Last two years were difficult for me personally, not professionally: Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif's last few films did not do well at the box office, but the actress stated that the last two years in her life were difficult but not for professional reasons. Kat was in a long-term relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor, but the duo broke up earlier this year.

As for the 33-year-old actress, she took that phase as part of her journey. "It was a difficult time for me but my movies are not the reason it was difficult. It was difficult for me for other reasons. That's what life does. It puts you through these times and you have to see where it takes you. But that is part of the film industry. You go through highs, extreme highs and then some films that don't connect at the box office," Katrina told a media agency.

The actress said she does not begrudge the experience as it has been a learning curve for her. "I consider myself immensely fortunate that I have seen highs for so many years. So, I don't begrudge experiences like that. It's important to see them and go through them because you don't know what they are like. I would not have known what it was like, otherwise," added the Baar Baar Dekho actress, which releases this Friday.  

After years of staying away from social media, the actress, who has now joined Facebook, said she does not find it intrusive. "You want your privacy, you feel, 'What I have to say to the audience is I say to my films.' It's just the nature of me being little guarded. Now, I'm on it and I've realized that there is nothing that intrusive about it and it's a lovely place to be," shared Kat, before signing off.

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She is someone who looks lovely sans makeup and jarring clothes..

Sometimes makeup spoils the looks and to add to it the surgeries

She is showing every year of her 33 or whatever years she is. Looking old.

I just want to correct one thing to an anon. it's not Muslim temple it's majhar or Masjid. In Islam there is no word like temple.In English it's call mosque even now Mosque also being stop to use.Only Masjid or Majhar, pinkvilla post it..

U cheated on Salman and He cheated on Deepika.. and u both deserve flops and failures..

just watch. today she will dress in indian clothes and go to some muslim temple for blessing. she is so fake. does this things to looks like she cares and follows that belief. I think she is full of it. And your movies flop because you can't carry a film on your own Kat. You can't act to save your life

No, she will do that tomorrow ;)

Can someone please explain me what is she wearing??? This is what happens when your stylist go on vacation!!

She has ruined Ranbir's career and brought bad luck to him and disgrace to his family- Neetu Kapoor

i just watched partner and she looks so so different now. almost like a different person! how much plastic has she done on her face?

my guess is 78 kg

She was dumb enough to think she can change RK. lol For a person who keeps yappin about how she wants to keep her personal life private, all she has done is talk about it in every interview. Enough already.

My God!! Look at her face! Her face says it all, she looks worse than her Madame Tussauds statue!!

Its also difficult for Ranbir too,You ruined his career through your baseless pr stories.Its sympathy for only RANBIR not you.Ranbir ki life ki panauti,Bach gaya Ranbir.wo akela hai accha hai Don't his name alsso.go to london back.PV post it.

Oh yes, poor Ranbir. He made no mistakes- Besharam, Roy and Bombay Velvet were such fantastic movies!
And his split with Deepika- the fact that she went on to have one of the most successful years in the history of Bollywood female actors and gain massive fan following, had no role to play.

It was all Katrina's fault. Because- woman. A woman is always to blame for a man isn't it.

Truly hope you never have a daughter. Her fate is miserably sealed.

She looks so beautiful in the picture.. She is BEAUTIFUL wow

Her outfit says I got dumped

Love you my Katrina queen❤️ And to people that are written negative thing TRUST ME YOU ARE wasting time because it's better being in winner TEAM! I wasted a lot of time her, every day I would come to write negative about Katrina.. And then Every hour I would come and write good thing about deepika but DEEPIKA IS LAZY AND DONT DESERVES OUR SUPPORT! she won't even lobby for any film and she lets one after another good movie go to Katrina and all deepika can to is BADE BATIEN WELL YOU ARE ALL TALK AND NO ACTION DEEPIKA.. and you have been for me nothing more then disappointment in 2016 I mean everyone knew you would get slb movie but what about other movies we prayed..!?
KATRINA IS THE QUEEN AND SHE DID IT AGAIN SHE GOT UP AND GOT HER PLACE BACK.. We all laughed AT Katrina and called it desperat but at the end she got the movie.. No one care how sridevi got chalbaz the importance is she got it..
Pinkvilla please don't be biased and post it.. You post crime deepika fan so please post from Katrina fan

Hello Kat PR!!

Maybe she doesn't have enough money to pay for her hairstylist.

My day is not complete without seeing her frigging same hairstyle! :)

Forget anything she is saying here...dafaaaaaaaaaaaaq is she wearing? =O

just stop kat. you are the definition of contradiction

Oh god this women needs to stop I hope ranbir finds some1 reall soon in sha Allah much better than her wish he never dated her truth is Kat rk will be fine an blossom again u may not love everyone is so hyped on ADHM that bbd well I apse forgot about that movie she needs rk to at least be talked about hope thy never patch up

Its really hard to be Katrina fan these days. She is faking too much and acting weird.

Look at her face. Her plastic is melting with camera heat. lol

When you don't want to laugh at a joke but end up doing so anyways! LOL!

May God forgive you. LOL. I can't. I simply cannot, it's too funny. I'll pray for you because this joke is funny but not fair to say. cracked me up

I thought she turned 34 this year! Lol

Now she is saying this but during phantom she said she is extremely happy in her private life And her PR leak so lovey dovey articles ,Kissing pics etc to show her life as a Disney fairy tale. PV PLZ POST IT

Please katrina..dont make fun of yourself.. coming from your die hard fan

She's not being very truthful here ,everyone is affected by flops including Katrina (thus the fidgeting with her face) just as it affected Ranbir even more after his own movies tanked. It must have spilled into their personal lives somewhere causing trouble for them to break up as a couple. She seemed to have expected marriage to happen after they moved in together like it happened with Kareena & Saif & may have cut down deliberately on work.

U have professional for last 2 years???

No it is your professional life you just don't want to admit it and wanna through it all on RK and your personal life to get sympathy. Improve your acting skills instead of whining .

Queen of contradictory statements..

So private but you are talking about your life again! Contradiction is thy name, Katrina. I don't understand why she always uses that line again and again. We all know you are not private so stop saying you are.

No kat.those years were difficult for you professionally. No salman no ranbir=no films.

KATRINA, I LOVE YOU but please STOP talking about your personal life!

"you want your privacy" yet you leak things about your relationship constantly and do pr stunts! She can't say the last few years her films affected her cause they both flopped and her popularity dropped big time. Her only saving grace was Kala Chashma which is getting boring now!

she is lying. in 2015 she said i m in a very happy space and happy with the people in my life when asked her about ranbir.

The great two made such a mark on Katrina that she mentions it in every interview.And I think most of her lows comes from her movies not being blockbuster.I do not buy her attitude that she is donning recently that movie success does not affect her that much.She is materialistic.That reflects through her choice of movies and roles.

she is lying. in 2015 she said i m in a very happy space and happy with the people in my life when asked her about ranbir.

Ranbir is playboy

yes she fortunate that salman fell for her otherwise she would have remain a BOOM actress.

Again using her personal life to promote a film. She can never live without it coz her work has never and will never speak for her.

Kat again playing sympathy card

Strong woman and not a cry-baby. Hats off to that kinda strength!

kat..Your personal life screams so louder that I cannot hear anything about your professional

Sweety your fans love you. I hope you know that. We love you even beyond your films. Your personality your genuineness and your honesty. Inshallah God gives you a lot more. How can he not when you have such a positive outlook on life. You teach me to look at all situations with hope. Come what may you always tide through with your positivity and belief in God. It's because God looks out for you. And because of the beautiful things you do for people which no one even knows about. Your help with your mothers charity. Your honesty. It's the reason you are where you are and why the industry all love you. Even your exs. I hope God always gives you happiness and good things come your way. I luv her so much guys. - A

Kat is a gem of person who never uses her personal relations to bag movies.,She is an excellent actress who can give even Tabu a run for her money.She is such private person but somehow the media gets hold of her ibiza pics/balcony kiss/fake engagement/salad making sessions/church ka drama,you are indeed a very honest person..All your exe's love you coz you are such a humble person who doesn't gumofy her own words....Way to go Kitty Kat,& btw why do you look so different in the above pic?

hahaha well said

lamo this comment made me laugh a lot need not say anything about your personal life now. We already know everything about it than your fims.

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