Alia should taste failure, says father Mahesh Bhatt!

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In her five-year-old career, Alia Bhatt has worked in some of the best films like Highway, 2 States, Kapoor and Sons, Udta Punjab barring Shaandaar, which did not do that well at the ticket window. And Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is a proud father of her daughter's body of work but feels she must taste failure as well.

"It's good. She (Alia) should taste failure. She is just a human being like everybody else," Bhatt told a media agency. "She has evolved from a reasonably good talented beginner to an extraordinary actor in Udta Punjab. She has nailed it in that film. I wonder where this emotional intelligence is coming from. Alia staggered me in Udta Punjab," the 67-year-old filmmaker added.

Nowadays, we have mainstream actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra who are dabbling in Hollywood as well. When asked, if he would be ok with Alia going to the West, Bhatt said he will be a supportive father. "She is an adult who is far more successful than I would have ever imagined her to be at this age. She is the master of her own life, she is the captain of her ship. She can do whatever what she chooses to do, I will walk with her, help and applaud her," he added.

That's sweet!


ok.plz give her flop projects also on a platter.

Mr Bhatt with you bagging her plenty of movies it's not that easy. She knows you've got her back and can pull a few strings. Not a perk which every actor has, just saying.

all her films are a big flop only n her acting my god such a over acting

unless kjo has some connections in the west, i don't think any hollywood director would even glance at your daughter.

Why should she taste failure......she's talented, beautiful, works hard and has a good head on her shoulders so why should she not be rewarded equally. No one is spared failure and hardship in this life but why wish it upon her sooner. Sometimes our parents says silly things too.

Cast her in Bhatt camp movie & she will taste failure properly! So easy!!

She has..her love life is a failure...

Must be good to have a supportive, knowledgeable, and protective father. I hope she spends enough time with her family, appreciating them, and their quirky open-mindset.

Wasn't 1 Shaandaar enough ?

Oh,was Shandaar a blockbuster?

Can anyone plz enlighten me on the success of highway..soty..udta punjab..were all these movies hits..K

Lol if Karan let her!

Love you Alia keep shining can't wait for dear zindagi and dragon

Shandaar... dude, remember?

She is just a human being like everybody else?
So i guess everyone must be having a pretty chilled out time where they get served hot fresh scripts tailor made for them..

I suppose all kids looking to make big in hifi colleges dont need to worry about 90 percent marks because their mentors will get it done..


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