Was Kareena hiding a baby bump at the UNICEF event?

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Kareena Kapoor Khan attended a UNICEF event yesterday and she looked gorgeous in the desi avatar. We loved how her face was glowing. 

However, after the event, fans and media are going abuzz that Bebo might be pregnant. Well, that explains the glow. 
There are two videos doing rounds from the event which have triggered her pregnancy rumours even further. 
While playing twister with kids, Bebo is refusing to completely bend down and looks quite uncomfortable. Notice how her hand is on her stomach throughout. 
In the second video, what caught our attention was the way Bebo gets up from her place and walks up to the podium. She takes the weight of her stomach first to get up and that is how a pregnant woman would get up from her seat as well. 
Bebo has no movie in the pipeline after Udta Punjab releases. Well this is definitely the perfect time for her to deliver a baby. 
We are already getting excited about her pregnancy and convey our best wishes to the couple if this turns out to be true. Well, only time will tell! 

#kareenakapoorkhan having some fun with the girls

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#kareenakapoorkhan on menstrual hygiene

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Kareena got everything Shakuntela could only dream for her idol, still remember all the trash she used to write about bebo and look where it has ended up lol

My God, this crazy obsession around her pregnancy. I remember that people used to think Aishwarya is pregnant every 2-3 months after she got married...at least it wasn't as bad for Kareena.

When she's ready she will tell the world. Most women don't tell anyone till they're 3 months pregnant and in Kareena's case...she probably wouldn't want to tell ne1 until she can't hide the bump! This is something so personal, she really don't need to tell ne1.

I hope this is true :) She would make a beautiful mother :)

Aww! I hope this is true :)

she has such a lovely voice and coupled with her dialogue delivery she never disappoints on screen.

She seems like is.. All the best if she is!

shahid and Kareena's children will act together...in future...wow. Go to school like aryan and navya

She is 100% pregnant ! good for her ! She is not obligated to tell anyone till she feels she s is ready. Its nothing to do with her professional life . There s is something about her demeanor, she s not acting coy or young... seems at peace with herself finally!
PV please post.

Honestly she doesn't look pregnant to me.. just because someone is touching their belly it doesn't mean they are pregnant, she might be on her period too..maybe that's why she preferred to not bend either and might be touching her belly..

Pregnant women in their first and second trimester can bend. Especially in the 4th month (and according to the previous post she's on her 4th month). A simple bend shouldn't be that big a deal. I think in the video she isn't bending because of her outfit or didn't want to be photographed in an awkward position

Why this article by "Filmy Mia" is even posted? Why do desi people make "baby bump" a taboo? I dont see a bump, but if she is prego, then good for her!! It's bit disgusting to be treating someone's person life in this way, you know those "baby bumps" become human beings (children) and so many are abandoned in India, no one effing writes any article about them!!!!

Respect her privacy.

#1 Post.

I wish it was true, although in the second pic she looks like she is pregnant

if she is pregnant good for her and her family, lets find a fault in that too people.

rehersed speech !!! but nonetheless bebo looking so good !!!

For someone who does 100 suryanamaskars a day if she cannot do a simple bend then she is definitely pregnant. Moreover she is so conscious about her belly, trying to cover it up which is another big giveaway. I'm happy for her!

Karena is around 15 to 16 weeks pregnant. Its a natural tendency to for pregnant woman to touch their tummy. I did that too and I had to resist it each time when I was in public and I hadn't announced it. As far as announcing pregnancy many ppl choose not to. Its their choice

Wonderful news! Pregnancy should humble her a bit hopefully.

Oh my God it won't be a baby that looks any different to all the other babies born in the world ...get a life and get over it. She just can't be bothered to announce it, guess that's not much respect for her fans!!

Oh, it certainly looks like it.

I hope ashwariyah sees this and take some lesson to be real and normal parson...plz post this

Saif and Kareena should cut all the crap noutanki that Ash does with media and hv kids like Kajol.

Can't wait to see the cutest baby

Not sure if shes pregnant or not. But one thing I know for sure is that the reason why she hasant signed any movies post udta punjab is because she dosent have any film offers coming her way anymore, as nobody wants to cast her in there movies anymore as her time is up as a leading bollywood actress.

She might aswell be pregnant and blame the fact the she dosent have any film offers in her kitty post utda punjab due to her pregnancy. Good offers stopped coming bebos way after she got marriend and thats why she had no other choice by to do udta punjab with her ex.

oh come on! kareena is the only married actress who has got many offers from directors! stop talking nonsense!

Bebo is so adorable! She's been doing yoga for over a decade and yet for some reason, she is having difficulty bending down? I wonder... :)

Bump watch is annoying! Let Bebo speak about her womb when she feels like it, pls.

AS ONE OF KAREENA'S BIGGEST FANS, I was ignoring this news as just mere speculation again but after seeing her at this event, I too feel that she is pregnant and I CRIED. My Baby Bebo is gonna have a little Baby Bebo. How beautiful is that baby gonna be....man!! I wish my darling a healthy pregnancy and a may her happiness keep pouring in. Btw, she has such a magnificent, soothing voice and I love hearing her speak Hindi which does so well.

Just because they are celebrities doesn't give us fans the right to know their personal business. They will announce the news when they feel it's right.

her voice makes me so hawrny

This girl is so beautiful and SO real! Among all the top heroines, she is the most accomplished career wise as well personal life. Can't wait for little Bebo to arrive! I have feeling it's gonna be a girl.

Baby Bebo on Board. :D

I hope she is! If not that's great too! Love her

And she's eating flats! We don't see her doing that everrrr! Congo!

That will be in pretty baby.

What if she is just fat

So happy for her.

I am so excited man!!! Bebo is gona be such an amazing mother!

She seems like a really nice person.

Apparently she is 17 weeks pregnant. So actually she is in her second trimester. She has a slight bump, many women don't start showing (especially for your first pregnancy) until after 16 weeks. It would be enough to make her uncomfortable bending down like that (in the first video). Anyways, it's great news! Good luck, wish you great health KKK.

Pregnant. Most probably first trimester

Saif and Kareena have absolutely no courtesy to announce such things. They keep behaving like royalty, without consideration for their fans. I still remember they didn't even officially announce their wedding date. Atleast such happy announcements would be nice if it comes from the horse's mouth. PV please post.


She is preggies

She is definately pregnant!!

She is pregnant. She is in her first trimester. There is no baby bump yet, have to wait couple more months to show.

Udta Punjab makers do not want her to reveal her pregnancy yet. She'll announce it after its release. These Bollywood makers are so vile. Sad but true!

She is surely pregnant.

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