Priyanka bids a final adieu to her Grandmother

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You must have heard of the sad demise of Priyanka Chopra’s grandmother. Priyanka shared a picture of her nani’s last moment in Kerala.

She posted, “Rest in peace Nani. #Kerala #FinallyBackHome.” We convey our deepest condolences to Priyanka and her family. May her family recover soon from the loss.

Priyanka had only recently returned to India after completing Baywatch shoot. She also missed the Swabhiman Mumbaikar event to honour Padmabhushan winners because of her grandmom’s demise.

Priyanka will be returning to Hollywood to complete the shoot of Quantico. Close to home, Priyanka was last seen in Jai Gangaajal that didn’t fare really well at the box office.

Well, we miss Priyanka and hope to see her on the big screen once again. Till then gear up for Baywatch which is all set to release in May next year.  


Rest in peace Nani . #Kerala #FinallyBackHome

A photo posted by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

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Is SRK with Priyanka in LA?

rest in peace

Priyanka's nani was 94! She lived a complete and happy life. sometimes at that age funerals are like a celebration of the person's life.

She's taking a picture of the church after the entire ceremony is done. Her grandmother isn't even in the casket anymore

PC you are in news anyway, was this necessary?

Why tweet about such a private moment ?

Teens can be a little crazy about social media and hash tags but this from an adult in her 30s. How inappropriate is it taking pictures during a funeral? Anyway!

People grieve in different ways. To each, his own.

is there anything she won't publicise? C'mon! It's a freaking funeral of your grandma. Keep it private and respect those who are attending it too.

celeb social media obsession sinking to new lows....instead of grieving nani she takes pic of the coffin and hashtags????how much more attention she needs?

ugh she actually posted the funeral pics on her instagram??? this is very inappropriate. all those who're saying otherwise...just think, would you post any pics on social media if anything unfortunate happens in your family???

PC is getting weirder by the day.

May her Nani's soul rest in peace and may almighty give strength to the family


I seriously don't feel like commenting, this pic is not supposed to be clicked and uploaded...PC I have lost respect for you.

This reminds me of when priyanka attended Shammi Kapoor funeral, she had the slightest interest in the decease, she kept looking for the photographer to snap her pics. Google pics from Shammi Kapoor funeral you will see her eyes searching for the camera. She uses even the dead for Publicity.

I think you're just paranoid. lol

As soon she travels again and is separated from SRK her twitter promo starts again. Bla bla tired of this attention seeking wannabe!

Is Priyanka half Malayali Syrian Christian?

.25 not 0.5 .
Just her nani not nana

Taking picture at such moment ? Oh well...
Anyways , R.I.P Naani .

I remember Priyanka say in an interview how her grandparents pretty much raised her for many years because both her parents were doing their Ph.D.'s when she was a baby. May Priyanka's Nani RIP

her parents are not phds, they are medical doctors who studied in india. not phd

point is they were studying when Priyanka was a baby and her grandparents took care of Priyanka

Priyanka was super close to her Nani and just a couple days ago it was her Nani's birthday. It's all very hard for her... Please don't make it even harder with criticism and all. She doesn't need this right now. Have a heart!

May she rest in peace

This is how she expresses herself and deals with her loss. I don't think other people should be commenting on it.

RIP PC's Nani

I don't think anyone here has a right to comment on what Priyanka should do at HER grandma's funeral. She wanted to click a pic and say good bye to her grandma so she did... Her choice.

If she's uploaded this pic on social media,she is giving right for people to talk about it ...

who are you to decide what's right or wrong?

To the liar saying SRK was there. No, he wasn't! Stop spreading lies. You are disgusting to write fake crap like this on every topic!

Its pathetic that a person uses Social Media to show the sadness.. If you loved or love them, you dont have to go to Social Media and show it.. . At someone's close death, a person is really sad, and how come she was busy with Social Media THEN! PV Please post! :)

While her 'so called' sister is vacationing/partying in London and don't even show any regard for Peecee's Nani. Not cool

Why would someone post a pic of funeral on Instagram? Have some respect for the departed soul ! What a way to get keep followers active on social media. Social media needs to ban such posts .

The casket is empty isn't it ? If not, it is weird .

People putting pics of their family's last rites is truly the last nail in the "coffin". No sanctity left, no decorum to be maintained. Just this inane desire to put every single thought out there. Nauseated

how beautiful, her family is Hindu, Muslim and christian

People putting pics of their family's last rites is truly the last nail in the "coffin". No sanctity left, no decorum to be maintained. Just this inane desire to put every single thought out there. Nauseated

Honestly it's a bit tasteless to post such a moment on social media. Maybe she wants to share her sorrow with her fans but a photo with her Nani would've been more apt. This doesn't look good that she was standing there taking pictures adding hashtags like she wants to cash in on even this sad moment.

Wow, Priyanka never had any sense reality in her bid for attention. Kareena's Nani also passed away a few weeks ago but she did not use it to capitalize for attention and sympathy. We should not use the dead for our gain. RIP both Nanis.

I seriously doubt Kareena even attended her funeral. she was probably busy vacationing!

Daaaaaymnnnn she called the paps when her dad died made sure the whole thing was recorded and posted everywhere, who/what was her dad anyway...? such an attention seeker pathetic selfish biaaaaaatchhhhhhh

there's paparazzi at every Bollywood funeral. with so many stars attending the paparazzi shows up themselves. your hate is irrational!

am i the only one who find weird take a pictures in a moment and in a place like that?

i am totally speechless, what kind of woman is she? Sharing this on Twitter, shame on her..some things need to be private but hey fake women like Deepika,PC will never get that. Publicity 24 /7

so not needed! A pic with her grandma would have been enough.. beyond words.. addicted to stay in the media... take a break and mourn your loss... she doesnt need to share this much..a bit much..

ishhh! posting a picture of her dead grandmother! i am disgusted priyanka chopra! is this what u learnt from hollywood ? is this what they do? if yes .. the it's a shame

her nani was a syrian christian from kerala.

I lost my grandfather a few days ago and despite of being a social media junkie, I couldn't even bring myself to let people know that he was gone.. let alone take pictures from funerals and post! This is so pathetic and shallow.

so priyanka's grandmother was a christian and from kerela? how come she never said that before. im guessing her mother is hindu

she has .. check the article from dna back in 2012-2013

This has to be the FUNNIEST and MOST APT description of Piggy C ever: "Michael-Jackson grotesque look-alike hobbit"

She had to tweet a pic of the ceremony with hashtags and all. Very sick and disrespectful, lost all respect for Priyanka. This is beyond the pale

You must be mad. Srk was there indeed with his dead father.

Her nani in Kerala and a Christian? wow never expected that, RIP nani

Private moments should be private.

Personal touch with Insta or tweet. :(

Her Nani was a Christian?

SRK was there with his sister.

no he wasn't

like seriously priyanka?? posting a pic of someone's death ceremony. Get a life!! I'm a huge fan of urs but doing such insensitive thing is pathetic

THIS comment needs to be on top of every Priyanka post: RIP and my prayers to her family. To the odious members of Team PC - Shakuni and others, now THIS is how fans of all other actresses comment so respectfully and appropriately. Watch and learn. I have been a Pinkvilla reader from the time this website started and have personally seen how the state of comments has degenerated so much in the past couple of years and it's directly co-related to the entry of Shakuni and a few other PC supporters and their particular type of venom - very sly, rude, and used to bring down other actresses - mainly first Bebo then Deepika. Until then, everyone used to only praise their idols but no one used to bring down other actresses so badly. PC team has totally started a malicious trend and others have sadly followed. But see here how all other commenters have posted such respectful thoughts - not including my comment here. Just wanted to make a note of this, hoping Team PC will see this, take the truthful criticism in the right manner, and reform themselves.

You do know that you are exposing yourself by calling me Shakuni all the time. Maybe you need to create a real account and we can debate. You made two fake accounts which I got removed by Pinkvilla one of them surprisingly called Shakuni where you abused Priyanka. Have some respect

Ha ha completely agree with OP about the desecration of these articles by vile minions employed by PC...and btw how is Shakuntela claiming credit for getting any account banned? On what basis was it banned, if true? If Shakuntela, one of the most detested commnters on Pinkvilla, is still commenting without being banned, how come other commenters are banned? How do we get Shakuntela banned? ;)

They were banned dear because they were created to troll me and were making very negative comments about PC and using my display picture. Stop acting innocent. You are the minion here, not me. When people make fake accounts here and when they use them to abuse and troll well respected users Pinkvilla will ban them and that's the right thing to do. Obviously you are hurt now because you have no access to the fake accounts.

"well respected users"....YOU? this comment is pure irony!

But you make such negative remarks about Deepika and Bebo all the time - very sly, very passive aggressive...and you spread those negative remarks. Look at the upvotes for the comments against you, and downvotes your comments always gather. Logically speaking, you should also have been banned long ago - using PC's profile pic and making people dislike her because you spread all kinds of bad news about Deepika, Bebo etc. Yeah you say you like them, but you know people can read, and PV has some very sharp commenters who see through your back-handed compliments and give it right back to you. But for years now you are here, not banned! That's what a democratic platform is. I am shocked that Pinkvilla has banned some/any users due to complaints from YOU of all people! Did Priyanka pay Pinkvilla - looks like those accounts were doing MAJOR damage to Priyanka and looks like they really got you rattled Shakuntela! Lol calm down - we have all been tolerating your viciousness for so long now - be grateful we don't care enough to get you banned!


Up votes and down votes are manipulated don't even start there. I don't remember saying anything about Bebo. In fact she is the best actress we have today. Deepika I give rightful constructive criticim. Don't ttry it here. This is not about this. Also create an account instead of these fake anonymous comments

LOL, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING??????!!!!!!........YOU DON'T REMEMBER SAYING ANYTHING BAD ABOUT BEBO?????.........How convenient, now your memory is gone? As a fan of Bebo's, tears are still welling up in my eyes, remembering how I used to cry for her every time I opened up any of her posts because you with your multiple accounts were extremely vicious to her with long essays that felt like books and rarely did PV post comments defending her or against PC or you. It was so hard to defend her, she was a target for all jokes about EVERYTHING by you and others. I used to get so frustrated and annoyed and stopped coming to PV .many times but I couldn't let you demolish my BEBO without being a witness Or else I felt like I was betraying her. You are not even one third as vicious to DP so her fans should be grateful.

do you know that no one has slightest interest in your comments, no one wants you to be her and no one believes your pathetic comments, pls leave PV finally and the hate for Priyanka will stop! from a die hard PC fan!

She is BEYOND Detestable this Michael-Jackson grotesque look-alike hobbit...two tweets about her poor dead grandmother with not even funeral still over...and hash tags for that! Such a bloody cold, greedy, shallow biatch she is!

People grieve in different ways! Who gave u the right to be so obnoxious at the time of her grief! Be kind or just refrain from commenting. It's none of your business if she want to click a pic or not! If she want to post it or not ... And you can't even say that she isn't grieving just because she posted a pic. Because hey who are you? You don't even know how close she is to her .. You don't even know when she died ... Stop judging her smh because of a post . You are the one being insensitive here not her. Funerals in kerala are widely recorded and aired live for paying their respects from wherever you are located. So, please pay your respects and leave the grieving family alone.

It would be none of our business if she had not posted, uploading this pic gives us right to comment..atleast now open your eyes ,since you are fan of insensitive person..this is exactly why people don't like her much.

Stop your bhaashan..

If the grieving family wanted to be left 'alone' as you said they wouldn't be plastering pictures from funeral and what not all over social media! Leave them alone, my foot.


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