Trouble in Paradise For Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra?

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Bollywood has given us many shocking break ups this year. While many couples have released official statements, many others went their own ways without a whisper to the press. Either way, news somehow makes it to the gossip sections enlightening Bollywood lovers on their favorite stars' personal affairs. 

This time the couple who are in the limelight for a breaking marriage is none other than Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. These two have always been lovey-dovey and therefore this news is hard to take in. But then Bollywood has shocked us one time too many, right?

Buzz is that Kundra is spending more time in his office than at home and has temporarily shifted there, with bed and baggage. Kundra's absense at their luxurious home Kinara has been noticed and analysed. Sources mention something is definitely brewing in the Kundra household and all does not seem to be well. 

Sigh! What do you think of that?

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I always wonder when this type of news starts to break with such frequency at what seems like relayover early days if these people's household and office staff run a little racket on the side of reporting to the media from firsthand day to day knowledge inside their homes and businesses. I can see some papers and reporting institutions landing sources amongst servants that they pay well to refer what they know on for blind items.

Don't know if this is true ,but Kundra married Shilpa bcos he's a publicity hungry bloke -anything to stay in the news . All those tweets , every time he does something for her we'd all have to know about it . It's precisely why I always feel it's better to keep the personal life personal . You don't have to shout out to the world to prove that u are happy .

These breakup news of celebrities are beginning to bore people.

Who cares!

Cute couple. May the Lord bless their marriage.

If he does it with you he will do it to you.

This was a marriage between a third grade smuggler and one of the women of Vijay Mallaya. Both were aware of their partner's past. They are not going to part away. PV post this.

Hope this is false. They seem like a great couple

This looks like false news.

I DO NOT believe this news.

Raj Kundra is not goodlooking at all but he's very rich. I'm actually surprised Shilpa Shetty got married to him but as we all know, these type of men cheat and they are rarely 100% faithful to their wives. I think most wives of rich husbands ignore their husbands affairs unless they have become serious or others are finding out about it.

Good luck to both of them!!

If he doesn't want to stay with her then he wouldn't shift to office he would either stay in the most luxurious hotel or go to London..Plus he is one busy person and an established business tycoon there are piles of work for him..Yet he manages time for his wife and son pls check Twitter..

Stop copying news from fashion and give credit if you do copy.

He is rich. Why move into an office instead of a hotel if they were indeed separated. Obviously work commitments and not a relationship issue.

because he doesn't want the media to know?? Staying in a at a hotel would easily alert the media. I'm sure he doesn't have a house in India because he used to live in London.

This is sad but I highly doubt Shilpa will let go of Raj... *shrugs* He would be the one to file for divorce not her..

Kundra go meet your daughter. Must be tired of shallow bollywood.

Raj got two wives by marrying Shiloh. Shiloh and shamita. He is not going to leave shetty family.

This is totally false. Shilpa will never leave Raj

They are happy please and much in love with each other..

Oh lord ... Once a cheater always a cheater.. But I really hope this news is not true ..

Such a disgusting and false article please for once either verify with them before writing rubbish or at least both are on social media just go and check their tweets..First u write nonsensical blind about aishwarya hinting there is trouble in her paradise and now this??it's highly irresponsible

I hope its not true and just a rumour. We all want them to stay together forever..!!

just few days back they celebrated their kids birthday..all seems cant be true..

Good news. these 2 overrated shallow people deserve to say seperate..

What's happening seriously. 2016 is really the break up and divorce year ?

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