This pic of Karisma posing with mum-to-be Kareena and b'day boy Saif is too cute!

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It is Saif Ali Khan's birthday today and the actor had a great time celebrating the special occasion with his family last night at his Bandra residence.
Amongst those who attended the party were mother Sharmila Tagore, son Ibrahim Khan, daughter Sara Ali Khan, sister Soha Ali Khan, brother-in-law Kunal Khemmu and sister-in-law Karisma Kapoor.
While the paparazzi spotted all of them outside Saifeena's lovenest in Bandra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is expecting her first child with hubby Saif, was missing. But Bebo's sister Karisma has given us a glimpse of the mum-to-be, as she shared an inside picture from the private party.
In the photo, Karisma is seen posing with Kareena and Saif Ali Khan with a caption that reads, "#aboutlastnight #withthebirthdayboy#familyfirst#familylove."
Now that's indeed an adorable picture! And that little bump and the glow on Kareena's face is definitely cute. What do you guys think?

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Sometimes I feel Kareena does all the comments. And that Anonymous comments are by same one person. But yes Kareena and Saif are looking handsome and beautiful.

Pinkvilla Post.

Sometimes I feel Kareena does all the comments. And that Anonymous comments are by same one person. But yes Kareena and Saif are looking handsome and beautiful.

Why does not kareena join social media I wanna see her everyday

Kareena looks so beautiful and gorgeous not looking like a fat pregnant woman at all because she's a diva

I find Karisma's behavior with Saif very disturbing. Kareena be careful.

Where's soha ? We wana see the brother and sister not brother in law and sister in law. Karishma needs move aside abit and give his family a chance. It's always like saif has two wives ( kareena and Karishma)

karisma&saif would have made a good couple as well if he was single..they do look good together

I remember people kept bashing Aishwarya for gaining weight during pregnancy and now they bashing Kareena for not gaining supposed weight. This country is full of hatred. It is getting scary.

She is a bollywood version of Angelina who was also really hot and beautiful during her pregnancies.

She is really beautiful as a pregnant lady

I hope the baby is girl, a cute little Bebo

She is literally glowing

Lovely family

Party every other day, i wonder who takes care of Karishma's kids.

Her era is finished, should look after kids,as already missing father's presence.

Are you Sanjay Kapur's lawyer? This is a family event and Karisma is part of the family, therefore she has every right to attend if she wants to. I'm sure the kids are missing their father, especially since he has been with another woman for many years

Happy Birthday to the coolest Khan!

no 1 post

To all the hate kareena is getting for not gaining weight. I would just say people are just being judgemental. Most of us know when you have a late pregnancy you asked by doctors to watch your weight and food habits As you are prone to gestational diabetes. She knows her best about her body.

Beautiful family. hope they always remain happy. cant wait till bebo and saif become parents to a cute little one!

Kareena looks so young, sweet and fresh. Come to PV just to see her. Looks like she'll do all her carrying in her stomach only, lucky her. Krishna is so wonderful and beautiful as ever. Saif looks so dapper and handsome as usual. Lovely family.

kareena is looking gorgeous...lucky she...her face hasnt swollen even a little despite the fact that she's almost 6 months into pregnancy. karishma is sparkling like always.

Has been Kapoor sisters

the left over Khan

Mera bebo jaanu.

Has Karisma taken over Bebo's wardrobe? Lol.

Kareena looks gorgeous and Saif looks older with what he is wearing...his age shows now!

Awe, it's so nice to see Lolo Happy. Love Peshawari Kapoors. Muah.

Am so excited

Am so happy for her.

Bebo is love

So cute

Barely seen with his own sisters. Even the Arora sisters hang on to him more. So odd.

Apologies. SOME women in this group are by far the most judgemental. The hate that is vented towards Little one's like Aradhya, teenagers like Jhanvi, adults like Katrina, Deepika, PC, and Ash is scary. Now, you are after a women with child too. Really? Why the self-hate?

Hello, Ms Shrink. It isn't hate. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. And most of us are far far better friends, daughters, wives, partners, mothers than your Kat, Deeps, Ash, Bebo can ever be.

Beautiful Bebo. Glowing bright. Love love

so pretty kareena..

Where's the bump omg she is tiny to be delivering on 1 December 16, as predicted by records on Poutney Clinic, London database, in 3 1/2 months !!! She must be starving herself. Sad forget your profession girl think about ur baby and stop,biting everyone's head off!

Happy birthday Saif. God bless.

She looks too pretty with such heavenly glow and I love Karishma-Saif's equation. I am so eagerly waiting for the cutest btown baby!!!

Beautiful family , all are blessed with so gorgeous features

Still can't believe bebo is gonna be a mom.woww so exciting

Aww finally I can see bebo little baby stomach.. You know I been her fan since muje kuch kehna hai, and loved her in every movie she mad if it was khushi our talash..

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