Shahid and Mira's baby name is finally revealed!

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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor welcomed a baby girl on 26th August, 2016 and ever since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the baby's name and pictures.

Now thanks to dad Shahid, his baby girl's name is finally revealed. Her name is Misha Kapoor.


Shahid tweeted about his little munchkin and his caption reads, "Misha Kapoor makes it impossible for daddy to go anywhere. #obsesseddaddylife
The couple had gone to meet their Guru in Amritsar to seek his blessings some time back. Fan's theory of Shahid and Mira mashing their name up for their baby girl is true after all!
Now, all we need are the baby pictures!
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not good saif kareena child will have better name for sure

Ranveer and deepika should name their kid rayah! Or anjali after Their moms names combined. I love coming up with baby names

Why rayah? I don't get the connection to their names.

Kareena and saif will be kaif! Lol

They've combined their own names and it just so happens that Misha is an actual name. They would not have chosen this name if their own names had not been Shahid and Mira.

if they had a boy he would have been named Shammi :)

Misha is an actual name and it just so happens that it's their names combined! Makes me think of Misha Collins from Supernatural hahaha

In Malayalam Misha means moustache.poor kid.

Who remembers the Russian children's magazine Misha from the eighties ?

I'm not saying Misha is not a proper name but the only reason they kept that name was to combine both parents names. If they were not called Shahid and Mira, there's no way they would have named their baby Misha.Try to understand the point I was making. I just don't like the idea of combining parents names to make up baby's name. It's just what I think. It's a nice name but there are much better names out there.

Misha is a real name though, so it's totally okay for their kid to be named that.

Thats sweet Sasha.. :)

Now Misha

MiSha, ShaMi, ShaIra! ShIra MirSha :)))

Well Aditya Chopra

had it been a boy, would they name him Rahid?! Lol

I guessed it too. :)

ahahah Misha in Marathi means Moustache. lol.. this is hilarious..

Sweet! Kareena's daughter's name would sakeena

Hilarious . Remember Sakeena madamji from Gadar.

That would be a great idea actually

Wow, like this name, very hip!!! It looks like the name is derived from mom and dad's name :))

Next in line down the path, Ranbir Kapoor. Then Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan. Mark this

I guessed Misha long time ago, it's my friends name as well. I read the comments before and someone was saying to name her Mirsha, that would have been nice too. Anyway Misha! finally !

Hey! this is perfect Misha is what I was thinking. A nice combination of both parents' names.

they did not create new combination name, Misha means 'Smile' in Sanskrit and this name already exist.
Name is apt because it has both Shahid and Mira's name and both have beautiful smile.

cute name.god bless you misha.

Shami Kapoor would work too ;)

The name is okay but I personally don't like this idea of amalgamating parents names to make childs name. It's weird to me. Like if you have another child you have to think of another combination? Better to just think of a nice fresh name with a good meaning. Just my opinion

Absolutely, what happened to some meaningful names, there are so many beautiful names, what's with this new stupid trend..

Trend of AdiRa continues with MiSha, nice name

I think it's also because shahid's nickname is Sasha, and so Misha is perfect! My sisters name is Mishu!

Very nice name!

Lol I had a feeling it would be Misha. Very cute

Awwww I love it :) God bless

Very cute name :-)

Thank God they didn't name her shaMi.

SO CUTE! She'll be an attractive baby looking at these two...with a cute name to match!

Misha in malayalam means moustache

In Farsi (Persian) it means Marigold flower.

In French it means someone being half cat, funny but cute

same in Marathi but in Sanskrit it means 'Smile' and many other Indian languages it means smile.
I think in MArathi and Malayalam it might changed over the period of times (moustache are on smile lines!!! )

It could me Mi as in mine also.

now kareena's would be what.. I cant wait. Saif and kareena-- ??


KAreena+saif = Sareena, Kasha


if its a boy?



Misha is used as a nickname in Eastern Europe for Mikhail & it's derivations .

Aww this sounds cute.

I don't believe the news unless shahid says it himself.

Isn't what he just did?

sweet but so common

Nice I loved it and it suits little any little girl

This is cute! It's kinda like Aditya and Rani's child named Adira

Thats cute!!

it's very cute

Misha is a very cute name!

Mi(ra) Sha(hid) = MiSha haha cute!

Cute. Nice name.

i like it. Shahira would also be a good name. (Shah)id and M(ira)

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