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“I Regret That I Never Went To College": Kareena Kapoor Khan

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While Bollywood actresses like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are making a splash in the West, their contemporary Kareena Kapoor Khan has no such ambitions.

The actress says she has no ambition to go globe-trotting with her talent and is happy to have “a little place of her own”.

“My priorities are very different. The kind of work that these girls have put in, you need to have that kind of dedication of wanting to achieve so much and do it so wonderfully. I don’t want to conquer the world but I don’t mind having a little place of my own. It’s as simple as that,” said Kareena. 

After creating waves with her musical skills, Priyanka came into the limelight with her TV show “Quantico” and is in the news for her much-anticipated debut film “Baywatch”. Deepika will be making her Hollywood debut with “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”. 

Kareena shared her views about her life as a star, getting associated with social causes and what she regrets in an interview by writer Naman Ramachandran for the July 2016 issue of Vogue India. It will be out on the stands on July 2, read a statement.

Kareena, who is married to actor Saif Ali Khan, is a Unicef ambassador but prefers to do the work quietly. 

“Spreading the word about causes is nice but talking about my personal charity is something I don’t like to do. But of course, I am a celebrity advocate for Unicef and we have worked closely over the last four years for the education of the girl child in India. That is something I am passionate about because education is something I believe in completely," the "Jab We Met" actress said. 

The actress shared that she still regrets ditching college for showbiz. 

“I couldn’t complete my education. I kind of rushed into films, so I think that’s a sensitive part of my life and I always regret I never got to go to college,” she said. 

Besides reading film scripts, there is something else that is keeping Kareena occupied these days: a wellness blog in association with nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, author of books like “Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight”. 

“We are thinking about a blog that addresses women and their problems in terms of food and exercise, pregnancy, menopause… So many different topics,” she said. 

The actress is currently riding high on the success of her latest release “Udta Punjab”. 

So where does Kareena see herself a decade down the line? 

“Hopefully giving another interview, making some sense, working all my life. I think we are in the habit of aping the West a lot. And the West has amazing actors who are married and with children. It has never stopped them. I think we are getting there,” she said. 

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shes so lazy. stop holidaying n plz make use of ur talent on some good roles

You are not bloody English woman so stop pretending you are. STAYING IN CLARIDGES FOR A MONTH AND VISITNG FRIENDS DOESNT MAKE U WESTERN. ur mindset is still Indian and always will,be, the only thing that can change that is an education which sadly u don't have.

Seriously she is so thoughtful. I like her

I actually really like her.

She's an amazing person.

Saif is a bad influence to her career. He did the same thing to his ex... She left her career for him, just to take care of him. He is just too lazy, and she is becoming just him. No support from him to her career or getting strong roles.

Seriously Pinkvilla you guys are not posting my comments. I'm not saying anything that's against any community guidelines and it's terrible so much of my time is gone :( :( plus it makes PV less fun because I want to share my voice and thoughts too!

she would have to graduate from her high or 12th grade before she heads to college,after finshing her 10th grade from welham girls boarding school,she enrolled into junior college(grades11th&12th)at mithibai college mumabi,but dropped out soon.

She finished her 12th grade because she attended 2 years of law school. She always jokes after she saw the books in law school she dropped out so she did finish it.

Pv post this.

lol, she did not go to law school. She didn't even go to college.

"lol" go and do your research. as a hater, you should know better then to throw incorrect facts around. she attended a year of law school in mumbai after doing a 3 month summer course at harvard university for microcomputers. she later dropped out and pursued her original interest of acting. pv post this.

There is no limit on age for education. She can continue her studies privately if she really want to finish her degree. But the real thing is true dedication and passion for it. If she is babbling about it for publicity purpose then its no use. She have fame, money and rich background. There is no excuse for regrets. People in middle class background continue their studies while they work or manage family. She talks too much and never actually make an effort to finish education.

Just because someone regrets not doing something, doesn't mean they HAVE to do it at this point of age. I know a lot of my relatives who are older regret not studying and getting married at a young age but that doesn't mean they want to go back. That train has passed for them and now they have other interests but it is something they wish they didn't give up.

STILL, Kareena is the most educated of all the actresses with the exception of Soha, Ameesha and Pari. She did 2 years of college, studying law but didn't finish and even a 3 month course at Harvard for computer technology yet, sometimes talks like the least educated. I think she's just burned out and bored of acting. Who can tolerate doing the same things day after day for 16 yesrs. She's lucky to have found happiness in a personal life.

yes i agree with that "Anonymous" , Karan and Ranveer give full freedom to Bipasha and Deepika. That is why both always keep glowing all the time

Ksg supporting Bipasha in her career and giving her wing to fly is joke of the century actually..Bipasha apart from flop horror movies is not known for anything else.ouch truth hurts.Kareena is not only talented but a true blue Kapoor and saif is a class apart from ksg

that's funny how a flop tv actress fans are calling flop to others

Jealous hater and fan of KSG's ex wife. LOL ! Admit it you guys can't stay without KSG.

Anonymous what say again deepika and Bipasha are only actress whom their partners are giving wing to fly???Ok deepika accepted but still u can't compare her with bebo anyday and Bipasha what a joke...Pls her career is over almost a decade ago

On the one hand I'm glad she is happy, you can tell she has matured over time and is content in her life which tbh is so hard for a lot of actresses to achieve. Most seem to be lonely and miserable even after professional success. So I am happy for Bebo. But, on the other hand as a huge fan of hers, I wish she was motivated to do a lil more with her talent. When she gets down to it there really isn't anyone in B'wood that can outdo her. She was born to be a star! She is a fabulous actor and I just don't like to see her let her talent go to waste when mediocre looking actresses with average talent are ruling the industry.

Whenever I read about kareena, it reminds me of the film Mean Girls. She is truly one kinda character. You can never see the true face of her while interacting with her, as there is always an ugly face behind her who is ready to rip you apart as soon as you can will leave the room, May be that's because of the lack of education or her approach towards others in general.

This is so true. I totally agree with you.

she so lazy doing 1 small role once every 2 year okay is fine but at least choose some good roles my god!

UDTA is flop

Ko arena dear no worries, u r a superstar, I can still just watch ur all movies anytime.. And u can just be in a movie and make it large, u hv that aura.. Many less actors hv that quality.. U just need to do more nd good scripts..

Very real and true to herself !

UNICEF is an acronym, and is written in all caps. Just saying.

I'm happy that she is content with her life and isn't ambitious anymore but Kareena, if you must do films then why not choose roles which justify your talent? Why not explore yourself as an artist more? Why do you keep playing the same Punjabi girl in every film? Only rom-coms work for you now? I'd love to see you in a period drama, in a thriller, in the role of a strong woman who is Not Punjabi for a change? I'm not saying you should do 5 films a year but one film where your role is hatke and not something that we've seen you thousand times in. A devoted fan of yours.

she may be accomplishing less now, but she is one of the most well respected actresses of all time. All the next gen actors all look up to her and rave about her. she also carries an aura which is untouched. I think deepika, kareena, and Priyanka have all created that about them.

I think DP and Bips are only two actresses at the moment whose partners are giving them wings to fly. It was ranveer who convinced DP to pursue an international career. PC might be doing better and bigger but she clearly doesn't seem happy without someone special to share it all. Saif needs to wake up and cheer on Kareena! She has potential to do so much more.

She has lost ambition. You can't help an ambition-less person. It can't be taught, forced or learned. It is good that she has chosen to prioritize her family life at this point in life but a little bit of ambition won't hurt.

Maybe it's not about 'loosing ambition' specially for someone who's been a part of showbiz since a very very young age. Maybe she's at the stage, where she is simply content and happy with herself. And that's one of the best achievements in one's life, to be content and also to prioritize what is important at the moment. I say, Kareena has matured beautifully. Happy for her.

Kareena is lazy and makes disappointing movie choices. She expects to still get movie offers when she categorically refuse to shoot for more than 4 weeks. Shameful. She has all the money in the world and yet keeps investing time in places where there'll be money for her. I'm a sad, sad fan.

Go to college then ! My classmate is a 86 year old on his sixth degree.

I just love her. She does not give a damn about movies. She works to enjoy her life now. That's how it should be.

yeah because being a flimstar from a film family is so difficult. maybe karishma had it hard, but you're making it sound like kareena actually achieved something

I respect that she's content in what she does, it's nice, but it's also a privilege she has so her die hard fans need to stop bashing DP and PC for not having the same priorities as Kareena. They are outsiders, they have to work about 5x harder than her to stay relevant or demand more money. If someone mistreats Kareena, she has a whole khaandaan to protect her. Other women have no choice but to work hard, because that's the only thing that will stand for them.

one thing i admire about kareena is she has never used her personal life(relationships) to stay in news unlike so many other actors.

Uh, what? Yes she has. When Kareena-Saif first got together they would talk about each other ALL THE TIME. They would do ads, magazine covers and gush about each other non-stop in magazines/tv interviews. They have been together for too long and they still talk about each other but not as much as they used to. They were in the same boat as Ash-Abhi...

Bebo aunty just woke up. You can never reach where PC is. Just do your sleazy item numbers

Ever since she married Saif Ali Khan, she stopped caring about Bollywood and she's just busy enjoying life. I think before she always had to worry about where the money was going to come from and this worry of hers is gone. She has relaxed a lot since then...and I think Saif Ali Khan has brought some class to her, she used to be really crazy before.

Love you bebo ... You are queen always

Bebo is love.

She has matured so well.nice

Amazing girl.

Amazing girl.

I'm 46 and I just finished my college.There is no age limit for education.

Well done ! Age is only a number .

Thumbs all the way up!!

Kudos to you!

kareena has always been so talented, and could have easily reached further than where she is now. It's possible for actresses to get burned out, especially if they start out young and work without focusing on other aspects of their life. Kareena wanted a balance. Priyanka seems to only think about her career and puts all her energy and work into that. Everyones different

Shame on me for not knowing Bebo is a Unicef ambassador!! This woman has all my respect and more.

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