US comedy group thanks India for gifting Priyanka Chopra to the world

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They are fascinated with the culture and history of India, but more than that they are awestruck with the talent of Bollywood's 'desi girl' Priyanka Chopra. Brian Q Quinn, on behalf of his popular American comedy troupe The Tenderloins, says Priyanka is a "worldwide treasure", adding that no one can ever "pay back India for gifting" her to the globe.

The historical side of the country never ceases to amaze many, and Quinn shares that it "blows our American mind". He also says that America is a "a baby country compared to India". 

"Every Bollywood movie looks like the most fun movie ever made, and if that was all we knew of Indian cinema, it would be enough. But then you guys gave us Priyanka Chopra, who we can all admit is a worldwide treasure," Quinn told IANS in an e-mail interview from New York.

Priyanka is on a global high, and scaling new heights with each move. After making a place for herself in the west with her musical skills, the actress landed into the foreign television space with "Quantico". Then came her presence at the Oscars and an honour at the People's Choice Awards.

Now, all eyes are on her Hollywood debut film "Baywatch".

Quinn added: "Personally speaking, we will never be able to pay back India for gifting Priyanka to the world. She really is something special. Thank you, India. Thank you so much."

He also hopes to "appear as Priyanka Chopra’s love interest in a Bollywood movie”. 

Quinn is now adding an Indian twist to his professional front. The Tenderloins, better known as Impractical Jokers, will be hosting a digital comedy challenge titled "Sprite Comedy Konkout by Culture Machine".

Culture Machine, a digital media company, has got the New York-based comedy troupe comprising Joe Gatto, James Murray, Sal Vulcano along with Quinn -- on board. 

The group will throw an open challenge to India's digital comedians to find out the best from the lot. The challenge begins on YouTube on Wednesday. 

Talking of the association, Quinn said: “We are going to challenge these amazing talents to do what we do best, embarrass themselves in the name of laughter. We have no idea how the people of India are going to react, which is why we are so looking forward to seeing what they come up with."

The Tenderloins caught onto the spiral of fame with the hidden-camera comedy reality TV series “Impractical Jokers”. They use a combination of hidden microphones and cameras to dare each other to go out of comfort zone and embarrass themselves. The show is in its fifth season. 

Quinn, who has also acted in TV series “Jokers Wild” and film “Vulgar”, shared that with “Impractical Jokers” the group has stumbled upon an “eye-opening” truth. 

He said: “In making the show we have come to realise that you can get away with almost anything just by being confident and wearing a smile...It’s very eye opening.”

Sharing his knowledge about the comedy industry of India, Quinn said: “We are just becoming aware of the burgeoning comedy industry in India. The best comedy comes from a specific view point, and there is no doubt that the Indian culture has it is own take on the world. 

“So it’s going to be an exciting time for Indian comedy.”

Any Indian star they would like to challenge? 

“Suraj Sharma was so excellent in 'Life Of Pi'. It would be fun to have him goof off with us,” Quinn shared. 

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I watch their show "Impractical jokers". It's hilarious!

Anytime anybody mentions deepika fans for all the hating they perpetually carry out on PC posts, u get a reply saying PC fans and PC r insecure or delusional, how do we always get a reply if you r not constantly lurking on priyankas posts writing nonsense.
What's even funnier, is the way they treat iffa like its some national awards or oscars. Priyanka didn't feel the need to over dress becos she didn't have to prove a point or try so hard like yr despo.
Pv old post

haters burning

Yes, she truly is comic gold with her crooked features and inability to act.

There is more to come guys...GO PC!

Awww that was sweetest and cutest of them. SO proud of you darling. If only DPad's fans suffering from delusional disorder can digest this fact that world knows and admire PC and their jealousy is not taking miss MJ anywhere good in this world.

ha ha ha the fact that you cant make a comment without mentioning Deepika on PC's post and how you PC fans run to every post of DP and leave ugly comments (You, Shakunetela and that lowl life PCisMine) shows who is insecure ha ha ha. IIFA was proof enough to show how DP is a bigger star and show stealer than PC who was left behind in her shadow. SO insecure it has made you alll ROFL :-D

Well the world knows now what we have known already. So proud of Priyanka.

Supremely talented powerhouse Priyanka chopra

Love PC a lot

That is cute . Yay PC !

Priyanka is so special to all of us fans even certain haters envy or secretly love n shall love her soon

Thats great..proud fan of PC

Proudest fan of hers she is so multi talented

Yay Our PC rocks

Thats wonderful

Keep going Peecee we love U n are proud of U

Very fond of her so much

Absolutely love her

Priyanka is becoming famous day by day due to her talent n hard work wow

Fabulous PEECEE

Love PC


Who are these guys? Their standard seems pretty low to think that she's a gift to the world.

PC is surely a gift to the world..then who r u? lol

Who are these guys? Their standard seems pretty low to think that she's a gift to the world.

Proud of PC however who r u n how dare u comment anything like that u should be proud of her also

Feeling jealous that Our Peecee IS GETTING SO MUCH FAME N POPULARITY

Who are these guys? Their standard seems pretty low to think that she's a gift to the world.

Who r u ? a hater or else

Ahhh, that's so sweet!

Oh, I love their show. Good fun.

But they will soon complain for gifting copycat bad actor Deepika

Keep her.

White sissies full of white guilt will praise anything non white.

Who the heck are they, i don't even know them. Want to go famous by talking about PC?

They wanna praise our Pc maybe they can as she is such an amazing person n so talented pROUD OF pc

on point! loved this interview!

These crazy guys fits perfect to this woman.

Remember Ryan using PC's name in ONE sentence during his Deadpool promotions, and it was picked up by all media outlets in India. Free publicity. It is a new trend, using someone else's fame to promote your film or project. Here we are, thus! one needs Priyankas "fame" to promote for a film or projects! dream on :p

Ryan Reynolds still follows Priyanka Chopra on twitter and the movie come out so long ago so I don't think it's just publicity.

We give you Priyanka, you can keep her! You are welcome :)

Priyanka can belong to everywhere if she wants as she is so awesome n amazing simply the best


awww nice

Priyanka is amazing

wow! how sweet!

Well said I liked this article

Where Priyanka and SRK hide at the moment? Since two days both don`t tweet as always when they are together.

Again that srk boring topic cant u get a life apart from being obsessed by SRK whoever u r

True. They tweet much less if not at all.

Kareena Kapoor confirmed Priyanka's single so you should get a life and stop spreading fake rumours

She only confirmed that she isn`t married. But they still have a strong relationship.

You wish, SRK is with his family.

Priyanka just tweeted an hour ago. what are you even talking about?

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