This Picture of Newly Weds Urmila and Mohsin Chilling Together is Adorable!

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Urmila Matondkar and beau Mohsin Akhtar tied the knot earlier this year, in a quiet ceremony. After the hush hush wedding affair, the two took off to Amritsar to seek blessings at the Golden temple. Later the newly weds were spotted spending time together in Kashmir.
And though the two haven't been often captured by the media, few pictures by the two which have made their way online, definitely make you smile. In this latest picture, the adorable couple is seen smiling and posing for the camera as they look stunning together in white.
We think they look very cute together. How about you guys?
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Lucky Guy!

They do make a very cute couple but Urmila does not look like that usually. She does look old...

Who cares

Urmila : Fitness goals.
Enjoy your well deserved wedded bliss.

Beautiful couple! Best wishes to both!

It's actually revert not convert

Ok get over it she's old Skool

Raveena once said in an interview that Urmila will be very good wife..I hope it will remain the same..Najar na lage Kisi Ki

They genuinely look happy, without any pretence, no gimmicks unlike Bips/Karan (trying too hard) and Preity/Gene (not trying at all). Stay blessed.

U forgot to add Ash and Abhi to that list..Why cant Abhishek have a bad day? Why can't they have fights like normal couple? The pics being released everyday as damage control is only more damaging. Perfect Ash lives in a perfect world and has a perfect life:l lies, lies, lies. Don't teach ur child this. You will only be setting her up for failure- There is no happily ever after.

And, Abhishek and Aishwarya...that's a real low. Why can't they have fights like normal people? Why can't Abhishek have a bad day? The pics being posted as damage control is only more damaging. Like perfect Ash, can only have a perfect life.

Now how celebrity like her isn't on display unlike Arpita. Kudos to Urmilla for keeping her life real and special. Adorable picture of the two:)

This is nice and cute

He's Muslim, did she revert?

I don't know what is worse, your ignorance or your grammar

I am pretty sure, my grammar and your ignorance

lol terrible reply :)

its convert not revert. and one is born muslim. PV please post


Thankfully no monkey pictures

At least they are not posting any narcisstic monkey pics

Lovely couple

Urmila looks 25 yrs old!! So young and fresh. Her husband is lucky!

Such a good looking couple!

All the best to them

She is gorgeous

Urmilla is so underrated. She is a good actress. She is a better actress than Karisma, Raveena. Her hairstyle in this pic is so outdated, it is so 90s :)

I think she should come as reality TV show Judge for Dance shows..instead of Madhuri ..we got bored seeing her every year..
Urmila is a fab dancer too

Beautiful couple, hope they are happy.

Not attention seeker like Bipasha Basu

They look good together as a couple, they are projecting the same vibes, which is what one always hopes for in couple pics.

Lucky guy. Happy for them. :)

good couple... but htye are newly weds anymore...

thats one hot couple

Lucky gal. Much deserving.

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