Trouble in Paradise! John Abraham and Wife Priya Runchal's Marriage on the Rocks?

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Bollywood has witnessed series of heartbreaks this year. Several B-town couples filed for divorce and broke their relationships.

As per a popular daily, nothing is right between John Abraham and his wife Priya Runchal. Rumours has it, the couple is facing a rough patch and has apparently drifted away. A colleague of the Dhoom actor revealed, "They've drifted apart. There’s nothing seriously wrong between them. But then there was nothing so right between them for things to go wrong."

Long distance marriage seems to be one of the prime reasons. 

The source further stated, "The couple is hardly together. Nowadays distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder but makes the heart wander. John needs to spend time with his wife. But his career keeps him busy here and she too won’t take time off from her job in the US. She isn't comfortable with John's Bollywood friends either."

Hope things are mended soon between the couple!

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What in the world is a "long distance marriage"? When you get married, two lives become one. You don't live in 2 different continents. Call me traditional but things like this is why marriages don't work anymore.

Bipasha had an affair with Saif and it was during making of Race but then he fell for bebo and totally dumped bipasha if u have any doubts kindly Google it by yourself and seee..Dino John and Harman were her official bfs she had even dated rana dagubattii..

FYI John has said in press today that this is totally untrue and he's tired of denying it. PV please print this!!!

Dear John, main hoon na

John I will happily be your bride if it does not work out with....

he could have married bips..atleast they could be together as they are working in the same industry

He was always cheating. Used priya to get American citizenship while cleverly keeping her away from the public eye. John is very cunning.

Total rubbish!!! John is a patriot who has said MANY times that he loves India and living in Mumbai. If he wanted citizenship then why hasn't he gone to US already? Jeez.... stop talking nonsense.

Sorry buy why does he need American citizenship?? It is probably the worst citizenship for anyone to adopt if you live and work outside America. The US has a worldwide tax income system, so why would anyone working overseas voluntary adopt US citizenship and pay their hefty taxes!!?

Yeh to hona hi tha. They have such different backgrounds, live in different countries and moreover the wedding happened sort of chat mangni pat byah.

That's karma for you. All his comments to the media since and even after bipasha's wedding have been so caustic. If you give off so much ill-will, you're gonna get it right back!

Now it makes sense, why Priya never wanted to make red carpet appearances and wear a red dress.

Can someone explain what exactly happened btwn him and Bipasha? what was the cause of the break up?

Bipasha had cheated on John for Saif if so called fans who are lecturing John on karma remember

I don't get your logic. She did the movie race in 2008 and Saif was with Kareena at that time and John and Bipasha were together in the same year. Then how She cheated with Saif ? John and Bipasha broke up many years later

Kuch Bhi haan ?

her BFs were Dino, John, and Harman (she never hide this )

and now husband is Karan...

don't try to link up her name with anyone just to save John.

Karan feels highly uncomfortable with Bipasha one can see during Kapil Sharma show and the interviews they gave thereafter..

Just bcoz he did not do too much PDA (like he used to do with 2nd wife) that doesn't mean he was uncomfortable .

Karan feels highly uncomfortable with Bipasha one can see during Kapil Sharma show and the interviews they gave thereafter..

john--- nothing happening in bollywood. move to US for better luck. Hollywood may hire you for some role. PC, DP both working in Bollywood.
Two sensible girls. Nothing working for them IN Mumbai and moved to LA.

Good to know both have such "high regards" for each other that they don't even give any "regards" to each other anymore. LOL ! As far as Priya goes she knows John is not that into her.

At least they wont be going on a fake romantic lets be thankful for small mercies!


What Karma? We don't even know what happened between them. Besides Bips marrying that philandering KSK is not all that wonderful either. The dude has already started looking uncomfortable!

his wife should come to stay with John. she knew whom she was getting married to. is career more important than your marriage

Why? John hardly has a career here, he should move to be with his wife. He knew who he was marrying as well. Why is a man's career automatically deemed more important?

It seems there were other reasons for John to marry her. I remember the blind item years ago saying he´s not as much with women and with a look at his ahem career everyone would agree he was with the right men in the industry to get movies because his "talent" can´t be the reason.

Life is a full circle, what goes around has to come back. Right Johnny?

People call Salman's wife Iulia Vantur ugly. Priya is no better looking than Iulia.

who said, my partner is everything ?

Is pinkvilla just targeting couples randomly?

like anyone cares? I can never forget how he dumped his GF of 10 years in no time..

They are fine, leave them alone!

Does John even have a career in Bollywood anymore??

He should have married Katrina Kaif coz wid short hair , Katrina luks lyk John Abraham !

Long distance relationships can be equally sustainable, provided the couple finds time for each other, sometimes at the cost of other things. Staying in touch isn't a problem these days. Differences in expectations can sometimes cause a lot of suffering and ruin relationships. Get on the same page. Hope it's just a rough patch. Hope you two come together soon. They look nice with each other, and hope they make the effort for each others happiness. IF this is true.

Every marriage is broken in bollywood...some look other way to their cheating spouses like gauri khan ,some do not !

tit for tat... i used to like him bt no more since he left bipasha....

What about that phone call of Bipasha's ? Obviously, things were not what they seemed.

That Amar's phone call ?? wasn't that proved wrong in court ?

At least it's admirable how they have kept things so low profile, we don't even have new pics of her, she is not the typical attention-mad celeb.

i dont think this is true. Saw this interviiew a few weeks back and he said that is wife is now helping him with his production house. She was studying in the UK sometime back

what goes around comes around. He is boring, Who wants to see him any more. Bips is doing well and that is all that matters.

Um...."Bips is doing well?" LOL!! In what universe???? She's got NO films. All she does is click pics of herself to keep herself in the news. She's just a Kardashian these days.

Karma is a Bi.... my friend. Some people know how you treated Bipasha, someday you have to pay.

She seems really weird idk good for him he has no shortage of girls lining up for him.

He can easily shift to US. Who wants to watch him anymore? Khans are still working,Akshay Ajay are doing well,Ranveer,Varun,Sid,Arjun,Tiger all are giving hit after hits. Hrithik is there too.

I,and many are there who wants to see him, Do you have any issue if yes go to your home and drink some water.

karma for what he did to bips!!!! god is watching

i thought John was such a great artist. Wasn´t he supposed to be above using his relationship to stay in the news??? Yawn

I just don't trust/like John any more after he dumped his decade long gf, this BI might be just true.

Salty John, where art thou?

Get back with Bipasha please.

That's karma! Finally caught up

Dont worry Johnny handsome, there are plenty of women who still want you.

2016 is the most unlucky year I suppose in the historyy

Hope this isn't true. Very sad if it is. I'll now stand back and let the haters have a field day, which I'm sure they won't be able to resist :(

All said & done most blind items do seem to be correct after a while .

Jeez... not THIS again. Was someone in the newsroom bored?? LOL!! Seriously tho, John said in several recent interviews that Priya has worked in India for the past year and NOT in US.

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