"I have snake phobia!" confesses Kangana Ranaut

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Talented actress Kangana Ranaut has won hearts for her outstanding performances in her movies like Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Recently at the launch of Shirish Kunde's short film Kriti, Kangana was asked about the future of cinema. She stated, "It is not just me, I think the whole world knows that the future of cinema is Internet movies because two and a half hour film is not the future. The future is online. The sooner we realise that, the sooner we catch up. We won’t be lagging behind the rest of the world."

When asked if she ever would be part of any short film, she said, "I would love to! Short film is such a difficult and new world for people who are a part of full-length feature films. I think the genre has to be something exactly like Kriti's."

The pretty actress even confessed she has a phobia of snakes when asked. "I have snake phobia. I am very very scared of snakes. I promise myself not to tell anyone because actors who are friends and co-stars, they love to know about your phobia and love to play stupid pranks," said Kangana candidly.


But she does like trouser snakes though, lol.

so don't go near snakes. who is stopping you. who likes snakes anyway.

So NAAGIN genre for her. Directors please take a note.

So NO Naagin genre for her.... I meant :)

Always thought Hritiks features were reptilian. When he dances he looks like a nute jumping on hot coal.

And the snake's name is hrithik... LOL

Kangana every damn person leaving a few have snake phobia

Kangana every damn person leaving a few have snake phobia

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