Priyanka Grooves to Enrique’s new song

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It was only yesterday when we told you that Priyanka Chopra is going to feature in a video alongside JLO. The video is finally out and we have got a glimpse of the actress in it.

We finally have a few glimpses of the actress, where she can be seen lip-syncing to Enrique Iglesias’ song, Don't you need somebody.

The video features the likes of Akon, Mila Jovovich, Ryan Seacrest, Mesut A-zil, Jennifer Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo with bits of it crooned by R City, Serayah and Shaggy.

While many assumed that Priyanka will be in a blink-and-you-miss appearance. She is not. Instead, she features in a number of frames as she is seen grooving to the number. 

Priyanka is seen sporting a beige-hued jumpsuit with her hair tied in a bun. But it is her wine coloured lipstick that stands out. 

Way to go Priyanka! 


Hair not cool ,,dress too heavy ,,she not at easy here

Finally, after 5 long days of video being posted and months after song itself was posted, the Pinkvilla route taken by poor PC's PR must have worked because, at snail's pace, it's finally reached 1.1mill views! And maximum views must be from one "person" alone! I think Shaku bai should be give "Bai of the Millennium" - award, which should be presented by the original bai - Kashi bai. Bye bye.

I love this song! Thanks to PC I heard it

James Rodriguez is my man. I am totally in love with him. PV please post.

Cute catchy tune. You go girl :-)

#1 post

Its funny how they made it out to be a music video with PC and JLo for Enrique. Turns out she is one of 100 folks in the video. Which is fine. But why try to make it seem like something bigger!! LOL.

Some people are burned. it's fabulous :p

Shaku bai stop commenting on your own postsv on PV ! get a life, its ramzan go do some prayers or something. ok.mwah! pv post this plz, whats wrong with you, how much money is pC paying you PV!!! shakuntela you need to get a life!!!! afghanis are in poor light right now, and so r u my dear. get a life. PV POST

She done the same step over and over again in the video. Looks really old now!

obviously jealous souls like you won't like it!

fun song! everyone's so smiley! awww

Im shocked to see how much ppl hate her..Im not a PC fan but I feel happy and proud that she has made it this big.I liked the video and she is seen as much as other artists. Atleast it was not like Sonams one sec shot in coldplay song!! C'mon guys she is truly talented.I love the fact that she keeps trying new things..She is gaining popularity day by day!!Haters please browse and see how much people liked her in Quantico!! AND I repeat Im not a PC fan but yeah Im happy that she is popular and one of the famous Indian actress.

the most beautiful smile! Priyanka looks so cute. I love this song! on repeat!

it is absolutely SHIT to see that you cant support a fellow indian who has made it to the international fame! :) How can we reach higher as a nation when you keep dragging the ones who get a step higher than you by their leg. Leave being a nation, how can we still talk about humanity and all of those concepts if you cant simply be happy for another person who is reaching his/her goals, one step at a time? She is performing there, with international artists while you are typing hate comments at home :)


Boooring......couldn't make it halfway through the song.

Btw, she is increasingly looking like her mother these days

loved the song...yes we all need somebody..whether we accept or not..

Nice song but they just shot one step of hers and keep repeating it over and over again:( cute hand movement though

it's a video of friends coming together. super sweet!

Why do people hate her so much? Is it because she comes across as fake? Or is it because she tries too hard to be what doesnt look natural? Well that's fake i guess. Pl tell me why is she the most hated bollywood star? Just curious

fans of other actresses are jealous of her success!

Who is jealous? Deepika is successful.. Alia is rocking.. Kangana has her own niche.. Sonam does her thung. Anushka is bagging big projects. The only ine who can be jealous is Her own cousin Parineeti!

Priyanka herself has no one signing her for Bollywood. And believe me she will not be a Kate winslet or a gweneth Paltrow.

I think herbhaters hate her be because she tries too hard to remain in the news for unsignificant things.

I may have answered my own question!

This song is everywhere looool especially Instagram

LOVE THIS! go girl!! go slay!! so proud! got this on repeat.

Nice song and video! Priyanka looks cute


Thank you pv for posting this in the Post continued publication I am in love with this song it was a bomb with the stars in this video

She is trying but she lacks the rhythm. Its a slow groove ( caribbean style ) and the only indian stars who have done it well are sunill shetty bipasha ans abhishek bachan.

Oh the amount of hate you guys are filled with. You can't bear her success and matching steps with biggies in HW. Well nothing gonna change the fact that she is getting all the name/fame/money she deserves. Saare samajhdar India me hi baithe hai isiliye USA tarakki kar raha hai LOL...


"Pinkvillagirl" and her old record...bla bla bla, your are so obsessed with the haters that`s sick.

Here for comments! How come no one has pointed some galaxcy- cal connection of SRK bringing this opportunity to her appearance here. I'm waiting!!!

Jai Mata Di!

All I see are those gigantic nostrils and lips!..

Looking exactly like her mom now

Love it! LMAO at the haters comments! They're wishing there favorite was in the video. It's amazing that she was asked to do this along these other singers.

No thanks! I don't want my favorite wasting her talent !! I did a face-palm while watching PC. This was too embarrassing...

Priyanka is doing the same thing again and again in the video :/ She has started looking manly after she did mary kom.

So ugly

Lol! She loves o move her hands

This video is copy justin Timberlake video PC how sad för you trying so hard to be popular

Same frame as JLo! What a joke! Same clip,used 3 times in the video. And her expressions exaggerated and fake as always! Like she is having a blast and is too chilled! FAKE! And she cant be 33.. She looks 37-38

she got to do this video because of Red One. she work with him before.

This is not Enrique. It is a Redone song.

And this was promoted by PC's PR as the coming together of jlo and priyanka in the same frame.. LOL

So SAD...even after THIS much publicity - like PC is begging for views - the video has only 603,301 views! Not even a million yet! No wonder they had to finally post the video here - the multiple articles by PC PR were scorned by Pinkvilla readers so finally video posted to at least get some views from even erroneous clicks! No pride in now managing to get some views - we can all see the pitiful PR attempts.

Ha ha poor PC PR has tried its best to jam this down our throats with repeated articles and all her minions repeated watching just hoping it will finally get some remarkable view counts and buzz which has not happened so far! What next - play this in railway stations where the TV blares on in the background? This is probably the most desperate attempt to get attention from a starlet in recent times!

Saw Ali B too....

Anything for publicity! That's like Sonam celebrating her blink and miss in Coldplay!

Priyanka just doing one step of boxing. Boring and so boring.

Embarrassing! #AttentionSeekingLoser



How gorgeous does she look??!! Love the hair, makeup n color of he outfit!

clap clap

she looks ugly in the song!

Thats great, PC! But we did get it the first two times we read about the song yesterday here on PV! :P

LMAO okay PC PR! We don't need a 100 articles to drill this news into our heads!

I liked Priyanka in the video enough to be the only Indian in this video Priyanka always first in everything became obsessed with this song loool gooooo pc

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