Richa Clears the Air About Her Role in Sarbjit Being Edited

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Those who have watched Sarbjit, will agree that the film was a victim of sloppy editing. The movie went through some major cuts on the editing table, leaving one of its lead actress Richa Chadha upset.


The actress was quoted saying to a leading daily that she will never do a supporting role. “It’s not about the length of the role. It’s just that one works so hard on a film. It’s heartbreaking when some of your best scenes get sacrificed on the editing table,” admits Richa, adding further, “Some of my best scenes had to go. The one scene that I still have towards the end where I am shown bonding with Aishwarya’s character has no context since all my scenes showing my kinship with her are gone.”

She adds, "In an early sequence, Dalbir Kaur (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) after being physically abused by her husband and thrown out of the house, was shown being motivated by her sister-in-law Sukhpreet (Richa Chadha) to not take the abuse quietly. In a later sequence, Sukhpreet was shown doing a job as a sweeper and toilet cleaner after her husband’s disappearance to make ends meet. That sequence vividly showed my character’s financial and emotional humiliation in her husband’s absence. Unfortunately, it had to go. But I shouldn’t be complaining. Every actor except Randeep Hooda had to suffer the same fate in the film, and that includes Aishwarya.” 

However, the star soon took to Twitter and clarified that the edits were made in order to safeguard the interests of the film. Moreover, she added that her equation with everyone on the team was top-notch.

“(All)roles were edited a bit but it was all in the interest of the film. Let's not get nasty, it's our labour of love,” she added

Interestingly, Richa will soon be seen in Cabaret.


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That must be frustrating and heart-breaking. I am glad she spoke up though.

I thought she was really good in her role either way.

According to Richa every actors suffered including Aishwarya except Randeep Hooda.

She s a good actress ..but not a star. She needs to calm down

She so doesn't need to calm down. She was promised one thing and given another. Like she says, she is at a stage where she doesn't need such treatment.


Your performance got appreciated richa thats what matters same happened to other actresses also

talent cannot stand in front of beauty. period.

Never thought Randeep and Omung would be so mean..

Feel bad for her. She is a powerhouse actor but sadly Bollywood hasn't given her enough opportunities in central roles. Also, Omung Kumar should be kept away from directing biopics.

i loved richa in masaan..GOW..even Ram Leela..choose your directors and scripts carefully richa.

Why bother doing a supporting role in the first place? It was obvious Aish

Aish dancing with red lipstick and suit was hilarious. Her expressions especially OTT! Lol.

‏@RichaChadha_ : Thank you for all the amazing reviews,but it really is teamwork and I have a great working equation with everyone on the film.Everyone's roles were edited a bit but it was all in the interest of the film. Let's not get nasty,it's our labour of love.

Everyone just jumps on Ash no matter what. Richa is herself saying everyone including Aishwarya is a victim of the editing team.

"Every actor except Randeep Hooda had to suffer the same fate in the film, and that includes Aishwarya.” Richa is blaming Randeep for this...

No on watched that movie honey.

well everyone wanted to see Aish dancing with red lipstick.

whats a point of writing so lenthy movie if it will be cut in the end. thats why bollywood films are known for their plot holes and thats one of the reasons it will never be better than hollywood. even a b grade hollywood movie is better written with better scenario than a bolly movie.

Even Aishwarya was not happy about editing. Her important scenes were cut and she was not ready to promote. They only kept Randeep hooda's scenes intact.

She is a fantastic actress.Her performance in male dominated GOW movies was out of the world.And its always sad to see talented actors gets sidelined and mediocre actors hogs all the limelight.

as i recall.... this is what happened with vidya in guru. ash ate all the footage. insecurity at its worst.
pinkvilla...... PLEASE POST!

PV will post because PV is biased against Ash.

For years before this, Aish was always favored by PV...I didn't hear anyone having a problem with that!

Mani Ratnam is not Omung Kumar.. Vidya still adores Ash.. If that was the case, why would Vidya be friends with Ash?

This Omung Kumar shouldn't be allowed to make biopics. He destroyed two lovely stories of lovely people by making stupid films. Mary Kom and Sarabjit both bored me too much. He should stick to fiction.

omung kumar has only done two films so far and both of them biopics. if both the films he ever made were bad i think it simply means hes a bad director.

Omung thought only Aish can run the show...which is definitely not the case.

This is the true face of aishwarya fake rai bachchan...

This is the true face of Randeep.. Richa is blaming Randeep..

Is the baby in the picture really crying? looks sad :(

Actually she is right. I felt there was absolutely no bond or any development between Dalbir and her sister-in-law (infact Richha's character was so underdeveloped that I don't even remember what she was called). I thought sarbjit was a notch lower than Mary Kom which itself was such an over-rated film.

Omung Kumar was so keen on aishwarya's role in the movie that everyone else has lost out it seems.

Her eyes are so expressive, too bad that her role was cut down and that she was short-changed...I think she's just too polite to say that her scenes were cut to give ARB more screen time.

Her character was not given much importance... she was always in the background... wish they had shown more of her.. would have loved to see her plight along with dalbir's. nevertheless the movie was nice... liked it.

Let's see how people react to her. I remember when KR said the same thing on Shoot out at wadela.

Richa is real Kangs isn't, there's a difference.

It's Sad ! I want to see her Scene with Aish ! Anyways WOM is Good N Sarbjit is doing Fine N it will Be Hit ! Richa you should sign Big Movies cause you're so Talented !

WOM is good for Sarbjit??? U have gotta be joking. It's barely holding up after more than 50% dip on Monday from the Sunday figures.

For all films Monday dip is calculated based on friday figures and for Sarbjit you count based on Sunday?

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