From Friends To Foes: Deepika & Kangana's Journey in Bollywood

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That Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut are at loggerheads since time immemorial is a known fact in Bollywood. However, both the actresses have proved their acting mettle rather well in recent times bringing out outstanding performances respectively. But did you know things weren’t this way a few years back and they were seen having loads of fun at their interviews together. Wonder what changed!

We don’t know if the cold vibes shared between the two leading Queens of Bollywood will ever cease to exist, but let’s trace back some statements they made at and about each other ever since 2013

At a certain actress roundtable conference in December 2013, when Deepika spoke about her family’s reaction regarding her decision of being an actress...

On what would they want to do 10 years down the line...


When Deepika talked about what she thought of Kangana’s success in 2014…

When Kangana was asked whether this relationship would ever recover

When Deepika won the best actress award at the 21st Life OK Screen Awards held in January 2015, for Happy New Year…


To which Kangana’s icy response was...


What Deepika has to say about the alleged ‘cold war’ between her and Kangana…

To which Kangana was quick to respond…

At a recent tête-à-tête with a film critic, during her film Katti Batti’s promotion in 2016, she was asked who in the industry she is katti with and she said she considers herself katti with Padukone at the very least and…




What are your thoughts about this rather cold animosity between these two? And who do you think is going to win the race to the top? 

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Kangana is crazy woman who conjured up in her mind that Hrithik loves her and proposed to her....... this is also same thing.......she thinks that Deepika is interfering in her life............and yea crazy people like her can go to any extent to create illusions about their life.........


Deepika's confidence & her beauty makes her bigger than any other actress in Bollywood.
Kangana has not that high standards !

Deepika has almost all movies are Hit or super hit since last few years

Powerful excuse me bm has worked only because of ranveer and priyanka yjhd due to hype around rkdp relationship chennai express due to srk and rohit piku due to amitabh and irfan.Powerful my foot she always needed big stars to make her movies successful and whitening injections to make her look atleast presentable.Kangana is not Katrina OK so you uneducated fans better than twice before attacking her she is a powerhouse performer who became successful without working with srk or amitabh unlike your idol

Kangana is self made and dp is srk made the only good movie that dp has done in her entire career is piku rest are all shits

Deepika is beautiful oh please she is one of the bad looking actress in bw and that pic is the proof.She is not at all beautiful even newbies like rakul preet yami tammanah looks 10 times better than her even with less makeup and in terms of talent she is not even the foot of kangana alia priyanka and kareena

I mean bo record

Even Katrina and shraddha has got better no record than deepika so don't chant about hits .She became a star only by crying and moverover she is not that beautiful and dusky so average looking dusky girls look up to her

Dp is gentle excuse me I think you should watch kwk episode and my choice

Dp is gentle excuse me

Deepika looks like hijra in that pic and talking about hits even Katrina too had blockbusters so don't chant about hits even the newbies shraddha and alia has got hits.Deepika is only a mediocre actress with good luck.Typical unintelligent and uneducated dp fans spew hatred on every actresses post be it ash kangana kareena priyanka Katrina alia shraddha

Say whatever you want I don't care about the number of dislikes kangana has always been a better actress than dp and in terms of looks dp is refined versio . Nor shobbha de and esha doel.I have stopped caring about Bollywood when mediocre do became no 1 actress...chiii yuck on bollywood

Bollywood has been dominated by Deepika padukone since last 2-3 years

Though both are good actors, Deepika is more popular & most beautiful actress in Bollywood.
Kangana cannot reach at Deepika's level because Deepika is holding No1 position since last 3 years & it seems she will not allow any other actress to grow higher till she acts in Bollywood. It's difficult for other actresses to gain such a popularity & power in such a small span.

It's hard to beat Deepika's power !

Apart from fights , there are other ways too through which Kangana could stay in news .
Kangana take things way too seriously . She is damn rude whereas DP is gentle and humble .

Poor Kangana trying hard to become top actress but it's not possible to beat Deepika.
Deepika is real queen of Bollywood !

look at Deepika's answers! she is Beautiful! Talented! Confident! and wayyyyyyy more SECURE than Kangs!

Deepika has attitude, perfect body

Maybe kangana was a bit rude but she knows that dp is very manipulative and opportunist.She eyes for KR role in ragoon.If she really appreciate her role,she would not try to create hurdles on her path.The truth is every actresses had fall outs with miss satri savitri,there must be a problem with her personality itself.

Everybody just praises deepika because it is (Or should I say was?) her time.She was popular.Deepika has always been very fake in her relationships.Plus she is not even a hundreth of the talent Kangana is,Kangana just pointed out her cunning designs which were always there.Of course truth hurts :P

DP would be perfect for a disney movie,of course as a witch :)

I think u mean PC- the home breaker. Perfect witchy character!!

Deepika gave three brilliant characters in the same year Piku, Tara and Mastani. She's a hardworking girl who has just started what a great potential has. I admire her versatility and constant urge to better herself. What I also admire is that she never publicly throws mud on anyone or puts anyone down even though she has been highly successful and others have maligned her disgracefully. I love her for that..let your work speak.

In Bollywood (and even in Hollywood no less) there are always going to be random feuds. Kangana is just late to the party, these past few years she's been more outspoken. Before her commotion, she was less famous and there have been plenty of BW cat fights still. And equations change so they could still make up. But honestly they're not the only ones in this situation and certainly not the first or last.

Deepika is so cunning and pretend to be satri savitri infront of the audience,If dp genuinely liked her performance,why did not she tell her directly ?? Shes an attention seeker,last year she wished katrina on her birthday when Kat is not even on twitter,but just to maintain her so called image,she keep faking it up.One thing she forgot she was messing up with the QUEEN..

I still remember the story of the party on the occasion Piku success ... Deepika has not invited Amitabha, but lied that the phone was faulty. Everyone understood that it was a lie. Then there were "blind points", where it was said that Amitabh sexually molested Deepika and it was disgusting. A couple of years ago, a young actress accused Amitabh at dirty harassment, but was forced to apologize to the influential Mr. Bachchan. It was a big scandal, Deepika it is not able to make similar accusations. She's just scared. chickened out. It would be acquired to itself the mass of enemies, if dared to tell the truth ...... The truth nobody wants. Kangana enters the contrary, she is not afraid to go alone against influential people and is making a bunch of enemies and a lot of negativity. But the fact is, she is not afraid. Kangana is not justified for their actions and words, in contrast to the same Deepika, who apologized for the "My Choice" They are very different. My love is on the side of Kangana, but I also understand Deepika. Pinkvilla, please publish my post

If be Deepika accused Amitabh in harassment, would now be "psycho" called Deepika, she could not allow it .... I agree with your message

Love them both. I have not achieved even half of what these women have. You go your thing. More power to you.

Second that wholeheartedly.

Kangy is my princess Always in my prayers. *kiss*

Kangana will dominate Best acting tag. She has scrupulous acting skill.

Its clearly by kangana's pr.kangana only won national awards because of political affiliation. Even nawazuddin didn't win national award for Manjhi the Mountain man, instead amitab got for piku. National awards are also biased as saif won when sharmila was in power, ajay won when prakash raj was in jury. N deepika usually won POPULAR choice awards for best actress n her fans vote for her. Talking about awards, even bollywood has no MERIT at all, so why would awards be have. Both of them are critically acclaimed actresses at the end of the day. It's acting, NOT rocket science. Both of them delivered universally acclaimed performances. Pv please post.

Yes, it is no secret that National Awards are manipulated by people in powerful position or connections to government. Even Irrfan expressed his displeasure saying "Some people with power and resources manipulate these things. It's part of the game and works for some time, but I haven't built my career on this. It's the audience that eventually makes and breaks you and they know that Piku was not a supporting role."

True? in such a case Deepika has not any awards in principle. All TV awards rigged to a much greater extent than the national award.

Kya bakwas hai yeh?! What is the purpose of bringing this up now? I as DP fan refuse to be manipulated by third party PR tactics to attack either Kangana or DP ( by the way neither of them benefit from this article so it's not their PR). Team woman! I look forward to Rangoon and XXX and waiting to hear about DP's new BW projects!!! PV please post if you're not biased and not trying to create hate! Post positive comments too please!

Deepika is most powerful actress now a days while kangana is trying hard to reach to top !
It's not easy to compete with Deepika's beauty.

It's all too evident (and this has been said before by me and others) that Kangana is suffering from some sort of condition that needs treatment. I can certainly see paranoia there - and you can see the parallels. "Desperate calls:, "Never-ending cunning texts" (DP) and "Exes doing silly things to get your attention" (HR).
And what's ironic is that KR appears to be upfront and open about stuff but there's no denying the fact that underlying all that are streaks of dishonesty, malice, insecurity and, indeed, jealousy.

M a Kangana fan and i also admire DP hardwork in acting after initial years of struggle.They are top 2 actresses of BW right now and have been dominating awards for past 3 years so both are doing very well in their careers.KR have potentially 3 great roles coming up and i do hope DP signs some good movies as well.

every deepika haters saying kangana won 3 national awards hello kangana won because of her father like amitabh bachchan this year even critics and filmmakers say other actress deserve more wake up people

All other actresses' fans have shown their class in this post (PC, Aishwarya, Kangana, etc.) ... At least we true fans of Deepika know where you all stand :) Next time when you post something, you will be viewed as the Shakuntelas of these actresses

Too be honest.. Deepika wasn't rude, Kangana is the one who started the fight! Whats the problem if she appreciates you at a award show? PV Post it!

I think it all started in Aamir's diwali bash when Deepika was with Hrithik and they reportedly were kissing each other.Kangana was there as well and she probably got jealous coz her imaginary bf ignored her and spent good time with DP. That 'public property' e-mail was about Deepika for sure. PV post my comment please.

I think kangana is someone who is those type to get so angry for no reason. Deepika is really nice , I love how she's still inviting her and not hating on her even though kangana hates her guts. Idk maybe kangana just wants attention; she's a good actress but she isn't popular like dp, Pc, or Katrina.

LMAO it's always every actress fans vs. Deepika fans on here. I'm laughing out loud bc it cearly shows her star power and how threatened you all are by her.

So this unnecessary story comes back now because Deepika is back to bollywood, yet everyone claims kangana needs deepika to remain in news. That's very delusional.

Wow this is one sided hate again--- wow thanks for putting perspective in it

Kangana is way more beautiful and cute than DP and those who think DP is more talent are deluded. Hahahahaha Kangana hands down is a better actor than DP by far and that's why she has achieved several national awards and not the bought ones from meaningless award shows where they make up categories along the way jus to give out awards like sweets

Kangana is way more beautiful and cute than DP and those who think DP is more talent are deluded. Hahahahaha Kangana hands down is a better actor than DP by far and that's why she has achieved several national awards and not the bought ones from meaningless award shows where they make up categories along the way jus to give out awards like sweets

Kangana PR.

Deepika already said this is irrelevant. But still Kangana want this "irrelevan" as relevant.

Now this proves DP is jobless. Only in news for past times.

one person is realy nice and saying all good things other one is jelous and say nasty thing your call fans you wanna sport crazy women go ahead

Other says it as it should be tell to me in person and leave me alone!!

Viacom Motion Pictures COO Ajit Andhare: "Rangoon is a promising film and Vishal often tells me he wants this to be seen as his best work."

Shahid Kapoor: "Kangana is a gifted artist. I admire the work she has done in the last couple of years. She's done a great job in Rangoon!"

Ye Kya Tamasha Hai??? *** Please post PV. This is the 10th time request.

Kangana is my girl crush. She is so hot. ^^

Deepika did not have to say anything at that awards show. She publicly and to the whole country said that was the year of Kangana. Kangana chose to take offense to that rather than accept it graciously. Some people prefer personalization over grandeur, which is fine. This being the case, I have not ever pegged Kangana and someone who does not relish the limelight. So something else has to have happened. Do with that what you will. If there even is a side to take here, I am obviously with Deepika, but there are probably MANY things going on behind the scenes that no one has any idea about, so let's just let this die yeah? Unless Kangana decides to bring it up again, which she probably will.

Zayaan I completely agree with you! If Kangana had a different mindset she could have just taken it as a compliment rather than as an insult. That speaks volumes of the kind of person she is. If she had an issue with it she could have taking the highway and talked to her personally rather then making it a big deal. I don't get the need to get fans riled up! Spread LOVE not HATE there's so many people doing that already! With that being said both these ladies are hugely talented and pitting them against each other NEEDS to stop!

Yes!!! No matter what Deepika may have done to her that was supposedly so terrible, Kangana is the one that brought it to public attention. That to me, is evidence of trying to take down another actress more than anything else. So everyone will have to forgive me when I say I am not a huge fan of Kangana's position in this.

Hi Zayaan.... Let's have Pav Bhaaji and forget about this.


Yes let's! Be over in 10 :)

shame on Pinkvilla! Digging into some past rivalry for click-bait. I'm pretty sure they've both moved on, maybe you should too. And how come you guys don't do this with men?

When your comment doesn't get post it -.-

Deepika is nice and humble

I am in love with this girl Kangana. Love her for her confidence and strong personality.

Why is DP doing these PR stunts?

Brilliance vs mediocrity.


They are both great actresses, and hard working. Getting on top without their parents being stars is success in its own.

Deepika has to properly agreed play the role of a cameo in the film Kriti Sanon. of items Number is the her level, Miss Ranaut respect themselves and do only films with a solo role, so all the national awards will have Kangana

Kangana is far better than deepika. DP CANNOT ACT!!!

And Deepika is far better and presentable than you and kangana

DarkDelight has gone completely insane.

And there miss Ranaut goes again..she keeps herself relevant by comparing herself to Deepika and having imaginary affairs with A lister male stars..KR needs a reality check and fast!!

At least KR not whispers directors that is willing to work for free, and requests to remove competitor. Kangana true to its principles, as opposed to Deepika with her fake my choice

You really believe that any top actress, let alone DP, will be willing to do so? No way DP could have done Rangoon. It started shooting in Sept when she was finishing her shoot for BM and getting on to promoting Tamasha. Logic darling.

Of course . Absolutely I believe in it. PR Deepika confirmed the news when he said, "Deepika is not engaged in such things," immediately afterwards "blind item". Fans Deepika believe in a blind item that Kangana had sent his nude photos Ranbir? The story with Rangoon are much more probable

how people compere deepika and kangana kangana have two hits in two year deepika have more deal with it

Its quality (kangana) vs quantity(DP)

How do people compare Kangana and Deepika, Kangana has three national awards, Deepika has no one

deepika spoke person clear the rumour and say she never anna part of rangoon and please people have some dignity deepika always trying to be nice to kangana but kangana jelous of other actress

In a way Kangana is right if you read her last quote, it simply demands Deepika to focus on her career, why was Kangana so sure that Deepika isn't doing that and how come 1 year down the line Deepika descended from top position to a place where is is looking for work desperately. What was she doing to Kangana? Because Kangana is not just simply spewing hatred she is suggesting a lot of interference in her life by Deepika. Also what she predicted came true, Deepika clearly gave Kangana more attention that her own career.

Deepika has signed 3 films so your point has no logic

Deepika using Kangana to stay in news. Did anyone read that blind about deepika and ranveer heading for split? Ranger is her last resort. If he leaves her then she will know what is it like to be in depression. I am kinda worried for her.

Hello kat you sound very worried ! Wonder why ? Maybe rk left you for dp !!

i was fooled by dp's goody goody image for so long, now i prefer even sonam to her

they're both cunning and manipulative

Deepika is Draviyan and Kangana is Aaryan. Rivalry is inevitable, it is common in all fields. But Aarayans always win.

Learn to spell first before making these comments.

Hee hee. Looks to be a Hitler follower...Aryans! LOL!

Kangana is a vicious liar.she couldn't digest deepikas success & popularity that's she started targeting her. V all what kind of a opportunist game player kangana is


Just read an NDTV article where Irrfan Khan said Deepika is the biggest star in response to Amithab Bachanan saying people came to watch Piku because of Deepika. . I think their is some truth to that more than Kangana is a very good skilled actress, Deepika is very likeable to the audience she just conveys that image that makes you want more of her. She has like a good positive wholesome clean wonderful energy about her while a Kangana reflects the opposite fighting defiant bad rebellious darker side of Bollywood.

If people are genuine they will tell it to you in person!!

Shaku baby i love you, i am one of your fan from Morocco.

Shaku baby i love you, i am one of your fan from Morocco.

I understand Kangana also. Deepika won an award for Happy New Year and dedicated that award to Kangana which is kinda offensive to do. HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY GOD! Also, Deepika ALLEGEDLY never told Kangana in person about her opinion on Queen, but on stage put a sati savitri show. I think that irked Kangana together with the fact she dedicated her a third class award which was for Happy New Year. I believe that in particular annoyed Kangana. In that case I have to stand with Kangana. After the success of Piku something indeed happened to Deepika. She had even a fallout with the legend Amitabh Bachchan because of an ego clash. Apparently Deepika was ALLEGEDLY sending Kangana messages to watch Piku and how amazing she was, multiple ones. Kangana was even surprised as she was confused by the messages that can be perceived as cunning in this case. The main thing I get from this is that Deepika is ALLEGEDLY being miss goody goody in front of the camera's but has her cunning nature well hidden. I don't know what to believe and I mentioned ALLEGEDLY multiple times before the dear bakhts attack me. This is what I get from there interaction

My GOD Shakuntela! You are unbelievable!! Your comments and hate is absolutely uncalled for. Are you aware that it is a VERY common gesture for one actor to dedicate their award to another actor that they do not have a personal equation with?!? You don’t contact and call everyone personally just because you liked their work. Do you?? It is the same in the industry, whether BW or HW. Actors do dedicate awards to one another, all the time. There is NOTHING derogatory about it. You are ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. If Priyanka had done the same, would you have said the same things about her??? NO!!!! You would NOT have. You are such a hypocrite. You come up with any illogical explanation when it comes to putting down other actresses. Kangana keeps saying no one gives her attention, is not friends with her or invites her. So, when someone does that to her, and is nice to her, she says it is cunning?? It is like – If you don’t do it you are damned, if you do it you are damned. Being goody goody infront of the camera is being mature, okay. That is a skill one acquires over time. That is a conscious act of being mature. Do you act the same with strangers like you would with your family and close friends?? NO! You are nicer, more polite and kind out in public. Everyone is different in private. That is called being mature, aware and conscious of your surroundings. About time you stop calling others fake…and look yourself in the mirror. Seriously!

One calls it a skill the other calls it fake. I said allegedly. I never blamed Deepika of anything. Just following the event that are unfolding

Bravo Shak! All written correctly. This person Deepika we could see in front of each releases her film, when it becomes a feminist and releases "My choice", but after the release of the film Deepika says that it was only the idea of the director herself she would never do. A story with TOI? Everyone remembers the outrage about the neckline, but everyone remembers the laughter Deepika while vulgar jokes about women in the vulgar show. Bravo Miss Padukone, you're a true lady! Pinkvilla biased, have the courage to publish my comment!

See, no winner is obligated to dedicate any award to a rival-whether said award is 1st class , 2nd class , 3rd class or no class at all. An award is an award , undeserved or not . Have we seen any actor dedicating an award to another star ? In fact , u will see the more honest of the lot openly cribbing about losing some award they felt should belong in their home.Why should anyone personally compliment you about your work when you are not great friends ? Going in public to acknowledge Kangana's work is a huge thing for a commercial actress . The AB Sr thing is ALLEGEDLY over money , why shouldn't an actress who brings the public to the cinema get her due? They are on cordial terms again now. Deepika may well have asked Kangana to comment on her own work-how is this cunning? If Deepika tried to snatch the Rangoon role off Kangana , then yes , Kangana's ire is justified , but these other reasons are very childish .

Agree with you. I love both of them. They are terrific. This whole thing appears to me as a some miscommunication. Especially the snatching Rangoon is a bit too much. Why would DP want to do that? Vishal B stated in his interviews the movie will start rolling in Sept-Oct last year. Even though XXX was nowhere in the picture then, DP still had to finish BM dubbing and promote Tamasha and BM till mid-Dec. There was no way to fit it in her schedule. I love both of them for their work and wouldn't worry too much about them being friends or foes. KR is not the one to extend any olive branch and DP may have decided not to try again. They will probably look back at this sort of stuff in the future and laugh over it.

Yes I remember what a big fuss PC created when Vidya won for Kahani. She really made it very obvious and that is bad sportsmanship and lack of grace. I felt bad for Vidya because she carried Kahani entirely on her shoulders with terrific range of acting but PC made it all about herself . On Koffee with Karan, Vidya was asked "what would you do if you woke up as PC" and Farhan answered on her behalf saying "I would call Vidya and tell her she was AMAZING in Kahani."

Not sure why we talk about PC here. Random and weak of you. It were mainly industry people who said that about Priyanka's performance. Anushka Sharma for example had said that she couldn't believe PC did not win. Her director, costars etc. in Barfi expressed the same. When you have two well deserving capable actresses who have both done so well the competition gets real. Barfi vs Kahaani was epic. However, Queen VS Happy New Year is insult.

Not the same anon to whom u responded. But on the Vidya-PC thing, there was no clamor from the industry that PC had been robbed. Great that her co-stars, director and fellow actress like Anushka felt she was more deserving. But PC should have kept her mouth shut. When there are many good performances someone will lose the award. Perfectly alright to fell bad and confide in friends in private.No need to be a sour loser about it in public. And you really think there was any competition between HNY and Queen? There was none. KR chose not to go to the award ceremony, DP goes like she does, award was given to her. What Joe Perry said is valid. It's ok if the recipient wants to dedicate it to the person who deserves it if they think they don't. There have been many times undeserving performances have been rewarded over the more deserving ones. What's wrong in being humble and acknowledging that the recipient doesn't deserve it.

This is one reason why I get Kangana's points. Awards mean nothing, unless they are national awards of course. The year that Deepika dedicated the award was the year that Kangana was boycotting them. I think PC should be happy with the compliments and reviews she got for the film, just like Kangana was with 'Queen'. An award isn't necessary when you know the film/performance was good and everyone tells you. Kangana would have been awarded for 'Queen' over Deepika if she'd gone to the event. I think a similar thing happened with Kangana and PC. She only missed those awards because she didn't go. And one of them Rekha had to personally deliver it to Kangana's house. I don't think Deepika meant any harm by it but she knew too that she was the second choice for it.

Yes indeed.

I AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY on Deepika and Kangana but you know what, the only reason you're calling out Deepika and standing for reality is because she's a threat to Priyanka. Deepika now is who Priyanka was and still is now, to a large extent, given the opportunity, to Kareena. She's a mean girl who's goody in front of the camera and manipulated public opinion in her favor but kept her cunning nature well hidden. However, Kareena got the blame and painted in a bad light because she handled it very unintelligently, unlike Kangana, mostly due to Kjo who USED her for his show's ratings and because she was too naive to see that and not using PR, only relying on her name value. This has had a lasting effect on her image till today. I am soooo glad that Kangana is intelligent enough and courageous to stand up for herself and tell people to back off.

"At a time when my mother tongue Bhojpuri is fighting for its existence, Priyanka has not only defamed herself but also besmirched her Padma Shri award by producing a movie like this.” GO concentrate on saving your idols reputation

Spot on, totally agree with you.

Why they didn't mention that war is fueled by the fact that DP messaged Vishal bhardwaj to work for free in Rangoon.

The woman's currently hiking her fees and you're saying she wanted to work for free for a movie she showed zero interest in? In fact, she had Tamasha and Bajiroa Mastani promotions going on around the time Rangoon was being filmed. After that, she signed xxx. She showed absolutely no interest for that movie. That article was clearly fake, but I don't expect much from blind haters.

Why they didn't mention that war is fueled by the fact that DP messaged Vishal bhardwaj to work for free in Rangoon.

she was shooting for XXX around the same time, why would she want to work in Rangoon for free around the same time???? Think people think smh

Deepika felt that Kangana's performance was the best that year so she dedicated her the award. No biggie. But miss Ranaut twisted it around to make DP look bad. Typical venomous personality

Always thought there must be some personal reason for Kangana's dislike of Deepika ,it goes way beyond merely competing for the same roles & awards.

Deepika looks like an ogre before dainty and pretty Kangana.

Basically Moral of this post is; Deepika is Goody two shoes and Kangana is a Bad ass. I think both babes would agree with this analogy but are desperately trying to prove the same. Why fan war? I am sure Kangana wouldn't want to me Goody and DP won't like to be Baddie. Harmless post.

Beautiful DP with absolutely boring personality!! I don't look like Madhubala Kangana with all personality!! BTW KR has no PR machinery.

Don't delude yourself. There is no one in BW without a PR team.

kangana started all this

Kangana wanted to upgrade her image by associating herself to two of the most popular performers (hrithik and dp) and it she will forever be known as hrithik's psychopath ex gf and dp's rival.pv post it

Predicting this post is gonna be #1 in no time. PVians love hating like nobody's business.

Kangana is far far better actress than deepika.......kangana ko jo marji log bole atleast wo jaisi h samne h without doing a single film with khans she is successful......nd yes hero of her movies always....luv u kangyyyy.....v r with you....

two high school drop outs preaching./attacking/each other. full of venom.

Kangana is QUEEN!

Deepika missing attention because she has no work so let's latch on to Kangana. She seems everyone's favorite punching bag. Not fair all jobless publicity hungry people attack her. Why these details now?? None of this is recent, or consequential. Not fair PV.

How is she joblesss when she just signed 2 films and has a Hollywood one releasing next year? She doesn't need to fish for attention when lifeless people like her haters sit all day and feed it to her.

Deepika pleases calm down.

Race the top? Deepika with item numbers and Kangana with strong characters? Stupid question. Question should be, who is in the race with Kangana now that Deepika is out?

Deepika is out? LOL.

DP fans have started a new gimmick, they start blaming others' PR on each article already just to save their idol's face LOLOLOL. I do pity them, they need to do a tedious task to make up for so many flaws of the "queen"

Oh they are just following your lead. Blaming DP's PR for every wrong in BW is your USP.

well they should follow my lead, I am worth it!

Kangana please don't give a shit to these hate campaigns...

Nice fun...without rivalry there is no fun...hope it continues atleast for our entertainment

Why these Deepika fans always blame PR of the her contempraries planting stories against her. Why couldn't it be other way round ? It's always either katrina's PR, sonams PR , priyanka's PR and now kangana PR.
It's becoming very obvious now that who's PR is over active.

How can you blame Mataji's PR? It's always her contemporaries' PR. ;-)

kr and dp are relatively young, who is mataji,, ash ?

Go and learn the meaning of contemporaries.

Yes very clear that who you want to blame, go sit down and stop your conspiracy theory. Kangana already has enough delusions and now it looks like her fans are the same

Something mentioned by Adhyayan Suman is that Kangana used to get insecure and jealous easily, especially when others have it easier than her like Adhyayan or Deepika. Hopefully she becomes more proud of herself because she has made it and should be happy with her own journey and growth.

It's very sad. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes but by public knowledge their feud began when Deepika dedicated her award and Kangana didn't accept that. Then when Kangana publicly said that everyone had personally congratulated her for 'Queen''s success except Deepika, Deepika actually called up Kangana. Kangana started talking more about this to the media. Then Deepika didn't attend a bash thrown by Kangana. It only went downhill from there.

What changed? Kangana has everything, national awards, movies, highest paid, biggest brands and high profile enemies everything a legend is made of. What do you expect DP to join the bandwagon of her fans? Nope... She is her own hero she doesn't have to be anybody's fan. I agree with DP, KR gets too much attention for everything that she does.

This post gives off the stench of a PR driven activity in which obviously, Kangana is made out to look 'bad'.......hmmmmmm.... not cool. pv post kardo please.

Well, well, well. I read the opposite. They have left out statements from DP and it appears to show DP as some sort out cruella out to harm Kangana.

Stahhp! Media do not make a mountain out of a molehill...Each of them have their own defined career path and destiny...Well perhaps the twain shall never meet..but so what? Let them be!!

First the twitter trends now this lol She really does love playing victim

Kangana how desperate are you going to be with this PR stunt

Controversy child was irrelevant and still is

Fast forward to now when Priyanka was nominated for Indian of the year award and Kangs wins even though her names wasn't even in the running just because Priyanka couldn't attend

Being a BJP favorite helps

If one thing Hrithik and Kangs case has showed it's that Kangs has many delusions and tells many lies just like this PR stunt of her's to pay for this article when there's no relevance what so ever

wow wonder why this was all of a sudden posted haha wonder whose PR team's idea was this...

quite obvioous from the tone of it that it was Kangana

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