should go and collect it in one of her fancy gowns!!!

LOL Sonam is worse than Katrina. She was sooooooooo annoying in PRDP. Neerja was a fluke (in that also her voice was annoying!)

And to think Sooraj won the best debut in majority of the award shows including Filmfare.

Yup and Vicky Kaushal deserved the best debut awards for Masaan and its sad to see the big wigs likes Salman and Ajay Devgan are trying the level best to make a star out of this criminal and likes of Saqib Salim,Karthik Aryan etc are not getting any chances despite being so talented.

Yep Vicky Kaushal surely deserved it more going by the critical response. Speaking of Vicky, Raman Raghav 2.0 is being received well at Cannes this year. Variety gave a good review.

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