“My struggle was not as long or hard as Nawazuddin or Irrfan's," Naseeruddin Shah gets candid


Naseeruddin Shah has been pretty vocal about a lot of things these days. The veteran actor was recently in news for calling Rajesh Khanna a “poor actor” and was slammed for it in return.

Now the Ishqiya star has openly expressed his distaste with the way film industry works these days and said, “I feel blessed that I came at a time when people like me were needed in films and I started getting work. In fact my struggle was not as long or hard as that of an actor like Nawazuddin (Siddiqui) or Irrfan (Khan). Now they are getting success but it took a lot of time. They both struggled a lot.”

The 67-year-old actor also feels that commercial filmmakers end up ruining biopics and firmly believes that biopics on music legends like RD Burman and Kishore Kumar shouldn’t be made.

“It is enough if they make song and dance film only. Commercial filmmakers should not touch serious subjects. Satyanash hi kar ke rakhte hai uska (they ruin them completely),” he added.

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Oye oye ! Oye o u aaa! Sonam was 17 then!

He is right. These new so called bollywood biopics are a joke. Emran playing Azaruddin? WTH, do they think the public is blind. No effort to resemble the physical characteristics , his mannerisms or his life story. Total sham.

He is absolutely right!! It is a shame that real actors like Irrfan and Nawazuddin have to take a back seat to people like Salman and SRK. I hope Naseeruddin Shah keeps speaking out and shaming "commercial" filmmakers (assuming they are capable of feeling any shame) for releasing garbage movies year after year.

Oh please! This is a man who did roles in dozens of masala films, and his son had his debut in Happy New Year! Stop with the hypocrisy and bitterness just because you're not a global superstar. You've just said you've done well, be grateful for your success and stop biting the hand that feeds you.

can we please have more of them than deepika-katrina types who only create drama and pr stunts to make their film work?

im so glad that actors such as the ones above are getting work, recognized, appreciated. we need more of them.

Love u sir... U r the best! I wish to meet you someday and tell you that i have entire collection of tarkash and mirza galib! You and pankaj kapoor sir are just amazing!

that's because you have salman khan, nasser did not have anyone

I don't know why people don't mention Manoj Bajpai when they speak of "character actors" in Bollywood. He's a genius and struggled a lot too.

Couldn't agree more

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