Songstress Jennifer Lopez and her on-and-off boyfriend Casper Smart split?

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Jennifer Lopez is single again! The singer-actress, 47, and her longtime boyfriend Beau Casper Smart, 29, are no longer dating.

"Jennifer and Casper have split," the source said to People magazine. "They have not been together for a few weeks. It wasn't anything dramatic and they were on good terms – it just came to a natural end. They will remain friends and they see each other, but they are not together. It was very amiable," the source further added. 

Rumors of Lopez and Smart's romance first began circulating in late 2011. But the Shades of Blue star and the actor and creative director stayed together – speaking openly about their relationship in July 2012. "She's sweet, funny, nice, easygoing and gracious. You can't ask for anything more. She's beautiful," Smart said of Lopez. 

While they have been on-again and off-again in the past, they have mostly kept their romance out of the spotlight.  "We don't really go out very much," he explained in an earlier interview. "We both don't drink, we don't do any drugs, smoking, pills or any of the craziness. We don't get wrapped up in the Hollywood life that can chew you up and spit you out. I've seen it happen a million times," stated Smart. 

Lopez too previously quoted that Smart has a big role in the lives of her 8-year-old, Max, and Emme.  "My relationship with them – our references are always in reference to the kids. What's best for them, what's good for them, let's talk this way in front of them... Once they're happy, they just add happiness and joy into the home and then everything else kind of goes from there," said JLo. 



beauty is not in clothes alone,but having a nice family well put together..
being committed and living with the same partner is NOT outdated..
so is being a virgin(just a note)

yes as someone said when people switch partners and do all these things having kids at home,it is sick.It affects the child bad and one is not setting a good example for the kids..

Age has nothing to do with loyalty.maturity does.
Age does not seem to bring maturity to many these days

Marriage or living together can only be a success if it is based of "mutual" trust,tolerance,understanding,sacrifice,respect.

She's america's Deepika...keep on hopping and pleasing

Why are people complaining? This is how men have acted for centuries but now that women act the same way, apparently it disrupts the balance. If you're so scared of families breaking, tell men to stay at home and make some sacrifices for their children and stability instead of asking women to do it!

how do these people deal emotionally with so may partners, break ups and splits

I don't get it either. And I don't mean the sexual aspect. I can totally understand having thousands of friends with benefits. But falling in love and falling out of it a thousand times would break me completely, how is that even possible? Do you never get tired of getting to know people, going out with them, falling for them, planning to stay together, bad things happening, leaving them, and repeating?

Nothing lasts in Hollywood. It doesn't matter whether the couple are the same age or not. I am actually surprised their relationship even lasted this long.

Nothing last in HW because the females partners there are much stronger than in BW. In BW men can get away with affairs and wives will stick around. EVEN Bard Pitt wasn't planning to leave Jen but she kicked him out And Angi got pregnant.

Ms.Lopez, lives her life on her own terms! Respect!

just look at her. woman is 47, has two kids and she looks gorgeous. famous women should take Jen as example.

She's going to date Calvin Harris.

Whoever it is.. he is not going to regret for sure!!

when you have little kids I just dont understand how a divorced parent can switch from one partner to another.I find it disgusting and psychologically affecting the growing child as well

She deserves it, she and maria Carey keeps dating men probably middle of their age, and after they expect them to stick and stay loyal.shame

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