Tiger Shroff's mother Ayesha is not fond of Disha Patani! Here's why

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Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are rumoured to be dating, but they have never confimed the same in the public. There were reports that they went for a secret vacation a few weeks ago and had put up their pictures on Instagram individually. These picture made it more strong that they are dating each other. 
And now the news is that they were joined by Tiger's parents Ayesha and Jackie and his sister Krishna. It seems like that things were not that fancy as they looked like. According to a leading daily, 'Ayesha couldn't bear Disha's guts and the two ladies barely exchanged a word through the trip.'
Is it just a mother being protective for her son or something else altogether? Well, this only Ayesha and Disha know!

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Tiger's mom herself has a history and here she is taking a high moral ground

Disha is too good for Tiger, dump him Disha, she looks like a young Ayesha Shroff by the way

even i was surprised he was with disha patani a fellow actress and not a 'village girl' as he actually wanted

Ok so this is the problem in Bollywood, when a star kids is famous their mothers start acting weird. For instance, Ranbir/Neetu and Tiger/Ayesha.

Well , DISHA seems like OPPORTUNIST thats y his mom is so concerned....Isnt there reports of Tiger recommending her to every filmakers he is working wid.....Latest one was Sajid Nadiawala rejecting his recomendation firmly...

What else is new? A bollywood hero's mother wants him all to herself. She will never be happy no matter who he chooses .

THIS IS WHY I'D RATHER MARRY INTO A WHITE FAMILY. Indian families have so much drama it's not even funny. Kareena is lucky it seems her in laws are more western.

LoL...if you think white families don't have drama!

Of course everybody comes with their own baggage . The point the annon writer makes is that in India a woman is expected to live with the mother-in-law in that lady's house ,obey her rules & change accordingly. Nor would the son be particularly bothered about getting his mother (or anyone else's) approval for marriage . In the West everybody maintains a distance from each other making it better for domestic peace & the husband's nerves.

Tiger can do much better than Disha.... I saw her interview she doesn't talk well. On the other hand tiger looked very very comfortable and a tad bit flirtatious with Shradha! I hope they get together soon.... for a movie! Haha... I don't want her to break Aditya's heart. Damn she is one lucky woman!!

So it's okay for you to have affair outside of marriage but oh you can't stand your sins oops sorry, your son's girlfriend??

It is the desi mentality of our families. A girlfriend will never ever get the respect of the family regardless of the fact if it is a middle class family or the so called rich 'khandani' ones.

I am yet to meet a mother who is happy about her son's girl friend.

What's new about this. I can't stand my mother-in-law either. Amazing they even went on a trip together, I can barely tolerate her for a few hours.

I even migrated to Canada so that I can live by OUR rules...everyone is happy now...me, my husband...my mother in law....

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