"It is High Time" : Dad Randhir Comments on Bebo's Pregnancy News!

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Since Pinkvilla first broke it out that Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are expecting, there has been a lot of buzz about this in the news circuits. A recent report mentions that Saifeena also visited a pre-natal clinic during their recent trip to London. 

When Kareena's dad Randhir Kapoor was asked about this he said, "Well, they have not told me yet, so I have no clue. But I hope it is true. It is high time that they had a baby."

Well, now its only for Saifeena to confirm the happy news before we start rejoicing!

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Is she or isn't she?? Stop keeping us guessing lol

Far far far too selfish to have kids I'll give poink villa a million pounds if she's pregnant.

This woman is not pregnant. Think about it she has the whole of Indias media and UK's suggesting that she's three months pregnant. KNOWING EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR A COMMENT what does Kareena do. She remains quiet and doesn't say a single word. There is no concern what so ever for HER BELOVED FANS THAT SHE CLAIMS HABE MADE HER. SHE DOESNT CARE IS THEY ARE DESPARATE TO KNOW AND COULDNT GIVE A DAMN IF IT MAKES THEM HAPPY OR SAD. An extremely selfish self obsessed individual who's probably incapable of being a mother.

Um, what? You sound so creepy. Kareena doesn't need to tell anyone that she is pregnant. Why do her fans need to know?! It's something personal in her life. If she wants to share it, then good for her...if she doesn't..then that makes sense too!!

Being a mother to a child will kill kareena's aura of "the hottest chic" in bollywood, just imagine in mind kareena a mother and doing item song or playing or essaying a bold or real dramatic role. no just saw that visual its disturbing.by the way who im i to comment on it its her choice.

She cant do hottest chic item roles when shes 40+... everything and everyone has a shelf life...life is not all about one aspect ie only career... maybe she wants a baby maybe not who knows... sure they both will take proper decision that works long term instead of just focusing on career... just like every couple does and we should let them decide. You are right its her choice.

Its so funny how i wrote this in the comments that she's pregnant in an old post and now everyone thinks that its actually true. HAHAHA I was just kidding. I never saw her in London. This is so funny

am i the only one who can never picture kareena as a mother? maybe it's just her personality, maybe it's the vibe she projects, but she dosen't seem like she would ever become or want to become a mother. i'm no hater, and i wish the best for her, but i honestly doubt she wants to have kids.

I have a feeling she'll make a wonderful mother. She has this spoiled brat persona but for some reason I think she'll love her child like crazy...

Why is everyone so worried about Kareena getting pregnant? Let her decide whether she wants a child or not.

oh come on give him a break..its every dad's dream to see grand kids

It's good to have at least one kid at some point...but that might change her relationship with Saif Ali Khan. Having a kid definitely changes your relationship and Saif-Kareena always look out and about. Saif might not be too keen on having kids since he already has two, doing that all over again probably doesn't sound too appealing to him. Kareena seems like she's not too ready as well but she knows she has to have one!

she knows she has to have one? lolz, y? sounds a little regressive mate.. just saying..

There's nothing regressive about that. I think she even wants to have one but she doesn't want it to come between her current lifestyle. She always said she will wait to have one..so that's why I made that comment.

If yes then cngrts if no then please make a baby soon

She is a man how can she...

Maybe she went for treatment

Kareena seems over ambitious when it comes to her career, she does not want to compromise the position she has achieved in all these years. Her marriage to Saif brought some kind of stability as Saif being a father of two would not have asked to concentrate on further family planning..whereas Shahid like any other guy of his age would have dreamt of having a family..core reality of Bollywood lives that how people succumb to stardom.

Yes , Kareena did say in the past that she's very modern & may opt not to have kids at all .It was very foolishly phrased though I think it was more of a reaction to the annoying constant queries & advice on when she will start a family . Sometimes women especially do change their minds when they see a baby , the maternal urges kick in and you decide you do want one of your own after all . Every parent wants their child to have a normal happy family life -this includes the natural desire for grand kids .

Yes every time the 35 year old Kareena says something it's just a foolish accident and reaction, she's just a poor little girl. You guys give her so much slack yet when Deepika, Aish, PC, Anushka, Sonakshi, Sonam, or Alia ever say something you go after them like hawks.

Yes Kareena does put her foot in her mouth with her comments .I am not a fan of anyone at all in particular ,it's just that I understand where she comes from in this context . Any single woman in India will know what I mean when they reach a certain age and the questions start coming fast & furious from the whole world - even random people you do not even know properly .
" When are you getting married , you are getting old , your looks won't last ?". Finally you do get married then comes " When will you have a baby ? You must do it quickly or else you will find it difficult". After all this " Why no second child ?Who will play with the 1st child ? U will regret never having at least 2 children !". Every time I go to India I dread facing these questions and the unsolicited advice that invariably follows . It gets me so mad that I just about manage to be polite , for a celebrity it's got to be worse.

Father of a daughter who is 36 year old married expressing his desire to be a grandfather isn't a regressive thought.. Excitement of being grandfather isn't remotely related to being modern or not.

She is yet 35 let the lady enjoy each year of hers or is Deepika 31 already and Priyanka 35?

Kareena looking at Shahid's wife "I will have what she is having"

Naah. Only you Shahid fanatics bring up Kareena/Shahid 24/7. Shahid and Mira are irrelevant anyways. When was Shahid's last hit btw? Oh yes, Jab We Met (Kaminey and Haider were hardly averages at the box office) in which KAREENA STOLE THE SHOW. Now if only you Shahid fanatics would put this much effort into watching his films, he'd actually have a career by now (just think about the fact that he started in 2003, and actors like Ranbir, Ranveer, even Varun, who all started way after him, have surpassed him in terms of success, stardom, acclaim, etc.). PV post this please.

Such a sad comment, really. Think before you say such things...

How is it regressive for a father to want a grandchild? I know he has through Karisma but no harm in expressing the same for Bebo.

I was wondering the same thing, why is it regressive for him to want a grandchild. And woman have a biological clock ticking. I know science has reduced the risk somewhat for late risk pregnancy management but its still pretty okay to do it at the right time. Kareena is in that age right now. Isn't she??

saifu already has kids. he is 40+ his new kid will have higher chances of asperger etc! men may not have a clock but there's enough problems kids of older men have

Randhir Kapoor, that is very rude.

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