I'm thrilled to work with Salman Khan, I'm charmed by his talent - Says Tubelight actress Zhu Zhu

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Salman Khan has always introduced new talent in the industry through his films and has worked with many new faces in the past. This time around, for his upcoming film Tubelight, Khan would be seen sharing the screen with Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.

Zhu Zhu made a huge splash as a Mandarin pop star, and has worked with Hollywood A-listers like Tom Hanks and Russell Crowe.

When filmmaker Kabir Khan was asked about Zhu Zhu's casting, he said, "We did an extensive casting call across various cities including Beijing, Los Angeles and Hongkong for the actress opposite Salman. Zhu Zhu was somebody I liked immediately, she has strong screen presence and is a fantastic actress. Salman and she will make an interesting onscreen couple."

"Salman Khan Films is delighted that Zhu Zhu has joined the cast of our next production after Bajrangi Bhaijaan. She brings with her a large fan base both in China and the U.S., and we hope to reach out to them as well with a mainstream Bollywood film. Maybe Eid  2017 will be holiday in Beijing as well," adds Amar Butala, CEO Salman Khan Films.

Zhu Zhu too is excited to work with Salman in Tubelight. "I received the script of Tubelight and I was deeply touched by the spirit of the film and I am sure this is going to be another amazing experience in my career and in my life. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Salman Khan. I have seen his films and I'm very much charmed by his talent. Kabir Khan is not only a brilliant filmmaker but also in his films he always talks about humanity and love and ordinary people's lives which everyone in the world can relate to, I am honoured to be a part of Tubelight," states Zhu Zhu.

Well, we can't wait to see Salman and Zhu Zhu together on the big screen. And you?


This girl is beyond words talented, she will steal the show if given a decent role. I am hoping she does here too, I wonder how Salman would feel about her walking away with all the accolades but then it's his production he'll just make her a prop.

He is always trying something new and that makes him so succesfull. Other actors should learn this from Salman except Akki, has great movies.

These people also do a lot of plastic surgery but unlike other people their parents take care of it when they are kids.

Wow she's gorgeous. I've seen a few of her films and she's an actress, with a capital ACT! Looking forward to this film.

And she is his next girlfriend


What talent?? Oh, Killing people and animals..

Wow Katrina you her again writing bad thing? Go dance now

Who are you? Not even gonna bother reading the article..

Is she 34 or 36?

Wow, she is 33. Orientals looks younger than their age. I envy them.

Zhu Zhu, don't worry very soon you will see his other talents. My advise is enjoy the talents before he ties the knot this November :)

A block buster already.

Zhu Zhu looks so young (and petite!...i understand this picture could be photoshopped) salman reminds me of sanjay dutt in that picture.

This pic is photoshopped but she looks younger than her age anyway. What a beauty!

Talent, and Salman, good joke Zhu Zhu

Which talent zoo zoo. Outside or inside?


Very hoped this Film

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