Ranbir Asked Quentin Tarantino For an Autograph What Happened Next Was Unexpected

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Ranbir Kapoor, who is one of Bollywood’s most popular stars, was busy shooting for his upcoming film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in London when he came to that his favourite director Quentin Tarantino was promoting his film The Hateful Eight in the city. On coming to know about this, the 33-year-old heartthrob immediately rushed to the hotel where he was staying. Ranbir reached the hotel at a time when the filmmaker was getting set to depart in his car.

He requested Quentin for an autograph on several occasions. However, the filmmaker did not  even notice him. Interestingly, according to a leading magazine, Ranbir’s team recorded the whole incident as they were pretty sure that the ‘Saawariya’ would get the autograph.

As far as ADHM is concerned, it is a romantic drama and also features  Aishwarya Rai in the lead. It has been directed by Karan Johar

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Humility for Ranbir.

and this is news....why?

You read it, tell us!

People...stop bringing Kat's or anyone else's PR into this! Tearing RK down doesn't make her look better, so why would her team even waste their time. These people CAN'T be as petty as you all think.

As far as the autograph is concerned...who cares? Why should Tarantino stop to give autograph to someone he doesn't know when he's heading out? Hopefully it was a humbling experience for Ranbir. I'm sure he's turned down plenty of autographs!

Why is there a movement afoot to put RK down? If it's true, so what. No biggie. Atleast RK thinks he is normal enough to ask for an autograph and doesn't feel above his own rank. RK is a fantastic actor who has had bad luck of late but he WILL bounce back. So if this is Kat's work to put him down. Stop it.

Ok that's BS news.

i have a feeling rk will be back..he's def not a bad actor...just needs to make good choices while choosing films not giving any bias to directors who are his friends &end up doing mediocre films as a result.

Someone wants to bury rk.... the same person who wants to bury dp !!!

Who is the imaginary person dude?

The fact that you responded tells the truth ! Got something to hide dear ? As always ?


This is very sad.

why would anyone gives autographs juts like that that to anyone. even hindi cinema actors will not give autographs juts like that, they personnelly dont need to know the fan asking for autograph, if they are in good mood they will give otherwise they will move on, why big deal on this. did rk introduced i am famous india cinema actor and asked quentin he better give autograph!!

RK fans always put Ranveer down by saying he has no fans. But when negative articles are written....they blame RS fans ? R.I.P Logic

Kat PR on fire and then u ask us to "be nice" !!

Kat PR on fire and then u ask us to "be nice"

no it is not embarrasing..ranbir is a regular fan..if tarantino is rude that reflects on him not Ranbir...ranbir dates all these hot women as he is a goodlooking nice guy..why such negativity?He is a wonderful actor..we love him..

Another Article to put him down... Show us the video !!!

Yes, so many RS fans bashing Ranbir just like how the RK fans bash Ranveer. How do I know this ? I'm psychic, just like you are. That's how we know who these anonymous people are. -_-

Wow so many Ranveer Singh fans here bashing RK again

Lmao! Serves him right! Someone rightly said that RK loves following the high

I dont buy this. RK doesnt have PR... seems like its a certain someones PR putting a story out about him. IF its recorded im sure RK would have shown it. Why mention a recording and not show it?


This is really random. Sounds like another article by someone's PR to put Ranbir down.

I always found ranger average looking at best and just seems so phony...its amazing to me that he dated some of the prettiest girls in india - katrina, deepika,sonar no idea how he gets these girls bc he's not that cute nor does his personality seem great...seems kind of like a jerk....someone who looks like john abrham or hritick or even siddarth i can see getting a hot women like katrina but ranger i don't get it

Not surprised. Remember when he acted so thirsty around De Niro? Ranbir in his mind thinks he's following these filmmakers and legendary actors but I reality he's in Bollywood singing and dancing in the fields, wake up and smell the coffee. BV was no Scarface after all ;)

Westereners are never rude like that... even if he didnt recognise Ranbir he would have given an autograph. So i dont buy this story, lets see the video which the crew recorded why isnt it here?

LMAO he is a nobody afterall.

Dang!!!! Ouch! OMG!!! His life went for a free-fall after Tamasha's Tamasha. #notsorry

false news,,,, rk never runs after actor,,,,

Tarantino must be like "kaun hai be tu?" :P

hahaha.......exactly my thought

Heartthrob for pinkvilla not for us

Who will know him silly embarrass himself

HAHAHAHA! Idk if this counts as a fan-connection-thing, but I've also been told off (quite rudely) by Quentin Tarantino at Chicago airport!


Good now he must know how his fans feels when they follow him for a pic and autograph but he behave arrogant and superior.

He never behaves like that towards his fans.

awww Poor guy. Tarantino is known to be of the not easily approachable types.

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