After Deepika and Priyanka, Ranveer to Work With a Hollywood Director

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As we all know, Deepika Padukone will soon be making her Hollywood debut with eagerly-awaited XXX. Now, it seems that her rumoured flame and popular actor Ranveer Singh is all set to do something similar. He will soon be collaborating with a noted Hollywood director .

However, the two will be collaborating for an ad and not a full-fledged film.  When asked about the same, the 31-year-old said he was looking forward to the experience.

“I am doing only ads right now. I am working with big directors for this ad and for same I am travelling to Europe. The makers of an ad have called prominent directors from America, Switzerland and other big countries. So hopefully everything will go off smooth,” he added.

Well, we surely hope that this turns out to be a memorable experience for the young actor. On the Bollywood front, Ranveer will soon be seen opposite Vaani Kapoor in Befikre.

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an ad? who cares!

they are in an open relationship. Don't hold your breath that these two will get married. I don't see him staying committed even after marriage. Let's face it, he will be working as a hero till 50 plus, while she will be at home taking care of her kids. Extramarital affairs are the norm in bollywood.

Deepika is a piece of talentless whitening shot addictive men's lapdance giving extraordinaire. Ranveer needs to dump that has been.

Ranveer looks good only in dehaati characters like he did in Band Baja Barat..he cant speak good english! Both Raveer Deepika speak Hindi mediumm types!!

wow he looks so ishmart (sarcastic) in the pic above, hope him and dp get married real soon !

Dark Delight is Ranveers Shakuntela. Barely seen on RK post but always ready to spew venom on RS posts. The funny thing is that Dark Delight doesn't like Shakuntela. Hahaha!

Its becoming a Joke now that every second person in Bollywood now wants to work in Hollywood after PC. Strange part is everyone is getting offers too it is about a Ad or a movie . he also going to do a B grade movie in Hollywood? Coz that is the DP way!

Where exactly does Ranveer say that its a big deal ? They wanted to know where he was going(airport video) etc. And he answered.

Dark Delight, don't you have anything better to do than to take your time and write negatives comments on Ranveers post. You don't know anything about what goes on in his life but you are so sure that he can never go to Hollywood. You need to get a life.

It's her opinion like it's yours

Hollywood Slayers.

I wish Ranveer didn't speak, too much jealousy came from ranbir fans

Deepika in the article so kat fans joined the party and sadly priyanka fans also

Umm this is not that big a deal, ranbir Varun Alia have all worked with international directors when they've done ads abroad

Who will cast him !!!!

Ranveer Singh and Hollywood in the same line got to be the biggest joke of 2016... and hey, go ahead and thumbs down either way thats my opinion.

The biggest joke of 2016 on here is how you constantly bombard Ranveer posts but expect everyone to respect your "opinion"

I have newfound respect for Ranveer and Deepika; my OTP. No one, and I mean NO one, thought BM could survive the clash with SRK-Kajol movie. True love always has soft spot in audience heart.

It's not really "the Deepika way" when it isn't even a movie he's doing. It won't even be shot in America. He's doing his own thing little by little. Give the man his own cred.

The Deepika way ? Deepika has nothing to do with this. He's shooting his ads. Please give the man credit for his hard work and stop making this all about Deepika.

Ranveer got the chance to work with these directors because of the brands he is associated with. Why has Deepika been linked to this article ? I'm not a hater. I just think it's time people took a stand against this kind of journalism. PV POST PLS.

He is a puppy of Deepika with no self respect and do the same

I love you my ranno , my hero all the best , stay like this do not change and your fans love you, proud of you , your fan HiBa

Soon a time will come when Imran Khan , Athiya shetty , Amisha Patel and Tusshar will say i am going to Hollywood and they will try to compete Priyanka

Go head ranveer you sunshine ...king of Ads ... no one can reach your level so easy ton spread hate

It's said " when u first thing see negative comment coming into ur way, it's a prove u r successful so keep going "

A big YAWN to other actors and actresses who would say i am going to Hollywood . Seriously not interested in Hollywood , i love my India and Bollywood . Those who shout about Hollywood , more than half of them doesn't even watches those movies . I only respect PC because she is exceptional there , others are just copying her . Being different is Innovation .

I love Pryianka , but for god sake its not only for Kahsibahi, stars can be approached but not anyone
Ranveer is doing AD not a Hollywood movie !!!!! earlier he admitted that he was approached by many Hollywood projects
but he refused because he love Bollywood AAMIR also... its not about copying others its your chance either accept or refuse
Deepika she accepted its her choice and we should be proud of them

Now haters start burning for the most successful stars depika and ranveer we are listening and feel happy cuz only successful can make others jealous

Good luck ranveer , for one month he is shooting for ads !
Waiting eagerly for your upcoming works

What else you can expect from Ranveer , he is an attention seeker and copycat like Deepika . Both are big bore

What with this boring excuse "attention Seeker" !! cant we have other remark ????
what did ranveer do to be attention seeker can you explain ?
he went to airport, army of media attacked him with questions, and he commented on his travel to shoot AD ,
and pinkvilla posted the news .... so what attention seeker is in this scene ???????

you find these two Deepika and Ranveer boring, please do a fav and dont read

100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % AGREED

Why they don't try to do something like making a impressive mark in India only ? Everyone is running after PC

Ranveer you love Hrithik so much yet you chose to promote Rustom in the clash. No longer a fan of yours.Why!!!

Ranveer Still loves Hirithik .... dont forget his outstanding promo for BANG BANG
its a shame to hate someone and forget all the support and kindness he showed to his fav hirithik
he loves both actors and we love his generous gestures to everyone

Those Ram Leela promo days were EVERYTHING!! Their coordinated outfits and all, they went all out.


I like RS but this lady..nayyyyyyy

ok guys.Let's put a competition of overacting and bad acting. Who will win in between them..?

your fav actor will win

both looks good but ranveer is subordinate actor of bollywood.

Ranveer FLOP Singh and Deepika hopeless padukon = total loss

common both are very hit popular stars ...happy .... positive no hopeless in their vision, certainly our gain

Ok next

Deepika looks older than Ranveer.She has no charm.

Two most overrated actor and actress.

daaaamn boy! i'm happy that they are bringing in big guns for you. but for an ad.... why? it just seems unnecessary. anyways, smooth it shall go as does everything for you

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