Secret romance: Are Katrina Kaif & Aditya Roy Kapur the new lovebirds of B-Town?

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Karan Johar's Dream Team Tour started last Friday in the US with an A-lister ensemble of actors like Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapur. The stars will perform across five cities - New York, San Jose, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston and the tour ends in New York this weekend. 

And as per a popular daily, this week long 'workation' is a long time for a romance to grow. Reportedly, a cozy little love affair is brewing between Katrina and Aditya. Both actors have been friends for long, even while they were dating Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor respectively. They also co-starred in Abhishek Kapoor's Fitoor, that released to a dismal box-office earlier this year. But now both are smarting from their erstwhile relationships and have found solace in each other. It helps that they are paired opposite each other in the show too, so their rehearsals and performances are together. 

However, the question that arises is, will this be a case of a relationship on the rebound? Or will Kat-Adi take their friendship to the next level? 

Only time can unfold the details of this secret, budding romance...


The best thing she can do
..adi seems like a decent guy..i like him a lot he s down to earth and a great actor.they should marry of luck

Adi is Ranbir's friend. No way.

Anything is possible in Bollywood. Even if adi is friends with Ranbir Kapoor, that doesnt mean much. Did you ever think Ranbir Kapoor would date katrina while being Salman Khans girlfriend??? Thats like career suicide to mess with him!!!

i have to say one thing Katrina turquotte has most worst, bad and shitty fans for obvious reason. you people bash jacky, rk, dp, anu,kangana post, spit their venom and then blame DP fans as if you are saints. Your hatred has no limit and you have cross all the limits when you wish dp parents and her fans parents death. Bashing about age isnt right? but bashing someone about skin color is right? You guys have zero respect for everyone including your own language and country. Kat fans too abuse DP about her age. isnt it? You are a bunch of hypocrites who does all but when get it back start blaming and abusing. POST THIS COMMENT PV DONT IGNORE THIS TIME

She was quite enamored by him during the fitoor promotions. Her eyes never left him and she never let a chance go by to touch him or get into his arms. Don't blame her. Sharp chiseled face, tall lean muscular body. During fitoor promotions I think he was trying not to reciprocate. But like most men it isn't that easy to resist a woman as overtly sexually attractive as Katrina Kaif.

She May end up with Karan Johar .... like mughda godse character from Fashion..

This is ridiculous and sounds like someone's imagination gone wild. Adi is RK's close friend and I think he knows better than to do that. As for people here discussing age, you're ridiculous! She looks a,axing no matter how old she is and they look great together, even if they aren't a couple! Give it a rest with your ageist remarks, and I am a DP fan for the ones saying all DP fans are horrible.

Wth is this I tgt adi is still with Shraddha
Is it all for the movie promotions
Guys fall in love seriously

What an upgrade from Salman and Ranbir! Better looking and better personality. Get it Kat.

This should not be happen coz Adi is made for shraddha

I have to say one thing. Deepika Padukone has most nasty and vicious fans for some reason.You go to any post be it Priyanka,Anushka or Kangana and above all Katrina, their viciousness just amazes me. Their hatred knows no bound. May be calling someone Hindi medium is not right but constantly abusing someone for their age is right?. They have zero respect for anyone, leave aside respect for their own country. DP is already 31 so may be in 2-3 yrs all these so called fans will start abusing her for her age as well.

What?? You even show hate on dp's post?.. haters abused her for body,skin tone,personal life..for everything..if she smile there is 100 judgement on it..if we have power that spread hate on all other actresses then why we can't overpower that hate on deepika???..pls all most all actresses getting hate but why only dpfans are reason...??? ...AND how you know that they are dp fans?? And katrina get bashed for her age becuase kat is hiding her one is abused her for being 30 +....and who have a proof that all kat haters are dp fans??..they most are salman ,rk fans and that rkdp shippers...pls deepika fans are most blamed for everything..and go her post and read comments then you can find what is nasty comments!!...all actresses have baters but if you amazes only because of us then you are not honest.and its tottaly unfair...and you show that expect dp every actresses are saint....pls pv post....

i have to say one thing Katrina turquotte has most worst, bad and shitty fans for obvious reason. you people bash jacky, rk, dp, anu,kangana post, spit their venom and then blame DP fans as if you are saints. Your hatred has no limit and you have cross all the limits when you wish dp parents and her fans parents death. Bashing about age isnt right? but bashing someone about skin color is right? You guys have zero respect for everyone including your own language and country. Kat fans too abuse DP about her age. isnt it? You are a bunch of hypocrites who does all but when get it back start blaming and abusing. POST THIS COMMENT PV DONT IGNORE THIS TIME

You are being a hypocrite...Hate is abound on this portal not just one specific fandom...why dont you call out hate when you see it not specific to a fandom...

She will end up with Hrithik, mark my words.

May be Karan Johar .... like mughda godse character from Fashion..

I can't wait for blinds regarding Aditya now if he refutes that he is seeing Katrina

Will be a smoking hawt pair. Love Adi and Kat.

Katrina looked best till namaste london, welcome etc. Then she ruined herself all because of these cosmetic surgeries.

As usual all hindi medium uneducated idiots have started with their age comments. Katrina does not look a day older than 33 and repeatedly saying the same thing won't make it correct. So just give it a rest behenji fans. Your idol needs your support more now as she is completely jobless.

Katrina is 43

not at all. Take rest.

wait a min, hindi medium uneducated people??? what r u firangi?? u idiot start respecting Indian language first..n who r u defending exactly???

As usual aunty ji fans come up with the same stuff as they dont have anything new to say. kat is jobless its a fact. who started this age thing? kat fans. your idol need support as she is trying for everyone but no body is interested. kat fans has no shame! seriously they are making Hindi medium sound like a GAALI! hello we are Indians and hindi is our language and its not hing to be ashamed of. Kat fans are like her racists who doesnt respect their own country and its language. Shame on you kat fans. post it pv this one
P.S calling some one behenji wont make her the one so chill aunytji fans

Well said. But whom are you talking to? Katrina herself never shows an inch of respect towards hindi and india. She is so hard working but still cant speak hindi bcoz she doesn't want to.

Yeah! Just like the bollywood actresses who work in tamil movies for a living and yet can't speak the language to save their lives

I wish Ranbir and Shraddha become a couple now. RK needs positivity and no drama in life

how can people contribute her face changes as aging,this is bad plastic surgery or fillers.I wish she didnt mess up her face,cause surgery is permanent.Fillers and other stiff is temporary but surgery is a bad thing.I dont know what she did recently like in last year but it messed up her face,she lost it like that.


IF SHE IS 39 as claimed in comments...she is doing great man, saw her dance videos, I at 28 cannot do wt she does. awesome, stop bringing her age and calling her old. let her enjoy her age and time. we all become old no one remains sweet 16 ever. those who start calling her aged etc.... feels they never had lived in a mature society.... its stress or working so hard till now...i accept she should take some rest now and enjoy life without doing so much gym or dances....most of women are settled till this age but she is working so hard and doing great. RESPECT TO KATRINA. FANGIRL.

If you cant do what kat is doing it doesn't means no one else can do it. Age is a fact and accept it. Kat do give importance to her age thats why she lied about her age. Shows how insecure she is! She can be settle coz she isnt loyal to anyone and uses people to get profit.

"Age is a fact and accept it" How about you accept it for the men as well?

"thats why she lied about her age" Where's your proof? I hope you realize making baseless accusations counts as slander.

"Shows how insecure she is" She's not the one hating on someone who doesn't even know she exists. Your comment says a lot more about you then her.

"she isnt loyal to anyone and uses people to get profit" Again, where's your proof? All your comments are jut pure fluff and speculation. Also, it's pretty obvious by now you are the one commenter who constantly posts "PR PR" on every single Katrina post. You are also the one who constantly brings up the "DP vs Kat" fan war, and then throws others under the bus. You're syntax, diction, timing, everything gives it away. Go and do something productive with your life, will ya?

PV I dare you to post this.

she lied about her age yes. she said i started at the age of 17 whereas salman said 16 while BOOM makers claim her to be 19. She said i was 8 when Berlin wall fall it makes her 36 whereas according to her she celebrated her 27 bday in 2008 which make her 35.
Let start why you guys blame DP and and bring in her skin color?
Why you say " she is insecure and jealous" she is too not hating anyone whom she doesnt know at all
Your comments on DP reflects you not her.
" dp is a w--r. she isnt loyal and two time men , oh she ants rk back, she is now after fawad etc" Where is the proof? all of your statements are just pure imagination about her .
Who started screaming PR PR on every DP posts and blame DP and her PR on every kat posts? Katrina fans who else? you guys star fan wars by dragging DP on kat posts and posting nasty comments on her post. Before pointing to others see yourself first.

Proof of kat using others: they way she cheated salman and ignore him in his bad days ,call him ANYONE/SOMEONE and avoided him now again run back to him using his name to get work and fame shows it. Means never h eard of friend calling his/her friend anyone neither ignore his/her friend in bad days specially when he was with you in your bad time. speak volume

whoa calm down there. have some ice cream

As if, Ranbir and Aditya are like BFFs, Adi doesn't seem like a jerk who would date his best friend's ex. That's just weird. But for all those saying she looks too old for him, stop. This is the same website that worships 50 year old, ageing, chain smoker SRK (he's handsome but come on, he's not like Anil Kapoor) and doesn't care if he is paired with 20 year olds.

IF SHE IS is doing great man, saw her dance videos, I at 28 cannot do wt she does. awesome, stop bringing her age and calling her old. let her enjoy her age. we all become old no one remains sweet 16 ever. those who start calling her aged etc.... feels they never had lived in a mature society.... most of women are settled till this age but she is working so hard and doing great. RESPECT TO KATRINA. FANGIRL. PV PLEASE POST THIS!!!!

Well haters are jealous so KATRINA you are doing the right thing! AS A SINGLE GIRL IF YOU EVEN WENT TO A PARTY HATERS SAID OH THIS AND THAT ABOUT PRODUCER OR DIRECTOR! Now they are BURNING OF JEALOUSY!! They just can't see you happy..

Jealous of what? Can kat and her fans see DP, RK and SALMAN happy? if DP went to any party haters say oh she is cheap, disgusting oh she is fake and want a film or want him back etc. You guys are hypocrites. You people start this so as you reap as you sow.

Funny how you're saying "you people start this so as you reap as you sow". No. Nobody will ever know who started it first. This is a chicken and egg situation. DP fans will hate on Katrina, and Katrina fans will hate on DP, and don't even try and say "DP fans aren't the only ones who hate Katrina". They might not be, but the others don't go out of their way to hate on Katrina. They aren't indulged in a fan war. They ignore her posts and keep their opinions to themselves. DP fans hate Kat fans, and vice versa. The two fandoms will always spew hate on each other so get over it. :)

PV post this.

Salman asked her aur nichey girongi when she caught RK and she actually did lol ARK is like 10 years younger to her! eeww!

Looks like you didn't pay enough attention in school. Katrina's claimed birth year is 1983, while her alleged birth year is 1981. Aditya's claimed birth year is 1985, so that is either 2 years, or 4. That isn't even big enough for her to be called an "older woman".

why is that wwww? I'm 35 and my boyfriend is 27 and believe me its not "eww."..but rather hot. =)

So it's fine if a man is older than a woman by 10 years, but not the other way around? Wish Indians would stop being so sexist.

probably u have never visited Saif-Kareena or Shahid-Mira articles on PV.. both the guys get bashed like crazy for marrying a young wife.. man or woman 10 years difference is pathetic and not cool at all! but generally we are always used to the concept of the man being older than the woman, even if a woman is few years older it seems pretty off.. and woman 10 years older is just too much! it's not about Indians or sexist it just is how things are all over.. pls post pv!

who said it's fine if a man is older 10 years? and Salman does it just for the films Iulia is 44-45.. generally the man has to be older than the woman by a few years (5 years is ok) that's how it's supposed to be, woman even little older looks weird next to a young man and Kat is too old for Adi she was too old for RK too, this is just her PR..

Iulia is 45? Are you people crazy? Iulia is also in her 30's and she looks like it. So is Katrina. It seems to be an Indian women's habit that when you dislike a woman, calling her old, even if she's far from it, is the biggest insult. So lame.

"Man has to be older than the woman" LOL. Says who? Is there law or something? I don't where people come up with such ideas and them expect others to follow their made up rules.

Yes, it is The LAW of the country, Man has to be minimum 21 years of age and woman 18 years. so, 3 years older man preferred even BY LAW.

yes it is an unspoken law.. anywhere around the world majority of the marriages have the man as older than the woman.. y is it so? I'm sure there's a reason.. just because it doesn't match your lifestyle don't challenge nature..

Scorpio~Cancer.. Chemistry is bound to be there!

Kat has become a joke of the year.

dunno how true this is but a BIG LOL @ the above pic of them. I mean look at Kat's face, she can't even smile due to botox. she looks so scary here. her face is a big joke now due to the overdose of botox.

kat PR at it again! only in the mind of her PR is she dating all these hot men. otherwise no one wants this old auntie botox queen. she is done and dusted in BW!

its just a dt promotion. both kat and adi fanbase r celebrating this to keep them in news.

i hopes its true he's so hot an ashes stunning contrary to what haters want to spew and she deserves a good guy but i doubt its true bc aid is friends with both ranger and salman

Anybody but loser irritating Ranbir Kapoor is good for Kat. No matter what she is an achiever.

an achiever in what exactly?

Wish it's true. Hottest. Couple. Ever.

This is not true. If it is, good for them.

Not at all true. Please don't ship them as couple Twitter fans. They r friends and katrina is not that desperate u all r showing her very desperate for love or limelight. She is happy strong n independent. Let her be herself. She will settle down when she finds someone good. So guys give her time.

Katrina is not desperate? joke of the year. She is desperate thats why trying for sid adi salman hrithik and salman.

LOL it's kats PR. its no secret katrina wants aditya because even during fitoor promotions i felt that she was into him but he didnt exactly reciprocate. Be careful aditya if you finally give into her you are gettiing yourself involved with a) someone who is the same type of person as shraddha b) your friends ex girlfriend. aditya and katrina were both single during fitoor promotions as well so the way this post makes it sound they are finding solace in each others arms after a breakup...its been 6 months since Fitoor

Kat's PR is handling her break up as bad as DP PR is handling her joblessness of 2016. First , they hide the breakup so they can use it just when the Fitoor promotions open. Along with coming out on breakup they tag the story of how close she is to Salman , with no breather at all in between. Like she left RKs bedroom crying with broken heart straight into Salman's drawing room to be comforted in his arms. There after there is so much forced drama around that without one honest tell-all interview. And now Aditya drama started as if being single for one straight month is going to damage her career. What fragile career that is. PV please post.


Delusional kat fans Adi is 30 whereas kat is 39. They are more than friends. There is no smoke without fire. Kat was starring at him all the time during fitoor promotions and gets touchy with him. POST PLZ


Obviously not. Ranbir and Aditya are very close and therefore this would never even cross Aditya's mind.

she should go for Hrithik instead

There is nothing true... Some Twitter base fans r promoting this... They took this from there, they r talking about the videos and photos together that's it..

There's no way this is true lol. They pulled this rumor from some twitter fans.

Aditya's best pairing until now has been with Shraddha only.

Kat have some sense this time, go for men with yr age or elder to u... Young boy elder woman doesn't work with so much age gap. May be these are rumours only started by prs or fans.

i know married couples where the man is 5-9 years younger and let me tell seems to be working just fine. Maybe in India society is too close minded for it but here in New York NO ONE cares.

Why Ash older than her husband of 2 years, and that?
She has a chance to grow old with a nice guy next door, as opposed to those who have the opposite outcome (Kareena-Saif)
I do not think that in 10 years the difference will delight young woman over 10 ((

why doesnt it work ? Look at aish- abhi ; anjali-sachin are they working fine ? its their choice not yours not mine. but i think there is not truth to this article though.

Katrina isn't looking good during this tour. She doesn't really have any chemistry or look good with any of the three guys-Sid, Varun and Adi. Fans just praise anything to skies.Sid on other hand looks fabulous with Parineeti and Varun with Alia and Aditya with Shraddha.

Ok so Kat won't be Kareena's Bhabhi but she may well be Vidya Balan's Devarani and Ranbir Shradha dancing in Kat Adi wedding....That will be fun...Lets see how this love story pans out.

There is no love between Aditya and Katrina. He doesn't even find her attractive. Karan had a hard time to make him say that he finds Katrina He goes for Shraddha types not hot types.

For some reason, i feel like katrina and parineeti are bothhh after adi on this tour!!!!

You are absolutely wrong. It's more like Alia is after Aditya that too when Sid is right there. If Sid is with KJo then it's ok otherwise it's so gross.

I don't think this could be true . Aditya may have a female fan base , but he is not the next superstar. Ranveer and Varun are doing much better. Katrina won't be with someone who has nothing to offer her in terms of box office potential.

Just wait and watch, Aditya will soon give the Ranveers and Varuns from the industry a run for their money. He is good looking and tall unlike Ranveer and Varun. The only thing he lacked was dancing and he will have that covered after the DT now it is Aditya's time to reign and he will for a long long time. Once Aditya gets focussed on mastering his dancing no one can hold him back mark my words.

LOL u are talking about Aditya dancing only but what about his acting?...He and Sid are worst actors among the younger gens of actors...Ranveer is the best and Adi is the worst...Don't insult Ranveer by comparing him with Aditya..Not even in his dreams he can do Lootera or BM type of roles and Ranveer can do whatever Adi have done in his sleep...

How desperate is she to try and get a khandaani wealthy guy from bollywood, this is the 4th one she is trying to sink her claws into after Salman,RK,HR

This is totally bogus! They are friends, and everyone on that tour is being friendly with one another. Adi is definitely not the type to date his friend's ex!

In a decade old episode of channel v goddess , ark asks kat do you have any younger sibling of my age to date - definitely she is a fossil

Koi bhi kapoor chalega ;)

Koi bhi kapoor chalega ;)

I think something going on between Alia and him.

I rather think something's cooking between Alia and Aditya than him and Katrina. Alia looks totally smitten by him.

Hehehe . Kat is on fire to steal men now :p

Oh yes, i hope it's true! Reading about Kat's personal life dramas is more fun than watching her horrible acting!

Adi is far too intelligent to date this woman, he and Pari had better chemistry and they were totally smiling during their performances..

If its true then good for kat as she deserves happiness. But my question is if it was deepika instead of katrina, kat fans would have call her names and bash her.

adi is hoooooot

Not hotter than Sid though.

Kat back to her old profession seducing men. The way she is behaving and getting too touchy with everyone now be it sid , adi , varun or kjo. Her true colors coming out .

Katrina looks good with Hrithik

Kat atleast have sone shame. She is really disgusting.

Nonsense just because a boy and a girl hang out together it doesn't mean that they are dating she was even rumored to be dating Sid couple days ago and now Adi before she was linked up with Akshay John or not even Hrithik besides dating Ranbir and Salman even these two relationship was never confirmed now wouldn't be surprise if her name gets linked up with Varun Tiger or Ranveer.

There is no smoke without fire. Kat can do anything. Rk and salman relationships never confirmed? dumb kat fans she herself confirmed that sallu is her first serious relationship and she lived with rk and salman both. For 3 years she leaked all private info of her and rk and all she did was ranbir bhajan. She too had a fling with hrithik which salman hinted as well. i m sure she must have flings with sid john and akshay. Her ad bips cold war was due to John. kjo said na actors go indoors in outdoors. Do u think she is saint? no she isnt. post this

What?? LOL where is the proof?? This is BULL

Sharm kro kat bache ko toh chod do kam se kam.

Chee.Adi is Ranbir's friend. Journalists need to have some sense

Kat fans must understand no one feels jealous about her looks because she is an average white girl with tons of surgeries and treatments to look good. People dont like her due to her arrogance, lies, dirty pr games and jealousy towards other actresses. kat is over rated that too due to her relationships with salman and ranbir. POST IT KATVILLA

katrina is so fake and shady.

Why she is always after other girls boyfriends?

Sounds more like a PR stunt by Kat now that BBD is releasing soon.

Katrina is out of work and can only be in news due to her relationships thus her PR came up with this to keep her in news.

Trying hard to prove that she is in a certain age bracket. Just tag yourself with all the guys around 30 and voila !

so is her not be such an ageist...

I knew it that she is eyeing Aditya since fitoor.

well they look good what...and hey if you can predict relationships so welll why not get into the matrimonial business...

Dream team tours is a flop so far and has no buzz thus this a new way to create a buzz. despo kat

Their last show in San Jose was sold out to a crowd of 10,000. Get your facts straight

oh thats why she begged sallu to romote her flop tour?

Prove? kat and salman begged salman to promote the show speaks volume. only 10,000 lol its not that big.

Omg adi I used to like you! Whyyyyy

Do not believe this. They have zero chemistry and she does not seem like his type. This is a figment of somebody's imagination.

Desperately trying to make rk jealous . At the same time she is trying to project herself as young and attractive and in demand.........its like hey look all the young hot guys are after me. It increases her brand value. The woman sure knows her pr.Pv I know you will not post as you do not post anything resembling the truth with respect to this woman..

Kat fans hypocrisy at its best. Now it aww sweet oh want them toghter if it was about DP they would have done her character assassination.

Hope its true.. They are a wonderful couple. Hope this doesn't effect ranbir adi's friendship.

kuch bhi ! this is not true.There is something called friendship JFC

I don't think this is true

If it's true they'll probably only be together during this trip. Which is fine, they should have fun

Noooo Not Aditya! Ranbir and Adi are friends, is he going to date his friend's ex?! i don't like Kat at all

if RK truly loved Kat he would like her to be happy and settled..and have no hangups...l

So? Rk salman were friends too but she cheated him for rk. Kat can do anything . She is like that.

Didn't Adi not know that Katrina was on Facebook already? How can he not know that about the girl he's apparently dating?

Wow are they dating? Thank god. Katrina found a man and not a mamams boy like ranbir❤️❤️❤️❤️

I agree, Hes much better looking and comes without the apron strings!

Rk will always be her no.1 choice........his name his money and his has nothing to do with it.

Hes not like some Lord or something... foreigners dont care about family background unless its a Title... and all that pedigree comes with over interfereing mom-in-law....even an Indian girl doesnt want that ...why would KAT???

He is no less than Ranbir just not written as much.I think he is okay not as good looking as made out to be. His plus is his smile and height.

OMG I HOPE SO! They are best couple

Aww really?

She looks like ADI mom.

Kat is famous to steal others BF while working with them. I feel for poor Shradha.

Why not, they have a week together and are single. They should have fun.

Katrina is such a relationship breaker first she broke RKDP, tried breaking salman lulia, broke alia sid and now her next target is adi shradhha.

Spare the kid Katrina. Go hunt your next victim in UK. From one blue blood boy to another. If this story is to make Ranbir jealous, hope it works. Because you two deserve each other..

Katrina get together with can become a part of the Disney family...

Yes they look so god together i am praying that this is true

that would be so weird considering adi and ranbir are best Katrina looks too old for him!

Maybe true who knows!

Why not? Katrina is single , so is Aditya . Too many stories of Shraddha with Farhan for it all to be a pack of lies.


this is the rumour i wanted to hear all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!just love ADIKAT

oh god!

She is so not his type.... what a bogus!!

Katrina herself confirmed its false

Oh wow! It should be true if she has confirmed it!

And you think she will tell the truth? she lied for year that Rk is not her BF. she is a liar cant be trusted.

what is the harm in that; its her choice whether to tell the world about it or not; untill someone settles well in their relationship they do not tell anyone apart from a few friends not even their families-parents let alone the whole world.

Do you ? or did you tell your parents who are you dating on your first date ?

I thought Adi was intelligent :/ well, guess not anymore!

intelligence is to invent things...relationships are based on love and the your comment..not so intelligent...

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