Ranveer is the Best Among the Current Lot of Actors: Govinda

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Veteran actor Govinda is clearly someone who does not believe in mincing  his words. During a recent interaction with a leading daily, he was asked to give his opinion on the current crop of actors. Replying to the query, he said that Ranveer is his favourite young star.

“Among the current crop of actors, Ranveer Singh is my favourite. He is the best among the whole lot and is very hard-working. After Akshay Kumar, he is the most hard-working guy in the industry. I feel that he chooses cinema, not films, which is working in his favour. Other youngsters are doing films, which doesn't work,” he said.

Moreover, he also criticized the way in which stars often push themselves to get the perfect physique.

“Only the six and eight-pack abs are visible now. Unke chehre toh choose hue aam jaise hai. I am not kidding. Frankly speaking, earlier the faces had glamour. I don't find any of the actors looking like Dharmendra now. Those who have a good physique have drained out faces, while those with faces don't have the body. Only Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are the exceptions,” he added.

Interestingly, the fast rising Varun Dhawan has often been compared to Govinda thanks to his  lively onscreen mannerisms. Responding to this, the Hero No 1 star said that Varun was similar to Salman Khan.

“No, he has a much better body " he is like Salman Khan. But people are scared to compare him to Salman. I feel that he is inspired by both of us, and that shows in his work. There is nothing wrong in that,” Govinda added.

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He is nothing without Deepika. That is a fact. Pathetic how he projects this best BF image to cheat the audience. Never seen any other young actor focus so much on sucking upto people.

maybe govinda can hand-down some of his clothes to ranveer :P (similar taste)

I think the sign of a good actor is when they can do all roles and never be limited. When you can imagine ranveer in his films as well as those in his contemporaries films than you know he has the best potential. I can do this with ranveer, but cannot do this with say a Siddharth. Ranbir's talent is on par with ranveer, and slightly more probably, but the choices an actor makes is sometimes more than the talent. This is evident with alia and parineeti among girls. They are both probably equLly talented but alia has made the better film choices, except for shaandaar. But again its easy for actors to overtake one another with just one to two films, so they should never be arrogant about their position in the industry.

Both ranveer and ranbir r the best cause completely transform into the character as actors. Also sushant is very good, and I feel he will get more recognition as he has some very good movies lined up. Varun is more of an entertainer, and he is fun to watch on screen. He is a good actor too, but has yet to prove his versatility more. But he also débuted later so he has achieved quite a lot in such a short span. Siddharth is good looking, but he is not on par as of yet, he is very hardworking though and is improving and that will be enough for him to last and still do good films.

Until an outsider accomplishes great things, then he or she will be recognized and accepted in the industry, which is what ranvver has done. The industry is most definitely biased toward star kids, and this is envouraged by even some top directors like Karin johar. I am proud of ranveer and I hope talented outsiders, both male and female, develop the courage to go after their dreams even in a very nepotistic industry

not that the rest are super talented but Ranveer has minor acting skills

Although I agree with him, I like ranveer too. But what does he mean choosing cinema vs films? Am curious to know..don't allactors choose the best of what they are offered

Would he have gotten any attention if it wasn't for his relationship with Deepika? Doubt it. That's an edge no other actor has gotten.

I absolutely LOVE how honest Govinda is. He's so underrated. What a legend man.

lol he is now legend to rs's fan if he said something derogatory then govida is nobody just an attention seeker.

Ranveer is the best and Ranbir is also very talented and not far behind in my option. I want to see them in a movie together like Sholay and Ram Lakhan. But an original story,current for today's time, with both of them. It will be epic but they need to adjust their remuneration so that it's affordable for producers. Please someone come up with a script.

LOL ..one flop praises another flop.

They're both flops for you, but you still bothered to comment.

SIDHARTH MALHOTRA. RanVeer is a joke.

Sidharth's acting is a joke

Today, those same people who have preciously been condescending towards him, have gone through tidal shifts to acknowledge the forceful nature and talent of Ranveer. from a certain kjo who mocked him, a kareena who took disdain to him, and a plethora of others who would never mention him in the same line as their own, and today Ranveer Singh strikes as mighty and high in their praises. It's just a testament to the fact that if you are talented, if you are passionate to grow as an artist, and if you are dedicated to give all that you have and beyond to the craft, YOU will get your due. Priyanka and Deepika have gone through similar motions of being called off to growing in heights as Ranveer has and is continually doing so. So a truly, truly heartfelt gratitude to you Govinda sir, for crediting Ranveer in the manner you have with such kind appraisals. I hope Ranveer gets to read this, for Govinda is much admired by Ranveer.

Govinda is known to be incredibly blunt and honest, and here he is no different. And I agree unequivocally. No actor would have given what Ranveer had given and sacrificed for Bajirao Mastani. He dedicated an entire year for that film, volunteered to chop his own hair grow his own mustache when SLB suggested to wear a bald cap/a fake mooch, and gave up all his endorsements. and in that time, he didn't have any ad revenues coming in nor did he give his time to another film. Only a true blue lover of the craft, dedicated to its excellence, and having complete faith in his abilities to perform and the director's vision, would be that sacrificial to a cinematic process and product for an ENTIRE calendar year. Ranveer also took pay cuts despite giving as much as he did because of the incredible production costs. This is a rarity and none other in the industry, male especially, right now other than Ranveer possesses this quality. Most of the guys are only concerned with earnings/and gaining popularity through their masala flicks that are void of versatility and void of challenges to an actor's depths. Beyond Ranveer's playful, humorous, and silly nature, there is a serious man who is equally passionate as he is determined to give wholeheartedly to a film and grow in his craft. He completely gives himself to a director's vision, in both body and form. I've always wondered what it is about Sanjay Leela Bansali, a master craftsman and almost dictator like to choose Ranveer three times in a row, and that truly is because none other in the industry could be molded and be willing to be molded without limitation without a cap on sacrifices, albeit how brutal a process that is, than Ranveer. He is personable, so humble, gracious, grounded, full of love and compassion for his contemporaries, seniors, even those who have time and time again maligned him. The industry is and always has been a fickle place, but to have someone like Ranveer Singh who spreads warmth and love everywhere he goes, is really a blessing. I also find it interesting that a few years back NO ONE would go on record to speak highly of Ranveer even after the impeccable performance he gave in Lootera. The industry was willingly blind to acknowledge what he had given to that film. He installed real medical stiching into his back to feel the actual pain of a man with bullets in his back. I was in shock that a method actor would go to this extent to harm himself physically in order to execute a scene with pure accuracy and realness. But again, that shows his dedication, grit, and determination to give and give to this profession.

At the present moment there are some immensely talented good looking and hard working new bollywood heros.

In terms of looks Aditya Roy Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra are really beautiful men. Their acting is OK-good but they need to open up in front of the camera a bit more. They will still be cast mainly for their good looks.

Arjun Kapoor has something that appeals to a lot of Indian women. He has a handsome Indian face. His fluctuating weight is an issue. His lazy drawl is a bit annoying. But he is good in both romantic and angsty roles.

Sushant Singh Rajput and Ranbir Kapoor have both have an edge over everyone else in terms of just acting. Their focus is more or acting than creating a brand and stardom. Both are chocolate boys and also can do intense textured acting. Ranbir is having a mild slump but such talent with such a legacy can never go unnoticed. Sushant doesn't have that much backing but he has the scope to do very well given the right opportunity.

Varun Dhawan has a great mix of face body cuteness comedy dance and mass appeal. His simplicity clicked very well with the mass audience so he's really on top. Ranveer is just fabulous. He is the most versatile of the lot. The way he transforms completely with each role in terms of looks and mannerisms accents noone in bollywood has ever done before(maybe Aamir Khan to an extent). And Ranveer's greatest asset is his brain. He's educated has a great sensibility. His sweetness humility goodwill charms everyone. He has sheer passion towards cinema. It translates on screen. There is so much of Ranveer yet to be seen. So much untapped energy and ideas.

Wow, what a compliment from this legend. Ranveer will be positively giddy when he hears about this! I'd really like to see them work together again but in a movie with a proper storyline.

Ranveer has won over a lot of his seniors. It's so inspiring considering that so many had written him off in the beginning.

Thankyou for mentioning ranveer as the best he will be so happy to hear

Singh is King always

Ranveer singh is very talented

Yep in overacting..lol

Truth we love how all actors keep ranveer in their top list
Big b , srk, Irfan, amir khan , hirithik , akshay, govinda , big directors ect

They belive in his incredible talent and acting he is different

Yeah I don't get why people think Ranveer is like SRK, he tries but in nature he's nothing like SRK.

Agree! I think
1: ranveer
2: Verun
3:Ranbir and sid

Girls :
1 Alia
2: Pari/ and dilwale movie girl
3: shreda and Sonam

Disagree its VD

Ranveer overacts and always jumping wild like govinda . no wonder govinda likes his acting

That was nice. I'm sure Ranveer will be over the moon with this compliment :) Some RS fans like to think that Ranveer has a lot in common with SRK, but I disagree. His mischievous charm, his humor, the way he's on good terms with everyone but somehow still manages to keep a certain kind of distance, the versatility, his humility.. it all reminds me of Akshay Kumar. Even Akshay admitted once that he sees a lot of himself in Ranveer. I hope to see these two in a film :)

That was not Ranveer. Akshay said he sees a lot himself in Siddarth. Refresh your memory and go back his comment.

The awards elude you every year. Is that a disappointment?
'After all these years you don’t think I see it coming? But this year it was an honour to see Ranveer Singh win all the awards for Bajirao Mastani. His energy and guts actually remind me of myself. I was happy to lose the awards to him.' ---->> Akshay Kumar in an interview with Deccan Chronicle (I dont know if he said it about Siddarth, but this is one of the times where he said it about Ranveer) PV, POST PLS !

Ranveer is a more successful actor (along with varun) from the current lot of actors. But for me (this is just my opinion so dont judge), Ranbir will always be the best actor from this generation, he is someone who is not afraid to take risks and try new things despite the box office fate. If he wanted he could have done yjhd or barfi type film again and again just like how varun is doing same films over and over again, but instead he is following his heart. But having said that I also like ranveer, he is doing really well too!


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