Rohit Shetty Adopts 10 Children who have Cancer

In a development that bears testimony to Rohit Shetty’s  kind-hearted and sensitive nature, the filmmaker recently adopted as many as 10 children who are Cancer patients. Moreover, he stated that he would be looking after all their expenses henceforth. On top of that the 42-year-old made it clear that this was not a one off incident. In fact, he added that he will be adopting Cancer patients every year.

As we all know, Rohit is one of Hindi cinema’s most successful and popular filmmakers. Moreover, he has also worked with some of the industry’s biggest stars. Hence, it is quite encouraging to see a man of his stature step up for a good cause.

On a related note, Rohit’s last directorial venture Dilwale hit screens last year. Touted to be an action-comedy, it created plenty of curiosity amongst movie buffs as it featured the much-loved pair of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. 


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thank you rohit shetty! please start a movement in bollywood so more celebrities do this

No one becomes poor by giving, and you give what you can. Samkara eye foundation is where the little money I give goes to.

Rohit- you made my day. I work, earn little and help the orphans. God knows the country is full of Orphan children suffering and dying.
Thank you sir. A special place is reserved for you in haven.

I think we all should do something to the society...if not anything atleast serve them some meal...I don't earn so much but once I did visit orphanage, served meals and gave gifts, the kids were so so happy..that gave me so much of Happiness...we get so busy in our lives that we don't reliase there is another world too...I am going to do this more often.

great. I am also coming from a lower middle class family, poor, I also spend some money and feed the poor/orphans often on . Also help restore eye sight for poor children. I do whatever I could with my little means. Pl don't forget the poor orphan children. help them, feed them and protect them.

Bollywood needs more such people. They have lots and lots of money. They can make a difference to India!

Thats awesome if its true infact all of bollywood esp SRK types must be doing this. Parents with kids who have cancer go through hell, everything possible needs to be done for them by those who can esp the loaded ones instead of throwing birthday parties for their kids 30000 feet above sea level.

are all these children with cancer orphans?

salute to this guy!

That's really great of him! This world need more like him.

I am so so so proud to be a Fan. I became a FAN in 2009, his honest and goodness caught my eye, from then on, him and his movies became so special to me. Rohit, you amazing amazing person.

And the fact that so many people are writing such good things about Rohit, makes me so happy. This is just one of the many nice things he has done, he is one of the nicest coolest directors. Humble, and sweet. Love you forever Rohit!

THATS AWESOME, whether he adopted them or will be paying for their upbringing/education. Really wonderful. And its cool, I mean, he makes crappy (sometimes hilarious though, e.g. Golmaal 3, Bol Bachchan, Chennai Express) movies like Dilwale, that gave me a headache. But it made a lot of money. I'll sit through a million headaches if this is what he does with the money he earns from them :) Children are our future.

Great job rohit

a very very noble thing u did rohit.. now this is something people should get inspired from.. humanity above and respect for u..

God bless Rohit Shetty and may his films become super hit all the time. Rich and successful people should do more charity work, instead of rich women spending money on luxury clothes and jewellery and Rich men spending money on extra marital affairs.

Hope the Gauri Khans and Sridevis of bollywood learn something from this.

Amazing :) I was never a huge fan of his films but this makes me a fan of him as a human.

Wow now that's kick off news , proud and salute. It's not about how much money you have , it's all about good heart you have.

i like this man

That's reallly nice, but 'adopt' is not the right word .

western people adopt in true sense, indians are learning to pay charity.

he didnt adopt any kid. he is paying charity.

great news. May God give all the blessing and wealth. Keep up the good work sir. we need more people like you.

God Bless him.

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