WOW! Kareena Kapoor Khan Expecting Her 1st Child in December, Confirms Husband Saif

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Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has been dodging the news of pregnancy for quite sometime now. When we had spoken to the actress during Udta Punjab, she neither denied the news nor confirmed it.
But here's some good news for all you Kareena and Saif Ali Khan fans. The lovely actress is preggers and husband Saif Ali Khan has confirmed the news.
"My wife and I would like to announce that we are expecting our first child in December. We would like to thank our well wishers for their blessings and support and also the press for their discretion and patience," declared Saif.
When we got in touch with Kareena, she too confirmed the news and reiterated the same statement as given by husband Saif. She said, "Saif and I would like to announce that we are expecting our first child in December. We would like to thank our well wishers for their blessings and support and also the press for their discretion and patience."
Well, here's wishing hearty congratulations to the lovely couple!



mira will deliver in September FYI

She left Shahid for money & got 12 years elder rich Saifu to settle in life , Shahid got 12 years younger beautiful Mira, love and his kind of perfect life. Now Kareena is Jealous of his perfect life so she wants the attention on her so pregnant now, she is just behind money, fame. In this world one thing is true that what ever we give good bad it comes back to us.

Kareena conceived through IVF as she had trouble getting pregnant all these years. Nothing wrong with it. But Kareenas fans should stop bashing Aishwarya or any other actress for that matter as Kareena is not the first human on earth to be pregnant or to be working. If anything she can easily work as she has a lot of staff who help her at home and work. Aishwaryas pregnancy news in 2011 was huge news so Kareena fans should stop living in a bubble just like their pout heroine does

Congrats Saifeena!

Hi Kareena, I baked a vanilla cake and made ice cream again today. I have been eating sweets like crazy since the time I had this good news. I had 4 donuts for breakfast and planning to eat 6 blueberry cupcakes for lunch and God knows that else for dinner. My home is smelling bakery. I just cant stop eating cakes and pastries. Not sure how I am going to survive till December eating only sweets.

Also, can I have some blueberry cupcakes? Hungry....

You are the sweetest person here..literally! Don't each too much sweets though....LOL! Bless your heart!

Bebo Congratualtions!!!!!! May Allah bless you with a healthy baby, IA, you are an example for people like chaddi and plastic queen , that making money is not all that there is to life, and chasing married men is not a cool thing to do, hope she takes notice , good luck Bebo g mwah

Kareena will soon become very fat. I cannot wait. 21 hours ago - She has always been.

No. Forgot who introduced the term 'size zero'???? You need to stuff some walnut brownies in your big mouth to make it speak sweet things.

Heartiest congratulations

She had IVF in Harley street clinic after trying to conceive for over it people that why she was in London for 8weeks pretending to be in Rome !

so what if she had IVF treatment to conceive? you say that as if it's a bad thing. it isn't.

IF THAT were true, then she won't be 4 months pregnant now, would she? Nice try but learn to count first. Also, she doesn't have to pretend to be in London or Rome because she was indeed in both places and there's plenty of pics to prove it.

Were you the doctor doing IVF?? SO STFU, you should have been a miscarriage.

"over in Hollywood in leading lady instance once she is 40!": Please hire a lawyer and sue the hell out of your English teacher.

You should never poke fun at someone's lack of English skills. Not everyone grows up going to an English school, or even learns English. There are thousands of other languages spoken across the globe, stop being so ignorant.

You should sue your mother for giving a birth to an idiot!!!

They tried to keep it secret..bebo said in idea Punjab interviews all haughtily --"I am enjoying all the talk.i am not going to say a yes or a no" ..and then the blind item came out and ppl started saying that veere de wedding might get into trouble.. So they acting like they are taking the high road then and gave out statements..they could have done it much for royalty...hmphh...

Ibrahim can pop out a baby? He is a child. How many have you popped out? Kareena is by far the most dignified second wife. She commands respect every time she talks highly of her god-children.
I hate the word step children...

yhea...I have seen pics of her making out with Ibrahim. You hate the word step mom but it is undignified if they are hugging making out instead?!?!

OK Priyanka or Deepika, cut the nastiness and be happy for Bebo for once. She doesn't do as you guys do you know. Besides, she'll be outta the way for a while and you'll get lucky again just like her rejects made you lucky. You should be buying her an expensive gift rather than talking shite.

The "media circus" has already begun! Next people will be hounding them wanting know if their having a boy or a girl. As for the comments that Sara and Ibrahim would be embarrassed. Erm, they seem fine with Bebo. When they married I'm sure they were aware they would have a younger bro or sis one day. They have their own lives and are mature enough

I pity the ones who are still stucked in past whereas Saif Kareena Shahid and Amrita have dignifiedly moved on and are happy in their lives..

waiting for the media circus when these two make an appearance together and when the baby is born

No one else's pregnancy news has ever been this popular

competition me log bacche bhi paida kar letey hai. Ibrahim and sara must be terribly embarrassed. It is time for them to pop out babies and here is dad going at it....

Congrats.... So happy for them !!!

This is why they should have tried backdoor method. But of stain? So what? At least no pregnancy and better feels.

You need to get educated. "Back door method" can also result in pregnancies. Albeit it's less common, it is still possible. And what does "but of stain" even mean? Better feels? Most women hate it. Gay men enjoy it because they, well in simple words, have sort of a 'plug' -- the prostate which lies close to the rectum. Women don't have that. Straight men enjoy putting it 'up there' because the rectum is tighter then the vagina.

But of stain???? Seriously dude, what the hell is this????

I yearn for a baby and am filled with joy on hearing this news. What a wonderful blessing! Congrats to Bebo and Saif.

And is superstar is going to be born...

Lets hope after having two kids he won't ditch her like amrata singh.

Shahid is happily to Mira, Saif is with Bebo! So why the constant comparison when their babies are due etc?! Get over it. Honestly, being happy for people is so rare and now days which is sad. Everyone is just waiting for failure which is cruel. Good luck to Saif

After Karismas Kiara and Kiaan, Kareena might give some other senseless name to her child, like Miaan or Piaan

kian sounds like Kahan or Kanaiya, is essentially a muslim name

Do you know Kiaan in hebrew means god's bless one and she combine that name with her grandfather "Raj"..People hardly do know and they start making baseless comment. Like any other normal women she is expecting, she didnt bothered ask you to suggest the name of her baby.

Hebrew, Greek or Latin, the name is still silly and funny. Like Indian names are not enough for these people

Its her baby will be their choice!

The first trimester is very tough, with numerous symptoms which vary from person to person.
Im glad she is continuing to work and not take advantage of her luxurious life.

I remember watching the trailer launch of Udta Punjab, and she said "sade nau bajgayi, buk lagi hai". Lol

People who post negative comments here are the lowest of the human species and will rot in hell. A baby is a blessing from God; you don't want to mess with that kind of divinity. CONGRATS TO BEBO AND SAIF. And many many blessings.

Wishing KAREENA a very happy and healthy pregnancy....And BABY BEBO is going to be damn cute! LOVE U BEBO....

Safeen or safeena ! Congratrs!!!!!!

Bebo was already pregnant in April so if shahid announced he is going to become father in April it's just coincidence..For god sake stop such dirty comments they have moved on and are not only happily married but love their partners..So stop such dirty maligning comments and atleast don't make a mockery of to be moms if u can't speak good things about them..Coz that's actually an unforgivable sin.

Highest read articles ever

LOL at Shahid fans still trying to link his name with Kareena. I mean, I don't blame them. It's not like he has done anything else throughout his 15 years in the industry that's worth speaking of apart from dating superstar actresses Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra. This is a pregnancy, not an outfit that you can copy. Some people try for months, even years before they are able to get pregnant. So to all the 12 year old Shahid fan girls, take your heads out of your dirty butth*les and pay some attention in school, will ya?

Now that the rant is over, CONGRATULATIONS KAREENA & SAIF!!!

scenario no.2. Wife SWAP. Saif takes Mira for her next doctor appointment & Shahid takes bebo for her next docs appointment......people chill I'm just posting funny not negative. So. Have a sense of humour.

Congratulations. But is she gonna stop shooting for Veera di Wedding or just finish it earlier than planned? I thought shooting starts in Aug!

Shahid confirmed fatherhood in april at UP trailer launch per reports she knew it before she must got pregnant in april since she will deliver in December Coincidence? I doubt!

Well, actually, normal pregnancy is between 38 weeks to 42 weeks. If her due date is in December, she would've conceived either in March or February.

She dumped shahid, go check out his interview in " India's most desirable" why would she compete with ?

Great Going Kareena --
As far as PC, her career is all paid for/with someone else husband money.
Money can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy happiness.
May be she will have a baby from her hidden relationship, and keep the baby hidden from rest of the world .

Waiting foe little bebo....

I wish they have a baby gal.

Yahhy, congrats Kareena!!! The kid is going to be s beautiful!!! Next I would like Bips to be a mom!!! At the end of day, Priyanka can't never compete with Kareena!! Kareena has a balanced life and Priyanka going to be other woman always and in few years her career will be over in Hollywood in leading lady instance once she is 40!!

I have a feeling its gonna be a boy!

Kareena will soon become very fat. I cannot wait. SO excited. Hope she will break Aishwarya pregnancy weights gain record!

That's mean mocking a persons features. Saif's nose hasn't hindered his career has it? He's vain but not to be extent to get it fixed. Good for him. Baby will be a cutie and will be a mix of both. Aww, both their families must be over the moon! Especially Bebo's father. I think it's quite sweet she didn't boast about it herself and left it to Saif to make the announcement.

Lol mayb she couldnt take mira and shahid's baby news lightly, ultimately she had to plan her own to be contantly in news. As she said she wont plan till 2 more years during ki and ka promotions! Lol

Congratulations Kareena and Saif.

hearty wishes to Bebo and Saif!

hearty wishes to Bebo and Saif!

So happy for Kareena specially. Congrats to the beautiful couple. Excited for her, can't wait to see her little baby. Have a safe and healthy delivery Bebo.

Congrats Saif and Kareena.

I would laugh my arse off if shahid had a baby boy and Bebo had a baby girl... Watch it happen y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol PV post this!

Saif's nose is no comparison to your shallow thinking brain.

Many Congrats Saifu n Bebo inshAllah u have healthy baby

I guess some rumours do turn out to be true. We have been hearing about her pregnancy since a few weeks , and before that there was a rumour about her freezing her eggs for future use

She concieved in March if she due in Dec which means she is 4 months pregnant..:) People who is saying she she is following Shahid please! In 2010 she said she will get married in 2 years and she did in 2 years. And when asked when she will have a baby she said 2-3 years and it has been 3 years so she lived up to her claims. She didnt deny or confirm, she said she will announce when its the right time. Like most women she waited until her first trimester to pass to announce it. She is honest and lets her fans know.

Pv post this!!!

shahids wife will deliver in september ... then accoding to above post withinn 6 months ... lolll.... this news is a real timepass like kangana * HR news ..... lolll cant stop lolll...

Shahid confirmed fatherhood in april per reports bebo knew it even before she must got pregnant in april since she will deliver in December Coincidence? I doubt!

Shahid confirmed fatherhood in april at UP trailer launch

good news for them, they are both getting on in years so i would say it was definitely about time. i mean, the baby will have a big sis who has graduated college already.

wow never have i seen so much speculation around an actresses pregnancy like i have bebo's in bollywood.. i am so overwhelmed by this reaponse and all her well wishers yet i am not even bebo imagine how happy we have all made her today.. giving her prays and dua thats how the true mettle of a superstar is tested.. through her fans and she has them in legion if this was her exit from bolly boy what an exit it is.. she came she conquered and won our hearts.. bebo is finally going to have it all baby money hubby fame friends adoration.. i wish her all the best and more.. her and saif have shown their steadfastness in bolly their detractors have torn them apart and down many times yet they have stayed resolute and together.. i remember the negative press surrounding their wedding the negativity abouts saifs philandering wats when they newly dated and yet here they are married and going to have a baby a slap in every detractors face and a shining beacon of love and commitment in bolly mwah much love to the parents and baby to be ...proud to be a saifeena fan since the day they announced it in 2007 on lakme fashion week will never forget that day

So happy for Saif and Kareena! Wish them a happy and healthy baby :)

kareena is one of the only step-moms in bollywood who keeps a good relationship with her step-kids. i hope their baby also stays close to his/her half-siblings as well.

Not a fan but every baby is a blessing. So Congratulations. Just hope they raise the baby less pretentiously than they are and stay away from calling him/her the "royal" baby!

Kareena is now stuck up with the flop star for life.

Kareena keeps all the update of shahid kapoor.there were media reports of him planning a family since October, that's y Kareena also decided to plan.

This is great news. Wishing Kareena a healthy and happy pregnancy. God bless.

And it's not a surrogacy. She’s having the baby herself. How quaint and old fashioned! Just like the parents. Congrads to the happy couple.

Why are you behaving like a witch from tv serials ? Better try this option with yourself

Imagine the baby gets saif's nose. Reminds me of Rachel from friends :):):)

Gosshhh ! Saif is so Hot but he looks better in short hair

Very Congratulations to my Lovely Bebo and his Super Handsome Husband Saif !

Congratulations to the would-be parents Kareena and Saif!

Can't wait to see a solid - - - - Kapoor Khan !

Why so much suspence

Best Wishes --
True woman of substance .
Good example for today's youth .
Worked hard, succeeded in her profession, very open and honest , balanced life with family, friends, including step kids, speaks very high of Amrita, above all very true to her relationships .
You go Bebo ---
Your new born -- bundle of joy will be the next big thing

Kareena said she will plan baby only after 2 years during ki n ka promotion! Y she suddenly planned? It's because shahid-Mira are having? Their news came out in Jan-Feb nly! Copy cat kareena! Very bad!

do u really have no life? Its a pregnancy for crying out loud, not some outfit which she copied. There is no such thing as copying a pregnancy, but perhaps in the minds of low lifes like u there is so continue with your nonsense. Pv post pls

so dumb and fudu to say this. shahid is not the only one on this planet who has right to be a father...

shahid-Mira are expecting news came out in Jan-Feb, Mira made her appearance with baby bump in March at LFW 2016, though shahid confirmed it much later wen Mira is in 5th month! How embarrassing would be for shahid wen media also ask saif about how is experience as new father! I just hate it!! Kareena would have waited a year!

Since Kareena conceived around April she would have had been trying to get pregnant for a while by then. So she would have had no idea that the regressive ex would expecting around the same time. Poor Kareena's happy moment being ruined by them. They should have waited.

Saifeena already took 3 years time and have waited for this moment but shahid was so quick as the news came out in a month or two after marriage . Really Embarrassing . I know my comment will hurt you but people like understand only this language who can't see happiness of others

It's not like it wasn't obvious! Thanks for confirming, Congratulations and have a safe and health pregnancy and delivery.


I hope both the babies of shahid-Mira and saif-kareena are of same sex! Otherwise media start linking up babies from now nly! :/

Im very happy for you, Bebo. I baked a banana walnut cake and enjoyed it with pineapple icecream, donut and some custard. Too much sweet but this is the day to enjoy!

Was it necessary for Bebo and Saif to reveal the pregnancy news when Shahid told about him and Meera ? They took a break of 2 months and revealed everything now so it is fine . Every family has different way of thinking

congratulations to kareena and saif :)

Isn't if funny how things work out in life. Kareena and Shahid were Bollywood's IT couple. Everyone thought they would get married but next thing you know they break up. Now look at them both, married to different people and expecting children at the exact same time. I wish them both well but it's just funny how kismet works.

Shahid confirmed fatherhood in april at UP trailer launch


A super privileged gorgeous child that got attention being in the womb! Imagine the hoopla it can cause in the near future. Stay safe and healthy! Inside momma Kareena!

I'm her biggest fan I could feel she was pregnant even before the press and tabloids went berserk! Anyways SO happy and excited. Yay!

Actually we all already knew it

I am happy for Shahid and Mira but his fans thinking is bit narrow and they still get jealous of watching Bebo with Saif . I am saying this because they are saying Bebo got pregnant after hearing the news of Shahid. Is this possible in a month ? When trailer was launched and shahid announced Kareena was already 1 or 2 months pregnant . Shahid is a mature man now so i think their fans should also move on . God bless you Saifeena and Shahid /Meera

Shahid announced it well after 4 months of Mira's pregnancy ...after many days of speculation in the media...who is to say Kareena didn't know before the announcement through friends of friends.. or somebody in the industry.. such news travels fast and easy when you are a celebrity..look at Kareena's pregnancy rumors itself..the rumors have been spilling for at least a month in the media itself..then imagine inside circles...she could easily have been a copycat if you do the shame in that, but why this necessity to prove she didn't imitate Shahid and Mira either?

When Saif and Kareena had a relationship , most of us thought specially haters that he will leave bebo and marriage will not happen but it came out to be different . He married his love and now the great news is coming . I know some will target how their children will feel but i don't care about them because i know Bebo shares a good rapport with Saif's kids and they are fully comfortable with her so for me its a perfect family . People try to give harsh comments only on this couple because they are one of the most powerful couples of Bolly wood but never say anything to Sanjay Dutt , Aamir Khan and many more because their wives are not famous and attractive like Bebo

Very happy to see this news today and much happier for Kareena as she's embracing motherhood. CONGRATS and BEST WISHES..See you again onscreen once Baby is born. Nazar Na Lage...

congratulations! child is going to be damn cute!! May Almighty bless you both!

Yes ! A kapoor Khan !

Kapoor Ali Khan more like!

Am so happy for Bebo. Would love to see how she raise up her kid. But at the same time isnt it an embarrassing situation for Saif's adult children?? I myself just cant even imagine to welcome new sibling at the age of 23. Such weird feelings to imagine that you are 20+ Your father is around 50 and he is making another baby with a stunning lady. Well God bless them.

Saif got married when he was 21 and Amrita 32. Amrita was mature and had seen the world. She should had not marry kid Saif.

No need to imagine dear because their family is happy and when children can accept kareena as second mother then they can accept their siblings also .

A lot of celebs in Bollywood married twice like Aamir , Sanjay Dutt and they had grown up kids too but no one said anything but people puts a question on Saifeena because this couple is very popular specially Bebo . Saif's age is 45 not 50 and if children happily accepted Kareena as Saif's husband then i don't think they will have a problem on this . They share a perfect bonding , that is important in family .

There goes the career of my favorite actress of all time we wont see kareena as "The kareena kapoor" as we use to see her before, but its ok its her choice Happy for her...but please don't stop doing movies like your sister

Funny Bebo response is so scripted. Time to be natural for a change. Congratulations to the star couple.

What a dignified announcement. Unlike her ex who was aware that the media would ask him in front of her and purposefully chose that occasion to rub it in her face. Not to mention how rude he was during the whole event, when Kareena had the big heart to actually show up at the event for a smaller role and be nice.

Social stress made her have a baby, she comes across as an obsessively money motivated individual and having a baby will deter her making the full income she would have made. She'll have it in December and be back in Jan. Not like ashwsriya who is all heart and couldn't bear to leave her beloved daughter.,

Ash hid her pregnancy to start a circus and stay in news. She hid her daughter for one full year. She knew people want to know if the girl got the lucky green eyes.

Your idol who hid her pregnancy for a film? Okay!

I don't know why but somehow I knew she would get pregnant after Shahid becoming a father don't get me wrong not that she's competing but it was just a feeling that becomes true

Both have moved on but clearly you're still stuck in the past.

Congrats Bebo & Saif! I bet the baby will be super cute. Aunty has great tips of how to take care of the unborn baby and yourself until December. Keep in touch.

Baby Bebo on board .. Congratulations !

I don't know why but somehow I knew she would get pregnant after Shahid becoming a father don't get me wrong not that she's competing but it was just a feeling that becomes true

Shahid declares , yes mai baap ban ne wala hoon. Bebo goes home straight and makes baby for her too. Congrats to Bebo and Shahid.

Yayyyy.. Congratulation to the happy to be parents... I feel ecstatic like I am expecting ;) the baby is going to be super gorgeous .

Congrats Bebo....take care and God bless you and the little one. You will be an amazing mom. Muah!

Aw, that's so so awesome!

Wish her all the best :)

Very exciting news Indeed. Congrats to the couple.

Their baby is going to be gorgeous!!! Just look at them

aw my Kareena I'm so happy for you. Insha Allah u heave great healthy pregnancy , bet these other girls are happy thinking Kareena out of the picture LOL but she's shooting for veera ki wedding which will release next year to cover her pregnancy break then she will be back agsin ! I LOVE U BEBO

Omg congrats saifeena. So happy for you . I knew it Kareena has been flowing recently . That baby is going to have tough shoes to fill lol such talented parents. Keep rocking Queen

Great news!!! I'm really happy for Saif and Kareena. I wish her and the baby good health and blessings for her family...

Congratulationss.. happy for her

This is so good


Yay Bebo!!

I bow to you,Pinkvilla.
You are so accurate in your news delivery.this time,I did not doubt you at all.I was patiently waiting for the couple to admit the news.

Kareena has had a good innings in Bollywood. Enjoy the next phase in your life :) Next, people be like are their having a boy or girl lol

I'm same age as Kareena and was expecting my baby in Dec as well but had a miscarriage last week. This news just brought back a flurry of emotions. But seriously want to wish her th best for the rest of the pregnany. Children are so precious so take care.

Best wishes for a child. Sometimes the soul that comes to you can come from another source(Not biological). May you be blessed with a child soon.

Congrats! But we knew it anyway :)

Wow congrats Kareena! I hope we get to see motherhood bring out the caring nurturing side of you and see you grow before our eyes! It's been fun having you as Bebo and now it's time for little bebe to get all the attention and love!


Congratulationssss .. Have a healthy year ahead Kareena ..

She has a great professional and personal life balance. She was the top actress for few years, got married, is having a baby. She has her own girl gang as well with karishma malaika and amrita. She will take a maternity break and make a come back. She is more smart than we think. She has it all.

She definitely would have been desperate for one after shahid declared he was expecting his first. No doubt she wanted one straight after.

You mean Saif and kareena planned their baby after hearing Shahid's news ? How illiterate you are and people like you are so mean

Congratulations Kareena and Saif!

Congrats but that means she is not doing the movie SOnam. Thats sad then.

I wish Kareena all the best but Kareena is no way a classic beauty please! She's got the most odd masculine face cut ever. She's just light skinned but her features are very average.

Her features are masculine

Besides's her light skin and nice features she has this unexplained aura around her which makes her a head turner. All actress look light on screen and pics. Its called photoshop. Can't wait to see a baby named ==== Kapoor Khan !

congrat safeena!

Wow, the kid is going to be gorgeous!! Look at Kareena!!! Congrats!!

Am so Glad that Kareena will have to stop acting for a while. Overrated and ott actress with a big square face. Stay at home , Kareena! Pls post.

Congrats Bebo and surely for this article we won't see usual hate and mean comments.

May you be blessed with a lovely healthy baby.

Congrats! Wonder how sara and ibrahim are reacting. ..

Congrats, hope she has a healthy baby. People don't reveal pregnancies in the early days due to health risks. They only tell close family & are certainly not obligated to tell the public. Kareena has never quite outright denied pregnancy rumours too. Wonder whether the Masand blind item pushed the announcement ahead of time.

Wonder how Shahid & Mira will react to kareena's pregnancy!

No one cares.

By taking your time out to leave a comment it shows u do care lol!

Why would they react??? may be Shahid will be happy as if kareena was happy about mira preg news but to be frank they doesnt even care as they werent best buddies

LOL that's why I would like to see their reaction!

Congratulations!!! Very exciting time for them.

Aw yay!! I hope it all goes well for her! I'd also like to say I don't blame her for not announcing it sooner and I'm glad she's waited until she's ready to do so

Omg so happy for her! Iv loved her since kindergarten and now seeing her become a mother is so beautiful! life is such a crazy circle ! My duas and best wishes for a healthy mommy and baby :)

Omg so happy for her! Iv loved her since kindergarten and now seeing her become a mother is so beautiful! life is such a crazy circle ! My duas and best wishes for a healthy mommy and baby :)

Congrats Saif and Kareena..:)

I seriously wish that people would stop making negative and unnecessary comments when there's something good and blessed happening in a couple's life. Here are they disclosing they are about to be blessed with a baby, and sadly, there are people commenting with all sorts of silly stuff. If you can't be happy for someone then better to stay quiet.

Congrats. And im so glad she waited until she reached 3 months due to higher risks in the first trimester.


Big congratulations to both of them. Btw I wonder what would mini Bebo's first words would be.

Saif is old enough to be a grandfather. My heart goes out for Amrita Singh and her kids.

Don't worry for Amrita and her kids, they are all living their rich lives

Congratulations, Bebo!

i am so happy for them it was about time :)


Congrats my Bebo

Oh my. I am so happy for her. Kareena will make a good but interesting mother. Will def be following her as a mom. She needs to go on social media asap

Yay congratulations! :) Kareena, take care! :)

Congratulations Kareena! Wishing you lots of health and happiness. Cherish this moment in your life. #BabyBebo

More recently, Bebo denied all rumors, so she lied? why actors always lie? Media more truthful than the actors. But then what is the actress had an abortion? (According to the blind item)

Read her words carefully. She never denied it, Kareena: "I am not saying yes or no, but you guys will know at the right time."

Smart of her

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