Spotted! Parineeti with her girl gang in London

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Parineeti Chopra is in London right now and guess what is she doing there? No, she is not there for a movie shoot or an ad shoot but on a vacation with her girlfriends.

 She shared a picture with her girl gang in London and captioned it, “London with these girls. The shopping bags say the rest!! HAPPINESSSSSS @sanjanabatra@mantagoyal @anchalkhosla.”

Well the ladies have a lot of shopping bags in their hand and that pretty much justifies why they look so happy. Dressed in a black crop top, jeans and brown boots with a classy hat, Parineeti looks like a dream.

Her stylist Sanjana is also there in this picture and congratulations to her for Parineeti’s exceptional style sense off late.

On the professional front, Parineeti is currently shooting for Meri Pyaari Bindu opposite Ayushmann Khurrana. From the looks of it, the movie sure looks promising. Well, only time will tell!


London with these girls. The shopping bags say the rest!! HAPPINESSSSSS @sanjanabatra @mantagoyal @anchalkhosla

A photo posted by Parineeti Chopra (@parineetichopra) on

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The girl right to pari looks more classy.

Parineeti should grab any ads or tv offers with both her hands. The "it" factor is conspiciously absent regardless of how fit she looks.

sorry but parineeti is not heroine material matter how much weight she not cast her for glam roles.

All she does is talk about weight loss or pose for pics. Why not actually shoot a film?

Even my grandma would dress me better than parineeti dresses herself up

The girl in black jacket next to her is Pakistani.

so?my neighbour is German....

her seems nice like her

she's like "oh wow look at me I'm thin now "

UGGs in june...ugghhhhhhhh ...facepalm

Get some work pari

Pari youve chilled too much. Lately all you do is attend parties and talk about your weight loss. Maybe sign another film?

i do wonder how pari bankrolls this lifestyle. health retreats in austria, new homes, trips to london with really no work in the last 2 years?

She studied finance, business, and economics at Manchester. I'd reckon she's good with managing her wealth.

Agreed. I think Paris was super smart at the initial stages of her career and actually did the right things with the money she earned. She has a good head on her shoulders. She'll do well in life overall, she did things the right way.

Im sure PC sends her a cheque

its amazing how fame can make a quite normal looking person appear just amazing gorgeous ... she is looking awesome ... natural and stylish. I think her boots just look awesome she wore them well. If she walked past me and she wasn't famous ... I think id still notice her style and cuteness ... great bod !

are you kidding or you have something wrong with eyes

No there's nothing wrong with my eyes ! To be honest, maybe few years back I would even think what's so pretty about her? how did she get into the movies etc etc having some type of "set standard of beauty" in mind ... but she is pretty, and she obviously has been working on her fitness, she is looking amazing. I bet shes way better looking you !

Parineeti is original I don't think she can be compared to Alia

Isn't it disrespectful to her sister pc whose Nani just passed away to post such happiness pics....she could have waited imo....i would have done it for sure!

Jesus Christ!! Give this girl a break let the girl enjoy some free time..stop picking at her. We know her cousin work like a dog that is because her cousin is fame crazy.. where as Parineeti is not!!. It must be chilly in London I see people in the background wearing long coat.


what after bindu?

Pari I think your loosing the plot. Your trying to be Alia. Everyone has a journey. Try to find your own identity like Vidya Balan did.

Just got back from London ..Not that cold to wear uggs sense of dressing !!!

Even freakin too hot here in US too.We put our UGGS away too:)

She's shooting for a film now, probably has a break. She should be able to enjoy her life

Her and girl in white pumps think their so cool lol. No "selfie" with a fan? Haha

Pari is close to getting her style right.

Pari seriously u need to learn something from PC the way she is working so hard after being top actress and u aren't even working 10% to it.Come on now we are actually bored to see u chilling get back to work!?!?!?! ooooooooooooook

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