Shocking! Pawan Kalyan's fan stabbed to death by Jr NTR's follower, actor demands punishment for the murderer

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In a shocking turn of events, superstar Pawan Kalyan's fan was stabbed to death on Sunday by South's popular actor Jr NTR's follower. Following the sad incident, Pawan has demanded that the guilty in the murder of his fan in Kolar of Karnataka should be severely punished.
On Monday morning, Pawan flew to Tirupati from Hyderabad in a special plane and met the family of Vinod Kumar and consoled them.

Pawan's fan Vinod Kumar, an engineering graduate was stabbed to death allegedly by a fan of actor Jr NTR on Sunday in Kolar of Karnataka. "Hero worship by fans should not go to the level of murders. I am pained at the murder of Vinod Kumar and have come to comfort the grieving family. The guilty in the murder should be severely punished," Pawan Kalyan said speaking to the media in Tirupati. Pawan also said Vinod had planned to go for higher studies abroad. Spending considerable time with the family, he consoled them. "It is common for fans to admire their heroes and have some petty arguments. But resorting to murder is something that cannot be accepted," he said.

Vinod Kumar who belongs to the local Pawan Kalyan Fans Association used to actively take part in social activities. On Sunday, he, along with a friend went to Kolar for one such function where he pledged his eyes. Some fans of Jr NTR from Bengaluru also came for the programme. At the function, Vinod Kumar extolled Pawan Kalyan which was not digestible to Jr NTR's fans. An argument between them ensued. As the situation was going out of control, the others who came to the function brought about a rapprochement between them.
However, sometime later, Akshay Kumar, a fan of Jr NTR, took a knife and stabbed Vinod Kumar in his stomach. While a profusely bleeding Vinod was being rushed to the hospital in a car, it reportedly hit a road divider. Getting into another car, they took him to another hospital but Vinod Kumar died on the way. Akshay Kumar was arrested by the police.

The family of Vinod Kumar was shocked on getting to know about the incident. "Despite being in such grief, the family donated the eyes of Vinod Kumar as he had pledged them," Pawan Kalyan said.

Jr NTR has not responded to the incident as yet. 

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Andhra cinema is all about caste . Its about one caste hero v/s another caste hero .

When will youngsters learn NOT to worship and idolize celebrities!? Fan war leading to murder is just gut wrenching.

Andhra actors actually encourage this blind worship. The fan clubs are hugely managed and funded by them. Publicity is designed to encourage hysteria with a barely disguised caste/political dialogue baazi.

South Indians? This is 1 state of 5, nice to know we 'madrasis' are still clubbed together irrespective of our multiple languages, cultures, food, and belief systems.

Hang that Akshay Kumar!...Delusional much

South indians and their insane obsession with stars. they make bollywood fan wars look like children party


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