SRK-Deepika to Reunite on the Big Screen Yet Again?


As we all know, Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone make quite a lovable onscreen pair. The two have previously worked together in films such as Chennai Express and Om Shanti Om. Now, it seems they are all set to reunite on the big screen again. According to reports, DP will be seen opposite SRK in Aanand Rai’s next directorial

”Discussions are almost through and she is likely to sign the film soon,” a source revealed.

Interestingly, the film in question is touted to be a full-fledged romantic drama. It is expected to feature several song-n-dance sequences as well as romantic scenes. Well, we must that the prospect of seeing  these two on the big screen again is quite exciting.

On a related note, Deepika will soon be seen opposite Vin Diesel in XXX. As far as SRK is concerned, he has the crime thriller Raees and  Gauri Shinde-helmed Dear Zindagi in his kitty.

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This is seriously funny

This is seriously funny

Queen Deepika will have XxX , Padamavati and this movie next year and also a very special song in Raabta. 2017 is going to be a Deepika Padukone show all over again. Queen queen queen!! Haters bow down to your Queen:*

Cant see them together anymore they lost the charm

Looking forward to it!

Love SRK and DP together. Their respect and appreciation for each other shines through. Can't wait !

deepika is overrated and overexposed. smh

I really hope not! Don't want to see them paired again. Is there no other actress apart from Deepika and Anushka around

Such a boring Pair! Dont want to see Shahrukh with deepika or Anushka. Why not Kangana or even Sonam. And deepika needs a new pairing aswell.

Use logic people. It's not DP, this is either he work of her PR or the film's, or maybe even a rival who has something planned up her sleeve. After all the drama, this film will star SRK opposite Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut (ALR's fave girls and leads of his previous ventures, moreover both have already been reported to being approached for this film).

Praying that the storyline is actually good this time.

Diana Penty will look good with srk

Deepika my beauty , Please keep on doing good work , achieve more I really wish to see you rule like a Queen

If they do, make it with a good story not like Chennai Express

I am bored seeing DP paired again and again with Ranbir , Ranveer and SRK . Can we have Dp - Hrithik, Dp -Sid , Dp - Fawad please.

dp and dp fans fantasies:P

Bhansali offered her 12.65 crore, Salman offered her tubelight , AL Rai offered her movie opposite Sharukh. And what is she doing now? Sitting jobless at home.

The film with SRK, the film with Salman, the film SLB, Deepika PR team go to bed and rest others.

diana penty will look more pretty and good. dont want to watch dp now, very boaring. she is good for padmavati

maybe you should start producing ur own movies

So so excited .. Deepika amd srk ❤️

So so excited .. Deepika amd srk ❤️

pc is doing this movie not dp it's just a rumour

No thx I want to see new faces with srk

Oh plezzzzz, SRK why don't u work with any other actress but this??? U already made her career, now give others a chance to be known globally.

Lol @ U already made her career, now give others a chance to be known globally.......Can you elaborate on it?

I get it so Deepika was offered Tube light which she rejected, Bhansali offered her Padmavati with 12.65 cr fees and now Anand has offered her his film ,now Deepika will choose which one to do right?

Happy news and good news for her fan! Thank you pinkvilla for this wonderful news

She's overrated now, bit boring now.

Super hit khans like Aamir and Salman doesn't want to work with depression queen , waiting for another stupid movie like Chennai express and happy new year with SRK . She is not having other actor to work with except Ranveer and some side actors

They make an amazing pair!! They have wonderful chemistry. Hope this happens!!!

Will deepika be getting 12.65 crore in this film too

They look amazing together tbh.

They look good together but there is less fire and passion in their chemistry compared to SRK Kajol pairing. SRK DP have cuteness and fun in their chemistry.

So many actresses have been "confirmed" for this movie. The makers just need to come out and say who it is rather than these repetitive articles.

It's a high time that they make another movie together. SRK IF THERE IS ONE ACTRESS THAT LOOKS GREAT OPPOSITE HIM ,BESIDES KAJOL AND PC , IS DP.

You forgot Juhi, Rani, Preity, Madhuri...etc. he looks good with any actress.

you forgot aish

With anyone? With Deepa Sahi, Katrina Kaif, Raveena Tandon? SRK looks just fine with Kajol Rani Preity Juhi, all the other actresses do not look to him

Yes he looks good with any actress. What's wrong with Deepa Sahi? Just because she was older doesn't make that a bad pairing. Katrina with SRK looks cool but the fact that she can't emote isn't SRK's fault. SRK also had good chemistry with Madhuri and Twinkle Khanna. THis man can strike up chemistry with even a statue. Can't tell about Raveena Tandon, haven't seen her films.

Yea, i thought they looked hot in Saans when the promo came out. The movie though, LOL! My heart bled for poor Shah Rukh.

Hahahaha you have a very good sense of humor. Fantasy fans - SRK has chemistry with any actress. Reality - SRK has chemistry with only Kajol, Rani and Juhi

damn apparently deepika is doing every movie out her pr is working hard like they did couple of years before. she seems desperate for the lime light. can't blame her.

Cannot wait to watch these two powerhouse actors shine their magic. Love them!!!

They look great together always. The Dimples couple!

Enough of her with srk. And no not because she is younger than him. She already 30

Deepika's pairings are so repetitive and boring, always either Ranveer or SRK and if she's lucky her dream man Ranbir.


She is over 30. Always look good with him.

Hmmm, I thought Kat was doing this movie. I guess we'll have to wait and see. DP hasn't made any announcements about any movies yet, there's just been lots of speculation by media.

I think this movie has 2 girls. SRK-Kangana-Deepika would be perfect. ha ha. Shah Rukh managed to bring Katrina and Deepika together for a IPL show so yea! :)

Love them together! Hope this is true

Same way she almost signed Tubelight?

really ?? i like them individually but not paired against each other. 3 films was more than enough. let's see him and karisma do a that would be nice! :)

No please...she looks like his Beti..!!

SRK is past his age to play a song-dance romantic drama. I hope realisation dawns and better sense prevails with all concerned. Roles like Raees, Don and Fan are apt for him and he can play them well. It will be a premature end for him if he ever considers romancing young girls on screen ever again.

I really really hope so. Out of this generations female actors, SRK and DP have the best chemistry, sweet and not creepy!

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