HaHa! This is Why Aishwarya did a Special Appearance in Aamir Khan's Mela

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Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna starrer Mela may have been a box office dud but it surely had a great star cast and a special appearance by none other than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Given that Aishwarya's special role in the film wasn't meaty, one wonders how did she even agree to do it.
Recently, in an interview with Rajeev Masand, Aishwarya opened up on it and said, "Aamir (Khan) and I had done a commercial. We did many commercials, later on we did many world tours. I remember after the world tour, we had all become really, really close and he said that 'there is this movie, just one shot at the end but it’s not with me, it’s with my brother Faisal (Khan)'. And the rebel that I am, I’m most definitely going to do it."
Well, now this explains it all!

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opposite to Faisal nobody khan? you have to be gutsy, rebellious and definitely out of your mind to do even one scene!!!

Both look cute togather.... Should've done more movies

Very nice

#1 Post.

yeah people like to make fun of her


Rebel???? LOOOOL.
And if they were really soo close why did she sign the film Mangal Pandey agreeing to a certain fees and then send her unknown foreign agent to renegotiate her fees and when they tried to reach she didn't take their calls but informed them through somebody that they should only talk to her agent. Aamir was totally put off by her behaviour and throw her out of the film. Aamir spoke about this in an interview and called her unprofessional. Post PV

Salman was responsible for getting her out of Mangal Pandey cause of his control issues

very foolish of you to bring up Salman's name here...when Aamir himself said that she was being high handed and unprofessinal

Twinkle Khanna deserved Golden Kela award for this movie and what was so rebellious in doing 10 sec scene?

O teri badi zor giri bonnet/hood par..At 1st I thought Faisal is stunned looking at that donkey....hahaha. Twinkle has very sharp features. I loved her minus her acting.

man this movie brings back memories......mainly of twinkle khanna having an asthma attack each time she had a dialogue.

this was such a filmy movie(which obviously I didn't see)..

At least she is consistent with the over the top acting.

Aww at the pic with them two! I still want a film with these two together.

Ok..i get it but on a different note what is she smoking these days? After her explanation of purple lips with picasso and all and now this....

What a funny scene! Over the top acting by everyone.

What is so rebellious about it?

mela...movie with lots of cyclone breathingggg

I remember my whole family laughing it out on twinkle's acting.. oh those days !!

"the rebel that i am" - ROFL!

Believe you me! :P

I don't understand how this is rebellious. Someone pls explain

You should know your 'craft' to understand this.

Haha I know right? Kuchh bhi

shaku knows everything! encyclopedia

Bit late with this news but cute indeed. Aamirs ego got hurt around Mangal Pandey other they kicked Aishwarya out after the Salman thing
Since then Aishwarya and Aamir have been distanced.

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