My Failed Relationship Helped Me Focus On My Career: Alia Bhatt

5 years ago  |  13.7M

The gorgeous Alia Bhatt recently gave fans a sneak peak into her personal life  when she revealed that her father  and noted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has taught her never to let an unsuccessful relationship affect her. Moreover, she added that the advice has come in handy in a big way.

“My father has had his share of failed relationships. And I suppose all of us have gone through them. Failed relationships help one to grow. I have also had one and I moved away from it because I wanted to achieve something with my career. And somehow that enabled me to focus on my work," she added.

Interestingly, as part of the interaction, she also opened up about her equation with rumoured beau Sidharth Malhotra and stated that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

“The media blows things out of proportion. They see us together at certain occasions and then we are not seen together. It's just that when we are working together we are in constant touch. Otherwise we are separate, that's a simple funda” she stated.

On the professional side of things, Alia was last seen in Kapoor and Sons. At present, the 23-year-old is awaiting the release of Udta Punjab.


Anonymous : I have no idea which failed relationship Alia is talking about but one thing I guarantee. Alia Loves Varun A LOT
REPLY 3 5 years ago
Anonymous : Chill Alia, first go to school.
REPLY 7 5 years ago
Anonymous : Through Sid link up, Alia just wanted to make her love VARUN DHAWAN Jealous. Dude she loves him so much.
REPLY 8 5 years ago
Anonymous : Since SOTY, Small 10 yr old kid Alia's desire was, she wanted to date bot Varunn Sid. But they both looked ather as their younger sis, So poor girl started spreading rumours :P Aww, Go to school Alia.
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : We know alia, it's neither Sid or Varun. U neverdated them. U have big list of boyfriends, so must be one of them.
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia has never been in relationship with Sid. Though she love Varun, they couldn't come together because NAtasha Still this girl knows how to be in headlines by giving good for nothing statements :)
REPLY 5 5 years ago
Anonymous : LOL! Kjo do u really think we are soo stupid to believe in Sid-Alia dating rumours?
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : Shidharth is really very average why you are so worried girl you my love
REPLY 2 5 years ago
Anonymous : Varun has always been in a long term relationship.
REPLY 3 5 years ago
Anonymous : Wonder why people still do not get the PR stunt, Sid is a Gay guy, he is here because of Kjo, its all stunt to keep him in b town..
REPLY 13 5 years ago
Anonymous : She looks...not beautiful. I think it's because she looks so young. Like really really young. It just makes you have this whatever attitude towards her
REPLY 9 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia bro chill ur 22
REPLY 12 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia and Varun at most maybe had a fling, I doubt it was a full relationship
REPLY 11 5 years ago
Anonymous : That failed relationship she is referring to was just a puppy love type of thing. Personally I wouldn't call it a relationship.
REPLY 23 5 years ago
Anonymous : Really ..but which career
REPLY 18 5 years ago
Anonymous : Think she's talking about that non-industry relationship some guy named ali
REPLY 22 5 years ago
Anonymous : She was 16 or 17 at that time and in KWK she said after she debuted in soty he dropped him so that's not a failed relationship. Its varun I think
REPLY 15 5 years ago
Anonymous : She looks like a kid
REPLY 28 5 years ago
Anonymous : you're saying it like it's a bad thing.
REPLY 4 5 years ago
Anonymous : If she is hunting at varun then it's for badrinath ki dulhania promotions..I doubt if she dated any of her costars, as claimed by rumours
REPLY 51 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alias daddy KJo, no matter how much u link Alia with sid to hide ur relation with him. Alia will always love sid n thats seen in her eyes
REPLY 14 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia loves Varun soo much. Its seen in her eyes. Maybe she is now bored of this linkuo with sid drama so hinting about the break up with sid. But my dear, we all know u never dated sid so its ok :)
REPLY 46 5 years ago
Anonymous : Even a blind person can say that Sid and Alia is a PR stunt nothing more than that
REPLY 70 5 years ago
Anonymous : Grown men actually want to date her?
REPLY 49 5 years ago
Anonymous : Sid and alia break up now
REPLY 17 5 years ago
Anonymous : Don't worry Alia, your loss is going to be Kriti's gain.
REPLY 23 5 years ago
Anonymous : Now she is giving hints on her break-up with Sid which happened months ago. Revealing slowly is better than suddenly as it saves it from becoming the HOT topic.
REPLY 30 5 years ago
Anonymous : Sid and Alia never dated! I'm surprised you believed in their fake drama atleat with varun it was more believable. If they gonna do A3 don't worry they will be at it again
REPLY 53 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia and Sid had an affair, do not be naive, learn to see listen and to hear. Although all the fans of Sid jealous him to Alia)))
REPLY 8 5 years ago
Anonymous : LOL I think I know you who you r on twitter. We got really few sidalia shipper and mostly they r from overseas who doesn't know how our stars PROMOTE movies. All this link up drama is done by Alia PR. First with Varun then Arjun Varun again and now Sid. Its called PROMOTIONS. This is the only thing j hate about Alia she is a good actress and by now she must have understood that movie will only work if its good. K&S only opened at 6crs after so much nautanki by these two
REPLY 21 5 years ago
Anonymous : We all know that Alia, KJo and Sid keep this gossip going to keep them news and to keep them relevant. Enough lies Alia. Now go back to school
REPLY 48 5 years ago
Anonymous : Dearest KJo we all know Sid and alia were never dating. So atleast now stop this drama
REPLY 23 5 years ago
Anonymous : Alia was after Varun but he was already in a relationship.That is what she is hinting at
REPLY 38 5 years ago
Anonymous : I think she is hinting about Varun here.It is very evident that she has got a crush on him.
REPLY 41 5 years ago
Anonymous : Varun?
REPLY 20 5 years ago