Yes, Sidharth-Alia Are Signed For Aashiqui 3, They Fit the Bill: Mukesh Bhatt

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Aashiqui is certainly going to be one of the most successful franchise from the Bhatt camp as the third instalment has just got bigger and better.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt has confirmed that Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt have been signed for the third installment of Aashiqui, as the duo is perfect for the roles. Aashiqui 3 will be third outing of Sidharth and the Highway actress after films like Student of The Year andKapoor & Sons.

"Yes, it is true. We have signed Sidharth and Alia for the film. They completely fit the role. When we make films we look for the perfect casting. They both fit the bill," Bhatt told a media agency.

The first part of the musical-romantic-drama was released in 1990 and went on to become one of the biggest hits. Its sequel, Aashiqui 2 in 2013 was directed by Mohit Suri and starred Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur.

Mohit will return to helm the third instalment of the successful franchise.

When asked if the film will him go floors this year, Bhatt said, "We are currently in the process of figuring out the dates and other detail. It will be decided soon on when it goes on floors."

Do you think Alia-Sid will recreate the magic in Aashiqui 3?

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Although Alia looks like a teenager bt she really gave a mature performance in 2states, & I felt her like an independent woman, as per d requirement of d role..!..Alia may not look like a quintessential heroine bt she always do justice to her roles & I always fell in love wid her.

They should have made a sequel with Shradha Kapoor aka Arohi trying to hold on to her life again and Fawad Khan coming into her life. The guy has intense looks, he can romance a chair. Plus Shradha looks best when acting docile and demure compared to chirpy. Fawad and Shradha would have made a 1000 times better couple than these two.


Both of the Ashiqui movies were about two barely known actors, great songs and solid story line. They worked because the story and music was the star of the movies. I think the Bhatts lost that part when they decided to cast two popular (an pretty) stars instead. Sorry not convinced of this pair fro Ashiqui 3.

Alia will only be acting with Sid and Varun. Shraddha, Parineeti and Kriti can pair up with hrithik, khans etc, because they look like women and act mature. Alia is like a kid to me who is made up and acts grown up. It's hard for me to visualize her in an intense love story.

So turned off by this casting. Shouldve cast a fresh pair

alia is a good actress but sid please no

Not a big fan of Alia but I think she is wasting herself by doing such kinda films.She can do better than that

whaaat? but it's not produced by dharma?!?!?!?!?! lol i still think kjo had some part with getting them this movie

How do these two fit the bill? Isn't the Aashiqui series about passionate and intense love? These two on screen evoke neither quality.

Should have picked newcomers. I hate nepotism in every field.

Suuure. Alia, because it's her family making the movie for her. Siddharth, because Alia owes her entire career to KJo, so they have to repay his favors.

Thank you mr bhatt for the confirmation now i have a reason not to watch this movie. Next

they fit the bill because it's her home production and he is her made up boyfriend, lolz.. please post PV!

So happy for them

It's not gonna be an attractive pairing. Shraddha looked stunning in aashiqui 2. Alia looks 15 and she's just cute. Not interested

Super flop with this overrated duo. Sid cant act to save his life.

Thanx won't be watching it



oh no plzzzzzzzz they both cant act

They should have picked newcomers for the third part give new people chances too..The movie will be horrible with this pairing

It's surprising that this is the level of intellect of some producers.

If they really are in a relationship, this is the perfect opportunity for them to set the screen on fire with a story that indulges in some original passionate romance! It is her home production. Make use of it!!

They are not dating, Alia is for hiding Sid-Karan relationship.

I don't believe Sid and Karan are in a relationship. HOWEVER, I do believe that Karan and Manish are in an open relationship, and Sid is Karan's side toy boy, lol.

naya pplzzzzzzzzzzzz cast new

If the guy's character is of a wood plank, then I see how Sid fits in.


I think Sid and Karan would fit the bill. Alia can play the daughter. It can be like Modern Family India edition

Yeeeees, yeeees, love you sid. soooooo much.

they can only fit the bill if she's playing his younger sister in the film..

Yeah they do. Bhatt knows what he is talking about.

Isn't the guy getting more than what he deserves. Next is what Dhoom 4. It's always good to have Karan with you.

I don't like the Bhatts movies, too much Drama

So happy, best news ever!!!

Sigh, first Anurag Kashyap with Ranbit Kapoor, and now Mahesh Bhatt - even the self-proclaimed intellectuals of Bollywood insist on adopting its long, ~glorious tradition of perpetuating nepotism.

Don't forget Sonakshi, Arjun n Sonum are also products of nepotism.

Dating rumours coming up soon

Alia fits the bill bcoz she is your niece

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