Hrithik Opens Up About the Industry Supporting Rustom Over Mohenjo Daro

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It is no secret that Hrithik Roshan’s eagerly-awaited Mohenjo Daro will be hitting screens alongside the Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom, on August 12. A host of Bollywood celebs—right from Ranveer Singh to Salman Khan—have already voiced their support for the ‘Khiladi’ and his film.

However, Mohenjo Daro hasn’t received such support. Earlier today, ‘Duggu’ was asked to give his views on the situation. Replying to the query, he said that the industry’s support for Rustom was a good thing.

“ It is a good thing. It’s a fraternity. If someone needs support then we must support,” Hrithik added.

On a related note, Mohenjo Daro is an epic romantic drama and has been directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.  It is Hrithik’s first release in nearly two years. He was last seen in Bang Bang. As far as Rustom  is concerned, it is touted to be a romantic thriller and also features Ileana in the lead.

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Is it over between him and Shweta B.?

Hritik dont need anyones suport.
That meen that everyone has a lot of faith in Hritik, they dont have suport him.

News flash: He just tweeted on Rustom lol, trying to be Mr Goody Two Shoes.. totally not buying it

No wonder he needs a life coach. Jeez!

So is he implying that Akshay's film rather than his needs the support? Lol! This dude is unreal!

I think you can not even compare Hrithik and Kangna. Kangana is very very intelligent, unlike Hrithik. Form an opinion based on interviews both. Even yesterday, we all thought that the industry would support starry son, but not the girl outsider, but times are changing

If only Kanganas truth would come out. hristhik is a class act to not let it come out

He can never be as good as akshay, go to daddy ask him to make krish 99 for you.

The industry could care less about Kangana, but I think they'd think twice before taking panga. She has box office, critical success, and the public on her side. To go up against her would be foolish because they've now seen she has no qualms about pushing back hard, can't be intimidated or silenced, and doesn't care about playing by a rule book written by and for men / film families. It's just Hrithik's poor luck that he could discard her and make her go away like a lesser known or flop starlet. Mohenjo Daro looks bleak, his PR machinations are visible to all, and his image has taken a beating. Time to bow out with strong supporting roles or double lead projects gracefully and earn some good will back before resurfacing as a strong lead. And he should drop the Kangana drama- she's better at it than he is and is a fighter. He won't win.

Well said!

There must be a reason for that. He treated Kangana so badly, almost everyone in the industry knew about their affair and he was coward and on that also humiliated her. Its your Karma!!

Want to see Pooja with Ranveer, she is super cute!

Mohenjodaro looks like a dud for sure. But let's step back and take a look at what's really going on. I would like to believe that the industry is distancing itself from HR because of his obvious manipulation in the KR case. But hold on, this is the same industry that supported Salman even after his aggression towards Aish and literally helped SK get revenge by axing Aish from projects and obliterating Vivek oberois career. Also the same industry which she has never hit back at Akshay after his several transgressions especially how he played Raveena and left her high and dry at the altar when she had given up everything for him. I don't care about HR..he deserves this. But I really wonder what's the dealio?

You missed a very important part. Akshay has never publicly not idiculed and not humiliated their girlfriends, he always spoke of them in a good tone. We do not know that really was, but in public it was decent. affair, in Bollywood have each and all, the main thing that these scandals are not available to the public Hrithik lacks tact

Akshay can be "played" feelings Ravееna, but he loved her, that's a fact. He was young, hot, ambitious. to the altar is not reached , Akshay turned his attention to Shilpa. No one knows completely what happened between them in fact. I love Akshay, very good attitude to Ravееna, respect this brave lady. But the case with Hrithik is a totally different case. Bollywood is a dark place, everybody knows that happens behind the scenes, but all silent. Hrithik openly accuse Kangana and threaten her, he made the scandal public, so the industry has not forgiven him. nobody likes to talk dirty linen in public, especially in show business

lol he is probably fuming from the inside.

Hrithik is a superstar & a class apart actor.akshay is a cheap somebody mentioned above hrithik does not need any support from the stupid ppl from is the audiences love & support that has made hrithik Roshan a superstar today

typical response in the style of Hrithik's fans. Bravo! What are the idol such fans

Hrithik is showing insecurity from all sides lol. I feel bad for Pooja Hegde. Her dream debut is turning into a nightmare.

Even though Akshay asked celebrities to support Rustom, this part of marketing, but not meanness. But the fact that Hrithik asking for the money to do negative trends against Kangana - it is meanness

HR would have gotten more support if he didn't go up against KR. If there's one thing about Akshay Kumar is that the man wants to act, do his work, earn his money and go home and spend time with his family, he has always has his priorities sorted out and out. HR tried to do moral policing with KR. When KR said silly ex HR should not even have responded, doesn't he have anything else to do in life rather than respond to KR??

go home and spend time with his family, he has always has his priorities sorted out and out-----? HAHAHA please ask Twinkle how're things with Priyanka Chopra and if Akshay is allowed to work with her :P

hahahaha now you. You live with Akshay? you're holding a candle at his bedside? What do you know about his life? despite Priyanka and so on, the family for Akshay has always been a priority. It works like a damn, but always finds time to be with his family and this the facts , you would be better discussed relations Deepika and Ranveer, who have already finished, but they have to play in the "loving couple" because it is profitable. Read the blind items, and open articles about their favorites, rather than climb into someone else's family

errr likewise have you been attached to his hips to deduce that he's a true family man? He probably has become one now but it's no secret that he's had a very colourful history. And of course you're privy to all DP-RS insider details because "you're holding a candle at their bedside". Lol.

"Hold the candle in bed" is your and only your privilege. And yes, I did not write that Akshay "holy" and "exemplary" I write in response to your comment where you gossip about someone else's family, about which you know nothing. If you can believe in gossip and gossip, why I can not believe in "insider" stories about Deepika and ranveer, which are also true? It will take quite some time and this fact will be disclosed to the general public. When began rumors to RanBip - Katrina break and had a lot of blind about it, nobody believed, but in fact?

exactly, even after his tasteless twitter reactions, everything was going fine till he released the emails. He thought this was the ultimate way to save his face. But the fact this destroyed his image and reputation beyond my thinking...

Akshay is and will always be a bigger a star, he's been in the industry longer and he is still much more humble so the industry helps out when he asks, he doesn't need support but I am sure most will support will if he asks. Akshay is a much much bigger star than you'll ever be Mr. Roshan, you've reached your peak and have stayed lower.

Oh arrogance at it's best. Wait till MJ declared as dud.

Why are people equating promotions with support? Akshay Kumar and team clearly sent out requests to BW people to promote the movie and most obliged. Like how HR did with Krissh. The ultimate verdict will lie in the hands of the audience and frankly Mohenjodaro doesnt look good at all. HR should've given a safer answer, this does him no favours.

you funny))))) Akshay sent out requests asking to help him))))) Akshay has never done that, not even once! This privilege Hrithik SRK but not Akshay

B´town has recognized how many intrigues he made agianst others so why should tehy support him and this terrible flop movie?

He is such a sissy. Always crying!!

The word is charm Honey! You ain't it! Get off your high horse!

akshay is a little underrated, look at his recent film choices, hes doing so many good roles and hes been in the industry forevee
r. hrithik does like 1 film a year, and that too similar genres. if it doesnt make the money, is going to he very had for him..

akshay is just the bigger star, he has so many fans, he is almost to the level of the khans. when hrithik's bang bang cannot make the expectedd money it wanted, then you know audience favors story than actors sometimes. also russtom looks more of my cup of tea anyways.

Its upset him no end that industry folks are supporting Rustom. And as usual he has his passive-aggressive approach. I have said this several times - spineless man.

LOL so HR is implying Rustom "needs" the extra publicity but Mohenjodaro doesn't?? Hrithik has grossly miscalculated this one. Rustom is going to be a hit. Mohenjodaro, unfortunately, will sink. And Kaabil might move to a different release date. HR's earned too much ill-will this year. It's time for payback.

Arrogant twat

Hrithik has lost his marbles. Seriously, he used to seem like a nice guy in the beginning. Now he just reeks of arrogance. He takes himself so seriously. He really buys into the whole "superstar" BS it seems. Pathetic. And unfortunately for him, his movies these days can't back up the arrogance. Krisshhhh or however it's spelled is a terrible franchise, Bang Bang was a POS. Mohenjo Dharo had such potential and it looks like a complete dud replete with anachronisms and everything. Last good movie was ZNMD and that was a collaborative effort. Kaabil had better be on point or he's done, unless Karan Johar, SLB, or Aditya Chopra take him as a lead. Maybe Kangana can hook him up with some work in some of her ace projects or Deepika can put in a good word for him lol. He's done.

Hrithik must gear himself to face the biggest flop of his career..Mohenjodaro the film is not looking good. Plus after the fiasco with Kangna, he has lost a lot of fans. The next few years he will have to rebuild his public image.

I think the reason reason Hrithik gets annoyed when things doesn't go his way is because he is a perfectionist. He needs to chill.

HR: no one promoting my movie
KR: i can promote yr movie, if u request me, i will do that and surely it will be a hit

Hrithik needs support of audiences who will watch his movie not Bollywood celebs who only misuse their stardom for enemies and friends!

I wonder where are shahid and tiger and etc who swear by him as idol. But maybe Akshay and team have approached industry to support like with airlift and in return the favour with neerja and etc. So probably he shud just ask

about What support Airlift are you talking ? no 1 celebrity does not even come to the premiere! do you really think that's such a good film as Airlift can not just praise, if praise even shit like Dilwali?

His last few words were not very nice . He lives above Akshay's house , that comment was in poor taste about a man whose food he eats (in Twinkle's articles she mentions sending him a few dishes). Lots of promoting done by him for Bang Bang.

Akshay always needs support, Whereas Hrithik can stand on his own ... as a true hero

Mmmm please remind me of a case, even if only one in which Akshay needed support, in return, I remind you of 1000 supports in address Hrithik. I've never heard that Akshay was crying behind the scenes, while for Hrithik is common. He wants to be in the good books of each

This is Karma for what he tried to do to Kangana. He tried to get the industry to turn against her, defaming her Name and image, and now that same industry folk are completely ignoring his release.

I do not understand Hrithik. Why crying all the time? It's just business, the competition but not intrigues and conspiracy. Hrithik is going crazy. When there was a collision Bang Bang/Haider., most celebrities have supported Bang Bang, not Haider. But Shahid and his fans did not cry and did not accuse Hrithik in conspiracy. When there was a collision Chennai Express and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara all supported Chennai Express, Akshay did not cry. What happens with Hrithik? Why is it over and over again proves that he is just "silly ex?"

Obviously Akshay asked those people to promote. Salman and Ranveer are always seen promoting other movies. Looks like Mohenjo totally missed the bus from promos.

There definitely would've been more buzz if an A lister was paired opposite HR. Hopefully the producers will realise this soon enough and the girls will be paid for what they bring.

what problem at Hrithik also of requesting its friends the actors - directors support MJD , as has been the case Bang Bang?

Like SRK requests all celebrities to support any of his films. So it was even in the case the Chennai Express against Once in Mumbai, 2, celebrities supported Chennai Express. Now what surprises you? All accustomed to the fact that celebrities never support any movie Akshay is now such a strong support seems to be a conspiracy against MJD?

Hrirhik always win no matters supporting by someone

If someone needs support? Lol what a tool! Akshay doesn't need anyone's support. He's doing fine on his own. I personally don't like Akshay's masala films but am all about his productions and Rustom looks damn good.

hrithik is over confident about his fim and capabilities. He should remember Akshay already delivered hits this year, proving his worth in the rustom-type genre, while hrithik has been out of the screen, and out of the picture for two years. 2 long years can change a person's life.

There is no comparison. AK is a poor actor. HP is a phenomenal actor.

Hrithik roshan will own akshay kumar period!

Nothing against hirtihik or his personal on going issues. But strictly speaking in terms of movie. Mohanjadaro the movie sucks. Ashutosh and hrithik both failed. The End.

LOL, he said if someone needs support. Talk about SHAAAAADE.

LOL Akshay doesnt need the support, you better start Om Om Oming and pray that Papa Roshan and Jadoo help you through this disaster of a film.

lol... its not about who NEEDS support, and but who has too much ego to ask for support himself...

its high time that HR and his 15 thumbs retire.

When will people finally get it through their head that Akshay asked these people if they wanted to post something? It's not that they're sabotaging MD, Akshay just asked them first. There's no agenda, no conspiracy.

Silly ex is always up for the sympathy game. First he blames Sussanne, then he blames Kangna and now the film fratenity. Enough of this bakwaas. How old is he again???

Silly ex is pissed, lol you can tell by the sarcasm.

Kangana is a liar

Always someone that has respect for him self and not bagging like Katrina to PLEASE watch bar bar deko lol! Well answer sir

hello...when is katrina begging to watch bbd??? why bringing her here.... her team will promote the movie in its own way!

LOL. I'm starting to think that this so called 'Bollywood fraternity' is actually trying to put down Akshay and his film. They have NEVER supported Akshay before, this is the first time of a kind. It cannot be more obvious that supporting Akshay and ignoring Hrithik will help to gain sympathy for Hrithik much more, and I guess this is the actual goal of all this campaign.

Lmao the delusions. Nope. Bollywood isn't that dumb to do something like that. Reason? Because the majority of the audience doesn't spend hours on entertainment/gossip sites like Pinkvilla, and nor do they think that hard about what's going on behind the scenes. They see Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Sonam Kapoor and the likes supporting Akshay Kumar's Rustom and they will automatically think the film is better. They aren't going to critique their actions behind the support or anything like that. Apart from that, they'll watch the trailer and listen to the music, maybe wait for some reviews and then decide for themselves which film they want to go and see (if they decide to watch any at all). HR isn't going to be gaining any sympathy and he know's it. He also knows that by breaking out in front of the media about the positive buzz around Akshay Kumar's film will only further create negativity for not only his film, but also his own image (he's learnt from the earlier "I don't need support" comment).

Even if B'wood were playing such a convoluted game, it doesn't matter...I read PV's previous article, "Hrithik and Pooja Get Chatty at the Airport While Ileana Turns Heads!" Most importantly, I saw the main PHOTO, showing Ileana next to Hrithik-Pooja... GOOD GOD...If that wasn't a highly-convincing ad for everyone to go see Rustom over Mohenjo-Daro, I don't know what was! Rustom/Ileana all the way, baby! She's smokin' HOT!!!!!

Ya right....(Rolls eyes). You will need support after the release, fake & dramebaz Roshan. Mohenjodaru with that Daisy Shah look alike and MR. Overactor himself will fail compared to Rustom. Overconfidence and pride....will not take you anywhere

AK is a nonactor period

haahahah I laughed non stop for 2 mins reading ur comment! True he is too much overacting and reacting !!

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