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Pregnancy will not stop Bebo from Veere Di Wedding!

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Saif Ali Khan recently announced that Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant with the couple's first child and she is due in December.

Looks like Bebo's pregnancy will coincide with the character she plays in Shashanka Ghosh's Veere Di Wedding. Her baby bump will come in handy as the actress will be playing a pregnant woman for the first half of the shoot till October. A source informed a popular newspaper, "After October Kareena will go on a break, deliver the baby in December and will resume the shooting three months after that.

Kareena's main focus when she comes back from her maternity leave, will be fitness to complete the rest of the movie and maybe a few tips by BFF Malaika Arora Khan who got in shape 6 months after giving birth to her son Arhaan, may come in handy.

The source of the newspaper also added that Kareena is in touch with her doctor and is taking utmost care that she doesn't overdo things. Her family is really excited for the new bundle of joy.

The movie explores the spirit of the modern Indian woman and also stars Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Tiku Talsania's daughter Shikha. Sonam Kapoor has been complimenting her future co-star, Kareena a lot these days, and recently flew out to Los Angeles to finalize her look for the movie which will be shot in Delhi and Thailand. 

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KAREENA'S SPREAD IN VOGUE is sooooor hottttttttttt. Hottest mama to be. Raw and real, breath of fresh air from the plastic women of Btown. Wish PV could publish some of the pics.

I am truly happy for the new phase in Kareena's life but whenever a Bollywood star gets pregnant, all you hear for the next 9 months are every nitty gritty details of their pregnancy. I'm afraid that's what PV and all other BW sites are going to serve us till Bebo delivers :(

Happy for her... I hope all goes well and she has a healthy baby.

Kareena looks stunning. Happy and Healthy pregnancy.

i am a mom to a 1 year old. just want to say that though i love kareena the money she has can buy her the ability to BE a good mom. most moms especially in the west when we decide to give our babies the best and breastfeed we cannot cook or clean for a long time forget self care abd dieting. she can afford to coddle her baby and breastfeed then while she rests a nanny can take the baby care shift. the dietician and cook will help her lose weight. someone will do saifs laundry and someone will clean the house etc.

so when kareena is able to be fit for a movie at 3 months post partum it gives a complex to women like me. but theres alot more to it than meets the eye.

Even kajol shoot we are family WITH Pregnancy !! women can do both thing together !! way to go kareena and women !!

this is great news and perfectly suited to kareena...its hard to say how shel feel about going back to work after having the baby but everything looks good now :)

Many actress think they are gaining weight and will not look good in movies hence avoid working for s film ... But bebo has decided to work.. More power to you bebo.

It's ok to work till the day of delivery if your are fit and the work is not too hectic ! Most working women do that , have you ever thought of women who are pregnant and have to work at the counter or restaurants or factory ?? Celebrities have lots of privileges and pampering . So it's a good decision by KKK to work

In offices women do work after 3 months, not sure if her post preg look will be good enuf to resume that early. If she does it would be anew trend in Bollywood.

I love that pic of hers.

It's same like working woman in western countries where you take three months leave after baby is born and then restart your work again. Wow. I am impressed with way Kareena is handling her work. Great going BEBO. Best wishes......

It will get delayed. There is no way she can return to work in 3 months. Both physically and emotionally. But after watching how much they altered Srk and Kajol 's appearances in Dilwale, it might be possible. Movie magic.

Wow bebo's child will debut with veere Di wedding along with mommy truly her child is going to be an actor

Bebo fans are superficial just like her.. 3 idiots showed how children/youth is burdened with expectations and Bebo fans learned nothing from the film.. They just expect her to show her face in the film and her films to work at Box Office so that they can tell Bebo is superior to others..

Wow bebo's child will debut with veere Di wedding along with mommy truly her child is going to be an actor

I can imagine it must be tough for any woman to go through pregnancy... what to eat, what not to eat, plus all the symptoms that come with pregnancy, and you have to be extra careful. Women are much more stronger than men.

She is looking sooooo gorgeous here.. God bless you :-)

Good strategy...if dis is true den we must applaud bebo for her dedication towards her work.

Nice to know, but too much info about the plot of Veere Di wedding is leaking already!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement