Can't Believe I am Working With Kareena; Am Her Biggest Fan: Sonam

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Sonam Kapoor is all set to star in Veere Di Wedding alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talsania. This all-female cast is produced by Sonam's sister Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor's Banner Balaji Motion Pictures. This will be Sonam's next movie after her hit biopic Neerja released in February this year.

We read recently that the movie will revolve around Kareena. However, it seems that Sonam has no qualms about that. In fact, the B-town fashionista told a leading daily recently that she can't wait for the adventure to begin. She said, "I am working with Kareena Kapoor Khan, I can't believe it! I've known her all my life and am her biggest fan. She plays my best friend. Then, there's dear behen Swara Bhaskar and debutante Shikha Talsania. After Khoobsurat's Milli, we're bringing a neverseen-before story about young, modern Indian girls to life. I can't wait for the journey to begin."

Wow, does sound exciting, doesn't it?

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Sonam is an opportunist. She's now suddenly praising Kareena because she's ruined it with most other important actresses.

Kareena is pregnant

Apart from Jab we met, i can't think of any substantial role that Kareena has done that she can be remembered for. Karisma, on the other hand played with many characters - she will be remembered for Fiza, Zubeida, Shakti. Wish she would have continued.

Raja Hundustani .. she was phenomenal and more effective then Madhuri in Dil to pagal hai ... her comic timing in Govinda and Salman movies was perfect ... She was always a more honest and grounded lady ... Kareena on the other hand is well let us say and amazing and in a league of her own :)

Bebo is pregnant! Yay! Still she will finish this film. Past 16 years at least one film of Kareena is releasing. Kareena has not taken single break. That itself shows she is committed and hardworking and truely professional.

Love ya Bebo :* keep shining

Sonam Kapoor is one of the worst actress of Bollywood and Kareena is one of the laziest.

Would love to see Alia Sonam Kareena in a fun chick flick

I really hope this film that is full of potential doesn't fall flat like Ki and Ka.

Of course ! Kkk is the gateway to rk !!

Calm down bebo. I know you are your own favourite but then no need to defend yourself like this. I know truth hurts. You are way too overrated. Over acting ki dukaan.

Overrated or underrated she is loved by all and hater even you know this . Yes i know truth hurts a lot that's why you are here and got irritated after watching love for bebo

At the age of 35 also , Bebo is giving sleepless nights to the haters . That is the stardom of Bebo .

Powerhouse of acting - Kareena Kapoor Khan my beauty

Sonam's sister did a right job in selecting Queen Bebo for this role

Bebo my Queen you are the best

Anonymous. Ki and ka would be hit anyway. As its a light hearted unique subject film and metro loves it. It has nothing to do with her stardom. And why are you bring deepika here. What she has to do with it?

Don't sound like a frustrated and jealous hater because you seem to be the person who knows everything but came to spread hate . Are you really not aware of Bebo's 16 years performances ? Why are you focusing on 20 mins role ?

No one can agree about the Khans but she's everyone's favorite... HA Love it!

Two Biggest gossip queens licking each others ass

Sadly no one likes to lick yours

Kareena and superstar? Joke. Inni? You become superstar by pulling crowd in theatres. And she was total flop for so many years. Still can't pull audience to theatres and doing 20 minutes role in big films.

Where were you when she did more than 60 movies and was at her peak ? Just asking

Ki Ka was a hit thanks to her... and Hit or Flop the girl has the IT FACTOR! Since she was a kid... And we can't say that about any of the stars kids they are so groomed and ready for it... Bebo was raw.

Bebo is still doing 20 minutes role at the age of 35 and she is married too , i am very sure your favorite will not get a role of 2 minutes at this age . Better come with logics which are acceptable , hate is very easy to spread , be mature and start facing the truth

Our superstar is giving you sleepless nights . Don't worry we fans enjoy watching haters burning like this when they see Kareena's popularity all over the world which is huge

Do you really don't know her roles which she has played in 16 years or don't want to know ? The 20 minutes roles which are you talking about are in just 2-3 movies after marriage . Ki & Ka was a clean Hit and she is not answerable to jealous haters like you because whole world knows about her popularity and stardom . Wake up Kid from your dreams you favorite was flop too in starting of the career

Ugh Sonam yu r biggest fan of anyone hahaha

So excited

Varun , Sid , Alia , Arjun , Sonam ,Amy Jackson , not sure about Sonakshi and katrina they all took Bebo's name as their favorite actor . Kareena is the biggest superstar right now in terms of popularity and followers

That is true. Ask any newcomer about their favourite heroine and without wasting a second they'll take Bebo's name. She is an inspiration to so many aspiring people.

Sonam deserves national award fro Neerja . She is a fantastic actor i hope directors give her meaty roles to prove herself best in current state. Sonam Kapoor and Alia are two recent cute queens of Bollywood. Kindly share the title please !

Sonam and recent,,ROFL!While it took a decade for Sonam to come up with one decent performance thanx to Daddy dear and Director, Alia proved her mettle in her second film itself..So no !...Sonam does not fall in the same league as Alia.

Every new comer whether he is a male or female praises Bebo and becomes her huge fan. She is a lovable person and so popular megastar in Bollywood

Indirectly saying , she is older and more senior to me

So what's wrong in that ? Bebo is senior and older to her everyone knows . At least Sonam has a big heart to accept that she doesn't want to have competition with Bebo , she is respecting that

Sonam and a big heart,,,Are you kidding?..Can Sonam even dream of competing with Bebo ?

Never , i said about the respect and love she is giving to bebo .

Hmm, Kareena should avoid close-up selfies. Especially when it hasn't been photoshopped. She looks so different.

Even without photoshopped selfies she is looking wonderful but there are some actresses who never looks pretty even after edited photoshoots and makeup. God bless you !

So happy to see two fav together on the big screens. & then Swara is coming to the group too. & Veere di Wedding gives the chance to rediscover Shikha. So exciting. All the best to the team!

Two flowerpot heroines teaming up for one more Aisha,,,Atleast they get to be in the frame for more than 15min..

wow your an absolute idiot. kareenas filmography speaks for itself, and the only 15 min role sonam ever did was bmb and it was 100% relevant to the storyline. heck even thank you and players had her on screen for the majority of the running length. anyways, my two queens are giving haters sleepless nights, keep burning! #16yearsofbebo #lovebebosonam

biggest fan kabse behan?? Aapke liye to sab auntiyaa hai aap chahe bhale hi buddho k saath kaam kare?

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