Why target me? I'm doing my job: Hema Malini

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Veteran actress-politician Hema Malini has lashed out at media reports and people who criticised her over posting images from a film's shoot on social media while Mathura was engulfed by violence and tension. She says being a “sincere” person, she is doing her job and feels that people are “diverting attention from the main issue". 

A violent confrontation between the police and encroachers on Thursday caused disruption here after 24 persons, including two senior police officers, were killed in firing by encroachers. 

Hema, who represents Mathura constituency in the Lok Sabha, took to Twitter on Saturday to clarify her stance. 

In a series of tweets, she wrote: “In Mathura and condoled with the bereaved families. I still can't understand how the great media thinks the sansad (parliament) is responsible for law and order. 

“They seem to be diverting attention from the main issue - that law and order is purely the state government's responsibility. Why target me? I'm doing my job.” 

After the violence, various opposition parties, especially the BJP, targetted the ruling Samajwadi Party and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav over "complete breakdown" of the administration and law and order in the state. 

Hema further wrote: “Anyone in Mathura will vouch for my sincerity - I'm improving living conditions, providing roads and drinking water... A sansad's duty is not to head the police force or quell rebels or evict encroachers. Development is my line of duty and I'm sincere in my job." 

She also invited the accusers to visit Mathura and see her work themselves. 

“I'm dedicating so much time to Mathura. Sometimes it is days before I even see my family or my house. I'm attending to public needs sincerely. 

“What do I get in return for my sincerity? Brickbats and loud accusations. I sincerely thank all of you who have supported me in this controversy,” she tweeted. 

Hema was criticised for tweeting details of how convenient it has become to commute between mainland Mumbai and Madh Island, where she was shooting for the film "Ek Thi Rani".  

This caused Hema to draw flak as many reacted negatively. The BJP MP then deleted the tweets, and expressed her concern for the situation in Mathura. 

Hema also posted photographs of her visiting a local hospital “to enquire about the welfare of the injured police personnel”. 

She also met the family members of Superintendent of Police Mukul Dwivedi, who was killed in the violence.

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A subpar actress and now politician ! Give a smartphone to HM and watch her put her foot ( with tacky footwear btw) in her big mouth ! I think Esha should hide her phone ( or wifi connection password ) before her mother makes a bigger fool of herself.

shaming on social media is a horrible thing! not in this case. politicians should be held responsible for their behavior. unfortunately, she has spotlight on her because she is a filmstar. no one would care to pay attention to her on twitter if she wasn't as famous but only an MP

Actually I am really thankful that Esha never made it big in Bollywood. Otherwise we would be seeing and hearing more of this arrogant, irresponsible person and her equally distasteful mother.

She is so full of herself.

It is time HM realizes her behaviour towards the poor and common masses are one of disdain. Her uncouth attitude and arrogance makes her ugly in and out. HM, Please begin tweeting pics on the changes you have brought about in Matura instead of acting oversmart.

Why is she even a politician in the first place. She doesn't relate to people at all and can't understand why people are upset, irrespective of her primary duties. Is she bringing drinking water etc by herself? She is so arrogant and so unqualified for the position but then I assume most of our politicians are like her

Whenever I hear Hema Malini talk she sounds like an uneducated fool. Stick to acting.. :\

Now she wants to prove how much she is helping mathura she is such an arrogant old lady someone put some sense into her

why is she want to be in Politics. Don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen. You are in politics, because of the perks and power.
No free lunch . Take it or leave it.

This woman, just can't stand her attitude! So much arrogance, i tell u! Someone, plz ask her to shut up!

Is your job acting or being a politician? Lol you get paid for being the mp do it well or dont do it at all

This is what happens when Indian citizens give their precious votes to these selfish celebrities like Hema, Jaya, Govinda and the likes.

Oh god her highness Hema thinks she's doing a favour on people of Mathura by carrying her duties as an elected member. Can someone please tell her that she is a 'public servant' and keep arrogant attitude of hers to herself. SMH.

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