I Am Open To Being Paired With Someone Younger On Screen - Kajol

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With a career spanning more than two decades, Kajol has worked with many newcomers to established actors. The vivacious actress, who was last seen in Dilwale (2015) with Shah Rukh Khan quoted to a leading daily that she has no qualms being paired with someone younger on screen. “I am open to that. I have never refused a film,because of anyone else who is in it. It depends on the script and casting. We worry about who suits the script, rather than if they are big enough for the film,” said Kajol. 

With times, as Bollywood is changing with new plots, realistic storylines and fresh pairings, Kajol feels the industry has come a long way. “I honestly feel that this is a fantastic time in the film industry. Everything is possible right now. We have finally achieved what Hollywood did, sixty years ago.” shared Kajol.

In all these years, has Kajol's parameters to select a film changed? “I don’t think the parameters have changed much since I started. They are pretty much the same. I am picky and choosy and I need something that I will believe in 300 percent, otherwise I don’t think it is worth taking up,” stated the actress, who will start working on her home production soon.

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Love you Kajol!

love u Kajol

Haha it's so odd that she says she doesn't worry about whether someone is "big enough for the film" but if you look at her career graph, she's acted with big stars mostly - SRK, Ajay, Aamir to name a few. Thank God for actresses like Vidya and Kangana, who have proven that they don't need a big male lead to make a film work.

LoL ... kajol ended her career at peak (2001) and at that time srk aamir were not superstars.. check the facts...vidya and kangna are currently in game.. while kajol is the actress of 1990s and probably the best one

I would love to see her with someone like Varun Dhawan or Ranbir. Well let's see...

Come- on , you can't expect someone like Vidya Balan and Kajol to romance Ranbir . The older lady has to be hot and beautiful for a guy to leave his co-age girlfriend/ wife and be attracted to . Unless the story calls for interllectual attraction which would be a different story then

Her whole career is because she piggy backed om srk. Without him she is a shitty loud mouth

Stop being that choosy, u should do more movies, you judge on too many variables -script, actor, production house, friends, your family life and schedule and that is not working in your favor.

Wish someone like Kajol, Rani or Vidya was in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil instead of that non-acting beauty queen

But I dont think u'll share that comfort level which u have with srk or ajay with any current gen actors. U and Arjun Rampal was one of the worst screen couples I have seen. Dont want to see u with any of ur juniors at all.

no one is in a hurry honey. take it easy.

Was she offered Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?

dilwale was terrible...let 's home her home prod is bit better

You don't refuse a film because of who's it. But you can accept a film with that criterion surely. "Is SRK in the film? Oh! I believe in it 300% :D"

Kajol should definately do more movies. Otherwise it's a waste of talent

300% i.e. money worth my time. Script and director be damned.

But too bad- they will pick a younger actress even though you think you are all that- the fact remains you are an overrated actress, loud and obnoxious.

Not getting any film offers so now I'll do anything and everything is what she is trying to say

Why weren't you picky while doing dilwale??

lol.. does this mean she believed 300% in dilwale?


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