"Have We Fallen in Love? Yes. In real life": Confess Katrina & Sidharth at BBD Trailer Launch


Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra launched the trailer of their movie Baar Baar Dekho in Mumbai today. The lead stars of the movie took questions from the media and answered them with a lot of wit and humor

Talking about their chemistry, which everyone is raving about, Katrina said, "We love each other. However, in real life, I am not running after Sidharth for marriage." When further prodded Katrina kidded, "Have we fallen in love? Yes. In real life."

Now, isn't that something? However, it seems like our saucy actress was referring to their respective love lives with you-know-who. However, they did admit that they had a blast shooting with each other and that it is evident on screen. 

The movie directed by Nithya Mehra is all set to release on September 9th.

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Hope Sid and Katrina marry each other they look perfect together.

Hope Sid and Katrina marry each other they look perfect together.

Well they look like they r in love and she is all smiles!! Smile
More gal

Katrina is trying to copy Deepika by touching and hugging her male star during promotions ..she never did that before..not until phanton..this started only with fitoor and now BBD. Sid is staying away with this clingy lady while she has no respect, she is falling over him and pouting /posing..making wierd expressions..Stupid girl!!

If only they could actually ACT then i might find this all more interesting.

They are really selling the hell out of this movie. PR machine in full swing.

So much natak only to make Ranbir jealous!

This Sid guy needs to learn some acting first and Kat, well! no words to describe her, it amazes me how she still gets movies, she must have good connections without any talent how she can survive, but hey this is b twon, there is a lot of room for no talent people. bext example is this movie and many others..

This movie will be a hit - simply because it's Dharma and Excel, and I have to say its a wild combo. I just wish the actors were different though

katrina and sid look cute together.

Kat's forehead is too big n face too long..dats why no other hairstyle suits her !!! #BoringStyle

one think is sure shot........... RED is katrinas favourite color

Kat is drunk

The trailer looks like hindi version of 'about time' with little desi tadka, looking forward to it.....

She is so not pretty!!

He looks uncomfortable. Though at the first look launch, they were both drunk. At least Katrina is the same whether she's drunk or not.

Lol keep trying guys, but chemistry isn't something you should try so hard to create

am I glad rk is no longer available for her to make headlines at his expense,let her use and make sid uncomfortable all she wants,as long as my man isn’t dragged into her shenanigans,am good

on screen laziest is kareena off screen laziest is katrina. Kareena choose easy roles but katrina works harder on roles even if she cant act but in real life she is so lazy to experiment with her look. at least wearing a saree would have made a difference for the event. its RED DRESS RED DRESS AND AGAIN A RED DRESS with hair loose.

It looks forced. Idk why, but Sid always come across to me as if he is into men.

Alia is not a babe... funniest thing I've read. Cute girl but that's it.

why cant katrina love someone liek sid? hes such a nice guy with a good heart and looks like he would be a loyal bf! why do girls have to go after players like ranbir! i wish these two could get together they are so adorable!

wth! this is clearly just a joke guys! what is wrong with people or should i say dp fans??? remember the times when dp made wtf statements like 'ranbir cant marry till i say'. so please hush before having a go at katrina!

I feel so bad for Sid. He has to out up with Katrina and her annoying tactics. He looks uncomfortable

Sid looks uncomfortable here


There is a vain In her forhead that sticks out whenever she lie.. So find pinokio lol
Botox gone bad.,

Leaves a young fresh babe like Alia for this puffed up plastic bag.

finally Alia will be happy that she doesn't have to play that LOVERS drama with Sid , n can now happily hook up with RK publicly.

she doesn't look good at all...something is off about her face.

she always need a relationship to promote her movies. After its release she would say i did not mean it, i was misunderstood. The media is to blame and bla blabalbla.

When will Kat discuss about her role or anything to do with acting,,,All she wants to talk about are her item numbers/dating bigger stars/stealing bfs/ running after a guy for marriage and then ranting about a non father figure...Kat enough of this already!

Calm down deepika. ..

so she has become friend with Alia to have FUN with her BF.

katrina has done same thing to dp what she is doing with aalia

haters stop crying,the day she gets ignored will be her downfall so we are good with the hate lmao.Keep burning

All what kat fans did was to spread hate and negativity on Dp posts whole day now they are getting it back so crying. Why dont you guys think for a min that if You abuse Dp on her posts so kat has to pay for it . As only Dp and kat are the one who has maximum numbers of news and pictures.

So why are you taking revenge? i am a Katrina fan but also like Deepkia. Just because few kat fans doing it doesn't means every Katrina fan is like that. I am also aware only few Deepika fans does the same otherwise majority of Deepika and Katrina fans are at peace.

Why she dont experiment with her looks? same hair and dressing style from last 10 years.

Alia sid broken up due to kat. She is such a relationship breaker.

Kat interviews and movie promotions are only about her boring theories of love, relationship and marriage. She only promote herself not movies.

My MY kat looks evil here and her smile is bad. she used have such a cute smile 3 years back.

Can u avoid wearing red for sometime.... Try something new and new hairstyle and a bit of happiness in u. This is all wt u miss.

He said it in sarcastic manner. She is saying that she is not after someone for marriage. Haters interpret as u can n write 100 hate comments,

How many times deepika fallen in love ? 6 or 7 times ? I am including Ranveer also

Why kat why are you interested ? for sure dp wont be able to break your record of falling in love. post plz

Is it going to be ten post for one trailer launch? Katrina villa

katrina looks bad with messed up face. She is not photogenic neither beautiful. Her spics and covers are always Photoshop and with so much o other stuff to make her look good.

I bet kat will pay media and critics for the reviews n more lunches for them. lol

BBD is all about si kat dating, kat abs n body and kaala chasma. lol

Karan Johan can't u try another move to sell a movie apart from dating leads? Shame. This movie is not good enough with such cheap gimmicks I'll skip it

Kat's new shikaar. Run away Sid baba if you can.

Not a single katrina fan is here but deepika fans are here to spread negativity. See the obsession for kat

Lol like kat fans are on Dp post to spread negativity. See the obsession for Dp. infact bringing DP on kat posts also shows your obsession. POST IT KAT PR

Not sure I like Sid's outfit. And Katrina is doing same style as always. Hair down and girl dress

Lol okay? Well, your recent interview contradicts that statement but okay...?

It is obvious from Sid interview that he is dating Katrina. Wrong move Lad.

bla bla

stop making a joke out of yourself Kat! what will u attain by acting so desperate?

Sid bhai... BHAAAAGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

we all know whom u are running after for marriage u shallow lady! have some self respect!

Flop film so heavy marketing.

lol u like like his mom u old hag, have some shame..

I don't want them to use their relarionship to promote the film.

Alia keep an eye on Your sid as kat is famous for stealing others bf while working with them.

Trying hard to look young kat.

boring. please improve your actings. you both won't need to make such statements for publicity. be mature and genuine.NOT FAKE

So she confess that she fell in love with sid. See those link up rumors were true. #despo kat

Run sid run.

Kat cant think beyond marriage now she is after sid.

They should get married look so happy wid each other!!

Alia and ranbir

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