Ranveer's Staff Refers to Deepika as 'Bhabhiji' And We Think That's HUGE!

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have definitely come across as a strong and stable couple with their relationship only advancing for the better through the years. Though the two have been away on their respective work assignments for some time now, buzz is that there is a romantic getaway vacation in the offing where the two will finally get to spend some quality time together. 

Well, in the midst of all this, a certain news got us all excited. A leading daily reports that Ranveer, being the dutiful boyfriend that he is, often sends over his car and driver to pick up his lady love from the airport. On one such occassion, the driver was apparently overheard saying that he was waiting for - wait for it - 'Bhabhiji'. 

Yes, so that is what Ranveer's staff refers to Dippy as. Can it get more serious than that?

Well, what are your thoughts on this? Excited for DeepVeer?

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LOL i refer to my friend's crush as jiju...Is that huge?

Does anyone remember a certain pair called Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi? DP's repeated denial is not cool.

I meant Tamasha and not tomato returns. Hahaha! Blame it on auto correct.

Tomato returns! SMH!

fat cheeks

Its probably a joke. They will definitely not get married. They all mess around and have fun with each other and then go on to marry completely different people. The new generation just like to fool around!

I hope RS gets the love he deserves. He is so expressive, supportive and caring. If not DP, he sure will find love. As for DP, she prefers losers like RK.

She looks weird here.

Getting married to the next gen superstar of Bollywood is better than doing item songs and cheap scenes in B grade HW movie. Do it deepika. Just get married. Ranveer does not judge you by your colorful past. This is a fact that Deepika badly failed auditions in HW and she has no offer in Bollywood.

Bhabhiji sounds really cute. How respectful of them. I read his sister takes home cooked food for her. How nice and generous of her. We will have the big fat Indian wedding soon.

When your girlfriend looks like your aunty

'Bokwaas' news.

so what? some may call a girl his fiancee before cancelling the wedding

Great couple best real lovers

Seriously who cares?

Don't like these PR articles !! Ranveer and Deepika used to be private why they changed now ?!

Any proof that its her PR???? dont be.....

I wish I could care

I heard that abram calls deepika auntyji

Just like Kat used to call Rishi Kapoor "PAPA"...tch tch

Cute jodi..

Don't think she is as committed as RS. Poor fellow.

Love you Deepveer ... Plss be strong .. Don't give any F... To everyone .. Live ur life's beautifully ... Post it pv thanks .

Such an important news lol.

People are so jealous of them
Any article about them and haters come in to spew their hate. Lol
Well they are very much together
And dp's driver was very much with her...you can see him in some pics. So please stop media
There is nothing interesting happening in bwood these days so they're making up stories.

Is he really dating with julie ??? :O

Julie is married with a kid. But the maybe he had extra condoms !

Julie Orden ??? Don't know yaarrr :/ but Mumbai Mirror ... :(

Good for him.

What's wrong with her face , why is she looking so old like his mother .

Why can't people see that these articles are making Ranveer look desperate and therefore could never have been planted by his PR ?

I read somewhere that RS has moved on, he is now with a Swiss model_actress !! so why DP is killing us with those stories ?!! she doesn't know, maybe !! hahahaha

I wish that he will move on and stop suffocating her.

During YJHD she had asked for second chance to Ranbir and he flatly refused her saying he has moved on and is truly in love with Katrina and he will always be there for her a friend if she needs but nothing beyond that..I don't know if RK and Kat are together or not but RK has confided long back that he has no feelings for deepika and wishes her well

During Tamasha promotions, RK mentioned that DP is a flirt...clearly she tried to flirt with him! Poor RS...thinks she is an angel!

LOL wasnt DPs driver at the airport? the way this has been going since DP visited him in paris (not really), i bet the next story to come out will be that DPs preggers. Seriously RS, STOP! pv please post

God. Deepika is becoming a joke in India thanks to all these PR stories every day.

i know some people didn't like rs. just hope he beg both iffa best atcor and indian of the year entertaiment category to make the haters more hate him hahaha

Awwwwwww! How sweet these two lovebirds are. Just get married.

Honestly I have gut feeling deepika will end up being single Katrina and Ranbir either will marry each other or go for arranged marriage and Ranveer too will get married in a year or two

When she was in Canada, everything was so quiet, so peaceful. The moment her feet touched Indian soil, we've been bombarded with news about what she gifted her staff, her style and skin tone evolution, how she hasn't seen the Befikre poster, how she's on a vacation when everyone knows she and Rs havent left India/France and now this rubbish article.

During making of the Hawaii hai Deewami deepika had asked RK if they can give their relationship a chance and he had told her they can be friends and nothing more and he confided in her that he loves Katrina indeed.Which later he told to his friends as well by saying he harbours no feeling for deepika as lover and she mags him a lot.RK DP shippers please now for DP's good stop this as onscreen she and RK are possible not off screen and y do u want your idop to be with someone who not only cheated and dumped her but has no feelings as such for her...

I think Deepika will become female version of Salman.

Like Kareena referred Katrina SIL ?

But she is! Duhhhhh!

Just getting bored.

Reading all the comments made by the shallow Deepiku's Fans, I wonder what the hell they think of her, is she Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence...?!! come on guys she's just Deepiku hahahaha.....

Whey they become so open about their relationship now ? I hope they kept it private

They've been dating more than 3 years ..it's time to get engaged

I don't understand why some fans make their idol sound cheap just to make another fandom more worked up!! To all such ppl, I suggest get your head examined, preferably at DP's medical foundation no doubt.

Need a solid thing like an engagement. How long they will just dating each other. Nothing is happening. Both are 30 . They can continue their career even after engagement.

How is this "HUGE" news?

Some ppl say they get bored of deepveer story and tell them what to do? Guys we r talking about REAL ppl not some movie!! If you get bored of them, don't read about them and spread negativity. Do something positive with your time. God bless :)

The media has gotten out of control. They're angry that they didn't get a reaction out of deepika about the Befikre poster so now they are making up crap. Ranveer, I beg of you. Dont give the media opportunity to malign you. Focus on your work and choose your scripts wisely. You are too talented to be considered the male-Katrina. Stop sending your car to pick her up, stop being openly supportive. She will never do the same. And people will mock you even more for it now. Please think of yourself too. Please !!

Meanwhile Ranveer is chilling in Cannes France, Keep hating on him shallow DP's fans.

make hay while the sun still shines ranveer,won't be shining for long

Poor Deepika's staff have a new jeeja jee every 6 months, so many names to remember ;D

Hope they'll engaged soon but I don't think they'll bcuz both of them want to focus on their carrier

so many people are burning lol
Deepika and Ranveer

they were so loved but after so long ppl are getting bored with them,also dp denying him and refusing to acknowledge him and acting so stiff and disinterested around him makes ppl skeptic,i mean you'd think after 3 years,she wouldn't mind being clicked with him,also she only looks genuinely happy when he's not around,so i kinda get why ppl aren't buying the oh so great and solid love story that ranveer's pr is trying to sell

Most popular couple :)

"FAT CHEEKS" is back guys, You will be hearing a lot of stories. hahahahah.....

What is this 'fat cheeks' all about?? I am clueless!

I think they take their relationship to the next level and become more open about it with media

dream on ranveer

deepika is either trying to make rk jealous with this flurry of deepveer news or sending out the message that she's over him for good,i hope it's the first coz i ship them together,having said that,i really dunno which is the real case

Now we want an wedding anouncement ASAP. Three years is enough to know each other. This guy is just having fun with her. He is just like Ranbir Kapoor.

Salman' bodygaurd used to call katrina as bhabhiji for years..and see where they are now..calling bhabhiji doesn't mean anything thesedays.

We are now bored after 3 years. Hope wedding announcement or engagement can make us happy. He is now making out with others.

Bored? We are talking about real people's real future, not some movie!! He only made out with his co-actress as far as I know because script demand.

What's going on here, are you guys OK ?!! Live and let Live people. Peace.

YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I am so skipity happy!!! Weeeheeehee!! Pls guys get married. Bollywood can be such a breakup place...i dont want anything like that happening with my 2 most loved people. I cant wait for both of u to be married!!! pls pls plsssss!!!

ranveer stop dreaming man and get a frecking life

Ummm, not to burst your bubble but he has a life AND IT'S WITH Deepika. Maybe you should get a life....

Jai mata di

Shall I start mis-using Islamic prayer phrases here - do not test our patience you loser.

So cute PR rani.

Then why they are sleeping with other people.

Spill the beans. RS is faithful. Tell us about Mother Teresa DP.

who's sleeping with who? -_-

We are rooting for you, I am rooting for you guys together. As weird as it might sound you guys are in my prayers daily. :)

I have them in prayers too. They are BW's super best jodi. Get married already.

get a life!

Very soon we will hear His mom calls her bahu. PR queen have no job except for doing cameos and item numbers.

Look at all this commentssss Mann

Folks, get over things! This is "PINKVILLA" where every little gossip of BW happens, here...right here! So, any news is worth gossiping about on PINKVILLA. This is not Times Of India or NDTV of CNN IBN! This is a gossip website....get used to it, or just leave! lol

Why so much hate ?? Seems RKDP fans now gives all their attention to Deepveer ( after Rankat ) post pls . Anyway cute couple .. I'm so happy for him

Hahaha! You hit the nail on its head. Let news of RK dating someone, he will be bashed and back to Deepveer. DP has the worst and most shallow fans. RANBIR KAPOOR WILL NEVER, EVER GO BACK WITH DEEPIKA PADUKONE. DP fans, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Awww too sweet :) Everyone loves deepika :)

Nope not everyone not me!

They'd be great together.

dp looks hideous in this pic


they've been MIA for awhile and it's been peaceful, now their PR is on a roll again all thanks to homi :)

what next ? we get to know what she calls him in bed ?

pinky ?

RK. hahahahaha


Stop it Deepika and her pr and ask your fandom to respect ranveer Singh. He is your dream man who brought u out of depression. Your illetrate fans always bash him.

Boring cuple

PR couple

dp's pr already rubbished this news,nice try ranveer

just back off you creep

he is so ugly,that's all i've got

both are but she more than him

Hey deepika we know u r just using ranveer for improving your image u can never commit to one guy.

just give it a rest ranveer,will ya

Miss xxx we are still not gonna watch your cheap item song and your Telugu film.

ranveer needs to give it a rest

i suggest you post something about how he was all over a swiss model in paris,ranveervilla

am not excited,i think am gonna throw up,this sleaze ball needs to stop making it seem she's so serious about him,she's not,not on his life

She and her family go on vacation with him. She is screwing with him and it is not serious? I know she has a bad reputation but still give the woman some credit.

But we can't see a ring on her finger even after 3 years of togetherness. How fake Ranveer is? He is no better than Ranbir. Just having fun. PV Post this please. Salman's staff always referred his each and every partner as Bhaviji and salman is still unmarried because he never put a ring on anyone's finger.

he would put a ring on it in a heart beat,but she's just having fun with him,like rk can only date rk,dp can only date ranveer,but the minute he pushes for a marriage,she will kick him out,like rk kicked kat out

Ranveer's PR is in full form these days.

This is most likely his lady love's PR my darling.

They are beyond cute together. Ranveer should keep his career pace and should stop working in gimmicky movies like Befifre

RS your too good for DP please dump her you can do so much better than her

Just say it, so she can go running back to RK like a puppy.

RS trying tooo hard.. LOL

Lol and who cares...?

I do:)

..and I don't if you do or don't

poor ranbir!!!the guy will be whining!!now u feel how dp felt

Ranbir is a player..no one has Aukat to cheat on him :p

Nobody cheated on Ranbir. He broke up with Kat, so I dont think he can feel what DP felt.

No..not at all excited..dont think deepu is interested in him...we fans want her to be with rk lad because she looks happy only with him or she will stay single and not this guy please

It's cute actually taking relationship to next level and they are not putting media in consideration

Best Jodi on and off screen
God bless them

Lol Ranveer keep dreaming not happening hehe

that is serioussness.......WOW am blown away.. what next.....he drover her past his house to.......bollywood gossipers are bad...be like hollywood,,,,be open if u are datng peple.....heck taylor swift is on to her 8 man........

So what if Taylor Swift is on her 8th man. Ranveer is Deepika's 6th man. Let there be another rich guy and he will be 7th. That's why Deepika never acknowledges Ranveer in public. To save herself the embarrassment again.

open relationship. Malliya also paid her well for her open relationship with him. Ranbir is from conservative back ground. He ran away.

I wonder if she still has the house that Sid bought her?

6 you know about. Trust me, the list is long. More than Taylor.

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