Alia Bhatt Opens Up On her Relationship Status: Acting Is My Husband & Singing Is My Boyfriend

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With Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone making it big in Hollywood, Alia Bhatt too is contemplating to step into their shoes - but after a while.The Udta Punjab actress wants to experiment with acting in Hollywood and a web series for a platform like Netflix. On an deed note, Ms Bhatt would also like to work in Lollywood, Tollywood and even Nollywood, referring to the Pakistani, South Indian and Nigerian film industries and admires Netflix for its variety of content and global accessibility!

In a tete-a-tete with a popular daily, Bhatt shared, “Definitely Hollywood is something, a destination that you really reach after, maybe a couple of years after kind of finding your feet in Indian cinema, in Bollywood. I’m going to step into it maybe a little slower, but definitely I have plans.”

Bhatt, who is ​just seven films old in the industry​, said she admires the work of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. “Jennifer Lawrence is somebody I really look up to because I really like the kind of choices she makes. She’ll do the ‘Hunger Games’ but then she’ll also do the Silver Linings Playbook. ​So I probably want to start with like a Silver Linings Playbook, something more where there’s more scope for performance, you know, because I feel like that’s where I’ll really learn.”

Alia​’s recent act ​in Utda Punjab, and was hugely ​appreciated for her performance in the film in which she also sang. “You can say acting’s my husband and singing is my boyfriend. It’s a long-term commitment with my acting. Singing is something that I’m really, really fond of, but I don’t know how far I cacan take that in my life,” Alia said.

​A new horizon waiting for the talented Ms Bhatt, indeed! 

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Come to hollywood alia we appreciate talent better than Indians

Den what is UA dildo??

Overrated! She is getting offers because of her family and non filmy background Indian girls with great acting skills are not offered anything in Bollywood!

Give her a break why so much hate for her...Indians are are so focused on looks and beauty then they wonder why their women have self esteem issues?

Of course she's become arrogant now. She foolishly believes that people offer her films because they think she is talented when that is so not the case. She gets films because of Karan Johar. But she needs to realise that there won't be any KJo sitting in Hollywood handing her films on a platter!

She has a been successful so far. but needs to completely build herself here first, and I mean come out on top 5-8 years down the line. then she can talk about hollywood

if she came into Hollywood with the same personality she did here, people would not think twice of her. Jennifer is the most natural actress in Hollywood and the fact that she is down to earth and relatable makes her incredibly likeable. Alia never started off like that but suddenly when she sees success she acts like I'm so grateful etc, relatable. Go watch her kwk episode, she was plain arrogant. pv pls post.

I would love to see Alia in all kinds of films! I love that she dreams big and I hope she lives up to her potential! She's a great example of ambition for young women.

And Karan Johar is your Dad.

She is simply not star material. I feel sorry for her that she has fake people all around her praising her like she is the next big thing when the audiences just see her as a girl who is average at best and looks about 13/14. All she does is pick out idols and try to mimic them (Kareena, Jennifer Lawrence).

you cant just criticize alia for answering like this but the "journalist" that asked the question

She's sounding a lot like Priyanka these days

yawwwn there is only one queen and that is deepika.You tried though alia

Oh she follows Jennifer Lawrence but Jlw is 5'9 in height whether Alia is just 5'2 .. Jlw looks like a beautiful perspnLity and Alia ahem ahemmm

Hope she will say same thing after 5-8 years..I can understand the age she is going through, in this age everyone thinks that they are king of the jungle, lol.. Reality will also hit her, and she will come to ground ..

way over her head. she may prove us wrong and if she does I will be surprised. especially if she wins an Oscar. I can see the potential for indian actors of her generation to receive Oscars and main Oscar nominated roles in the next 20 years. I don't see it happening soon, Hollywood is extremely white and black dominated. diversity still needs to break through

Just because she looks more "western" and received few praises, she belives she is a fit for Hollywood. I'm sorry she's not even attractive in that way. she's just a cute girl who will be outshined in Hollywood. she's regarded a good actress here, but look at how many competitors she has here. not a lot. Hollywood is like a jungle filled with tigers..dont see her personality fitting in there too

I feel bad for her, her dreams are far off from her true potential. Its a great thing to dream big and achieve those, but theres a point where you become unrealistic. She can do Hollywood work, but being a biggie there will be extremely hard to achieve. I do think indian actors who start in the Hollywood industry will have a better shot than Bollywood actresses and actors imo. And I hope this happens in the future. because Hollywood is not only a industry but it is a culture too.

Priyanka and deepika have the potential to succeed in Hollywood because besides being talented, they are beauty queens who have an aura about them. Anyone who says looks don't matter, it does especially when you are transitioning into a completely different film industry. Alia just doesn't have much anything special about her looks; she's not sexy, or gorgeous. and theres alrerady girls like Jennifer who have their place in the industry to those girl next door free spiritied roles. if anything, alia is a knck off of those girls in bw. Alia is a good actress, but she takes things too far and expects good things to happen to her ather than being realistic. Theres no kjo in hw

its so funny she expects Hollywood films will be handed to her like Bollywood films. is she crazy, expecting work like Jennifer Lawrence is getting? I don't think she will be successful in Hollywood, she should stikck to Bollywood and work her way up to atleast a good amount of critical acclaim and awards. shes already speaking about getting an Oscar, etc. like seriously, one good performace she gives in udta and she acts like she is the best..

I mean.. I just don't see her in Hollywood? She could get a Disney film maybe.. she has a Selena Gomez kind of look to her. That said... I hope she gets what she dreams of! All the best to you.

And REAL ACTING is your mother-in-law !!

this is the best comment i read so far..u go man!!

Hahaha ! Dream on Alia !

What a dumbo!!

Shanth hojayo baachi, Hollywood is very far away for you right now

And maun vrat should be your life mantra.

bla bla. anything for publicity without a cause.nobody wants to know your damn status anyway.

Only broken heart speaks like that in cliches. She needs to stop with these statements. Sid ain't giving her any importance in his interviews.

Welcome to Pakistan Alia. We will love to have you in one of our films.

Over confident! Agreed she's talented but she already has this "I'm the next Meryl Streep" sort of air about her. Yahan ache ache nahi tik paye aur yeh hollywood ki baat kar rahi hai. Post this PV!!!

Daddy KJo needs to work very hard to get contacts and contracts for Alia in hollywood. It is not nepotism bollywood where everything works with connections only

Yes u r ryt ! Kjo cant help her in hollywood !...bt u noe wt Alia wont need KJo's help der bcuz she iz extremely talented & yeah Hollywood only offers talented ones!...plus Alia has western looks ! In dis shity bollywood were actors having wooden plank like expressions get chance more easily ! dats y Kat didnt get chance in hollywood & she is still surviving bollywod bcuz of Salman !

she has western looks? so it makes her pretty and apt for hollywood? seriously? this is why indian women have self esteem issues about skin color, etc. I live in the US and I can say that her looks and the fact that she is more western looking wont make her prettier here. People will look at her features and its always been like that,She's not that great looking. I see 100 prettier woman than her every day and they are not western looking necessarily. pv pls postttt

Her Hollywood statements have become annoying.

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