Watch: When Abhishek Made Aishwarya Go Aww with His Reply at HT Style Awards!

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It was recently, when actor Abhishek Bachchan and his lovely wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made headlines for some wrong reasons. It so happened, that at the premiere of Sarbjit, while the paparazzi was clicking Abhishek and Aishwarya, the photographers were constantly asking Aishwarya to pose for different profile.
That is when Abhishek asked them to click only her and walked out. Seeing him go away, Aishwarya too didn't pose and left. Though there was nothing wrong between them, there were media speculations around the two that all wasn't well.
However, later both the stars rubbished the news. In fact, at the HT Style Awards, the doting husband and wife walked hand in hand, giving out a message that there's nothing that can create problems between them.
And now, we have come across a video of the two while accepting their award at the event, which is surely making us go aww! At the event, Abhishek and Aishwarya were asked as to who takes more time to get ready, to which Ash passed on the mic to Junior Bachchan. Abhishek stunned everyone with his answer and made his gorgeous wife blush! He said, "It takes a village for me to get ready.. because she (points towards Aishwarya) wakes up like this."
Now isn't this sweet?
And if this wasn't enough, then you need to check out Abhishek's latest social media post. The actor shared a picture of him and Aishwarya and captioned it as, "Thank you HT Style awards for honouring Aishwarya and me. ‪#‎ThisTimeIWorePurple‬ ‪#‎MrsB‬ ‪#‎LeanOnMe‬."
We hope you guys got the hint!

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Ha ha...he is being sarcastic. We saw the loreal "village" getting her ready at Cannes

And the script writer of the year award goes to ....Aishwarya...applause! applause!

My foot!

Aish wants everything perfect. Abhishek behaved like a normal husband and now he has to prove how ideal couple they are. Bad mood,lover's tiff everything is normal in a relationship.

Aishwarya we admire and appreciate your success but take time to see the beauty of being natural for a change. Make friends with other female co stars . It's ok to have a less than perfect life , talk in normal English without any accent and not be the perfect wife and mother for a change. It's ok to fight argue but it's very very irritating to see the drama day in and day out. Please spare us this fakeness. ...

Abhishek is looking stressed,like he's giving a test, it seems like she's expecting him to do the "right" action or say the "right" thing...Very unnatural.

We get it! You're in love! No need for another 50 articles about how happy you two supposedly are

They are perfect for each other, they both encourage each other's bull.... Hope they realize there is no need for this show, we understand real couple lives. But then again, they both have movies releasing, so maybe this drama will continue for a little while longer..but still the transparency of their superficial characters is very disappointing.

I don't understand what happened between them...I mean abhi wasn't able to look at her...for example did he hint that she jinxed his career, and aish told him baby you are loser by your own...i hope you post guys this time.....

Oh, give it a rest! We get it. Y'all are "happy"

Only guilty minds need to prove å point. Something is not right here. Why are they trying so hard ??

Something wrong is going between the two.

The end of this video on youtube is bad, ash embraces manish malhotra and then turns to her husband and he completely avoids her...It's even worse than the sarabjit premiere

I just saw that video on youtube and omgg she just made a fool of herself! Abhi isn't interested in hugging or kissing her at all. He ran away from her and yes it's worse than sarbjit premiere. it's about time she should focus on her marriage and not photosessions


Hahaha, this is getting pathetic now

Over doing it to much fakeness here

You guys are Hir ranjha of today's time. We can understand. We are convinced. We get it yar.

You mean they will die for each other... no way ... as soon as he is out she will go off with kuwara salman.

She does an Awww coz she is fake.. any normal person in her place would take it negatively. It clearly was a sarcastic comment.come on noone on earth wakes up looking that way all decked up.

Cute couple. Aww.

Ever the gentleman!

ok ash and abhi we get it .you guys are trying so hard to make us believe that you are too happy and so in love well good luck

She is indeed a beautiful women but look at those thunderous arms.

He did not get any individual style award. He got most stylist couple award. He should be thankful to his wife for that. Aish and Amitatabh got individual style award.

After what happened at the premiere, there's so many articles of how in love they are...

the village advice's him on wearing velvet suits... village needs help...

This is what I call "making a monkey out of people."

Both have practised that ample time ...

Oh God. Just stop!!

It's no awwww, more like eeeeek!

inspite of village.... he stills looks weird!

It takes a village? Really? Do you have a makeup man and someone to do your hair?? Haha, looks like abhishek has picked up his wife's unfortunate way with big words.

Even her style of handing over the mike to him is so fake. Why can't she be natural. They are trying their best to prove to the world that all is right btw them. So bloody image conscious. ...

Just go underground for sometime. Ain't no other way this is gonna stop.

Haha very true!

AWW how fake !!!!!!

I know a lot of people have criticized the Bachchans, especially Aishwarya, for being fake and trying to maintain this certain good image for the media and public, I however always interpreted Aishwarya's manner of speaking and behaviour as diplomacy and politeness. Since that incident at her film's premier, there has been a lot of articles about this couple to the point that it is obvious they are trying to do damage control. It honestly looks so forced and cringe-worthy. I am a big fan of Aishwarya and I don't know how involved she is in this damage control but I hope she stops it because it is getting way out of hand now.

Make them stop already

It's not awwwwww moment. He was being sarcastic

Hey bhagwan!

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